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world religionsGod is a big subject. And a subject that's discussed within church walls and outside of church.

One of the largest growing demographics in America are people who are not affiliated with any church or religion.  Some are atheists.  Some  are 'spiritual but not religious.'  Some consider themselves Christian.  Others are 'New Thought.'  The common denominator is that we're all concerned about the intersection of faith in society, morals and ethics, extremism, and the greater meaning of life.  Our beliefs tend to evolve as we learn more.  We cherish our freedom of conscience and honor everyone's right to believe or not believe as they see fit.

Realizing that there are many "seekers who don't go to church" and concerned about extremism in the name of religion, GodDiscussion.com was started by Dakota O'Leary and Deborah Beeksma in February 2009 and has steadily grown over the years.  Our news reporting covers a variety of subjects, with an emphasis on church and state.  As part of our growth, we wanted to present diverse views about faith and free thought, with the ultimate goal of promoting tolerance, respect and insight.

Chief Section Contributors and Editors.

Several talented writers and thinkers agreed to come on board and to contribute their insight on various schools of thought.  The result is a team of "Chief Section Contributors and Editors" who head up various portions of the site. Understand that each editor/contributor is expressing his or her own view and does not necessarily endorse the views presented in other portions of the site.


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