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Articles and Opinion Submissions

Submissions are welcome and encouraged here at GodDiscussion.com!  Read on to for both what we accept and how to submit this to us. We are a Google News site so submissions in the News categories will automatically get into Google News and be read widely.

We accept materials for the following categories:

  • News
  • Christianity;
  • Ethnic and Alternative Religions;
  • Judaism;
  • New Age and Spirituality;
  • Islam;
  • Cults and Toxic Religion; and
  • Faith, generally.
  • Buddhism
  • Hinduism
  • Atheism;
  • Humanism;
  • Theistic Freethought; and
  • Freethought.
  • Opinions (on politics and news – we might co-post this material in the culture war section if your submission is an essay that we think will fit there).
  • History and Research for the Perspectives Section;
  • Book and Movie Reviews;
  • Short Stories and Poems.

When submitting a post, click the BLOGGERS AND COLUMNISTS option and 1 of the above sections.

If you are submitting a press release, we have a separate section for that.  We also offer a forum for material that might not fit as a blog post.

Submissions are pending and will not be published until they have been reviewed by editors of our various sections before publication.  If you are new to WordPress, we have a "how to" page that shows you everything from how to log in, how to write and publish a post, how to add hyperlinks, and how to add videos.  The "how to" page has numerous screenshots to help you out.

The Basic Rules

  • Submissions must be relevant to religion, spirituality, God (including atheistic perspectives), and church and state issues.
  • You are welcome to include a hyperlink to your website in a submission. Promotional or out of context links will result the articlve in being rejected. If you would like to promote your organization on our website please use the Contact Us page.
  • Material that is quoted from a website must have a link to its source and cannot be a huge copy/paste of someone else's work.  DO NOT BE COPYING AND PASTING NEWS ARTICLES.
  • Your submission should be 250 words or more.
  • Please review the Terms and Policies page for further guidelines.
  • All submissions are subject to editorial review.   We reserve the right to reject a submission for any reason.

How to Submit an Article.

  1. Register as a contributor to the site.   A password will be sent to your email address, so supply a valid email address.
  2. Once Registered, Log In to the administrative area of the site.   You can log in using the link provided at the beginning of this sentence or by accessing the log in link that is on the right panel of each page on the site.a) You will see a "User" settings link in the left column.   You may change your password in the "Your Profile" section.

    b) Please provide a first and last name (pen name is okay) in the "Your Profile" section.   We prefer that you provide a brief bio.

  3. To Add an Article, click "Add Post" and write your article.  Once you have written a  "Post" , please contact us through the "Contact Us" Form to get your post approved for publishing. If you have pre-written an article, you can paste it into the "Add Post" screen.   For best formatting, copy and paste from Notepad.a) If you want to add a YouTube video, use the embed code (not the URL, but the embed code) provided by YouTube.  The size should be no larger than 560 px width.

    b) Select the "Bloggers" category on the right hand side.

    c) Tags are automatically created.

  • Preview Your Article to make sure that there are no typos and that it is formatted correctly.
  • When Your Article is Completed, click the "Save for Review" button.   We will review it as soon as possible.   Check back frequently to see it published.
  • Attract More Readers by submitting your article to all of the social bookmarking networks shown in the "Share and Enjoy" section that follows each post.

Style Guide.

We generally follow Reuters styles for news postings including headings.  Please stick to this style.

See our "how to" page for screenshots and more in-depth tips.  For additional WordPress tutorials, see WordPress.TV.

  • The survey outlined below may be of interest to visitors to this site.

    Although the main purpose of the survey is to collect and analyze data about unbelievers (atheists, agnostics, humanists, skeptics etc.), we would also like to obtain data about other populations for comparison purposes. If you participate, please be sure to enter the group in which your participation was solicited in the appropriate text box. Also, you'll note some of the items were obviously designed with the main target population of unbelievers in mind. Please try to answer these as well as you can.

    It's not necessary to answer every item for your participation to of value to the project.

    Thanks for your assistance in this research.

    Fred Britton

    A Study of Values, Attitudes, and Personal Histories
    Atheists, Humanists, and Skeptics

    You are invited to participate in a study being conducted by Dr. Allan Cheyne of the Department of Psychology at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and Mr. Fred Britton, a member of the Centre for Inquiry in Toronto. The study of the psychology of religious belief has, perhaps understandably, focused on the characteristics and correlates of religious belief. A full psychological theory of religion and religious belief should, however, also include insights into its lack and/or outright rejection. Hence, the current research investigates the values, attitudes, and experiences of humanists, unbelievers and skeptics as well as the origins of unbelief using web-based questionnaires and in some cases, for those interested, follow-up interviews with members of humanist and atheist organizations in Ontario.

    For further information about the study please visit:



    Based on the kind of death Jesus Christ was going to suffer, the ABC of salvation was implemented according to the following series of verifiable works.

    In the preliminaries, Jesus fixed single-handedly the day of his death (1), identified himself for arrest (2), proved untouchable without self-surrender (3), was found to be beyond reproof without self-incrimination (4) and waived his right of appeal (5).
    In the finals, he died in the flesh by his own timing, will and power (6) proving to be the “I Am Who I Am”, a.k.a., Almighty God and “the resurrection and the life” or “source of life”. The act of salvation reached its critical mass in the pouring out of the “blood and water” signifying Jesus’ unique death and the inauguration in public of his work of baptism with the Holy Spirit (7).

    The coming of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost was the first successful application of a lesson hard learnt (8).

    All feedbacks are welcome.

    (1) Matt. 26: 1-15
    (2) John 18: 1-9
    (3) Ibid, 18: 5-11
    (4) Matt. 26: 57-68; John 18: 19-24
    (5) Ibid, 19: 8-16
    (6) Matt. 27-50; John 19:  30-33
    (7) Matt. 27: 51-56; John 11: 25-26; 19: 34-37; 1 John 5: 6-12
    (8) Acts 1: 1-5; 2

  • Interesting story Ephrem. Given it's all bible based, and rooted in belief, I wonder if you understand the crucial distinction between "belief" and truth?
    And with all due respect to your (or anyone elses religious beliefs) I don't think Jesus was God. And so I think he never said so.
    Personally, like Thomas Jefferson concluded, "I am pro-Jesus but I am anti-religion." As far as I'm concerned the only thing that Jesus (reportedly) said that is so misunderstood is, "God is within." And that's all I need to know about God.
    And so I celebrate our Divinity. Yours too.

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