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Party of family values repealing child labor laws in Maine

Apparently the GOP in Maine believes that working children more hours for low wages will help the ailing economy.  According to a recent New York Times editorial, Maine Governor Paul LePage has not only bulldozed union rights, but has even ...

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The Growing Threat of Muslim Prison Gangs

According to the BBC, hardcore Muslim prison inmates control the other inmates, forcing religious conversions. There is a reportedly a potential problem of extremism growing in Britain's prisons, where inmates watch Al Qaeda videos, but some authorities contest this information. ...

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We must live together like brothers or perish like fools

This website is about religion, and as I have read it over the past months it has been live, I am struck by the endless variety of ways religion lives among us, the issues that it raises, how it connects and divides us at the same time. It is such a combination of divisiveness and connectedness it seems a connundrum by itself.

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