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The 2012 Astrotheology Calendar

The 2012 Astrotheology Calendar serves as a basic introduction into the world of astrotheology and solar mythology. In addition to showing lunar phases, this calendar highlights the solstices, equinoxes and fire festivals with a different color for each of the ...

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The Astrotheology Calendar Guide

This guide book comprises the text from The 2010 Astrotheology Calendar and The 2011 Astrotheology Calendar, updated and made available without the images of the months and monthly tables.Although they are often overlooked, calendars constitute one of the most important ...

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Guardian Angel Glass Holy Water Bottle

Guardian Angel Holy Water Bottle–Description: Glass/Moulded, 2" H, 1 oz. Perfect small size for pocket, purse, hospital trips, keeping in car, office drawer at work, etc…Full color Guardian Angel Image on front, convenient and decorative screw top lid. Bottle is empty, ...

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Our Lady of Grace Alabaster Painted Holy Water Font

Lady of Grace Font (stands or hangs) in fully hand painted alabaster, 6". Made in Italy. Sale Price: $59.95 Read More Last updated: Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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Talavera Cross / Crucifix with Holy Water Font Bowl, Assorted Colors

This is a combination Cross / Crucifix and a Holy Water Font Dipping Bowl painted in the traditional Talavera style. Each piece will vary in exact colors and paint patterns used since they are individually hand painted. The ones shown ...

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Holy Water Bottle- Holy Water Included 4 oz.

Holy Water is used in many different rituals and is a must for dispelling Evil. Use as a line of protection by sprinkling around doorways and windows as well as for blessing items or removing curses, jinxes, hexes and more. ...

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Holy Water Bottle with Flip Pour Spout

Frosted bottle with combination sprinkler and refill screw cap. Features unique locking spout mechanism on cap to safely hold holy water. Blue emblem. -- Moulded -- 4 oz Bottle is empty, ready to be filled with holy water from your ...

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Pack of 48 Catholic Baptism Plastic Holy Water Bottles 4.5"

Pack of 48 Holy &#87&#97&#116&#101&#114 Bottles &#66&#121 &#82&#111&#109&#97&#110 Inc., Item &#35&#57&#53&#54&#51&#51 Approximate Dimensions: 4.5"H x 2.5"W x 1"D &#77&#97&#116&#101&#114&#105&#97&#108&#115: &#80&#108&#97&#115&#116&#105&#99 Sale Price: $99.99 Read More Read More S4 Last updated: Monday, September 16, 2013

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Holy Water Bottle – 4 oz

4-oz plastic holy water bottle with bright gold lettering. Last updated: Thursday, February 23, 2012

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Holiday Merchandise: Nativity Rosary

Nativity Rosary – 7mm Beads     This unique rosary is themed around the Nativity. Each Our Father Bead has an image depicting the events that lead up the Nativity: 1) Annunciation; 2) Journey to Bethlehem; 3) Angels & Shepherds; ...

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Holiday Merchandise: 6' Nativity Scene, "BELIEVE" Door Banner

6' NATIVITY Scene "BELIEVE" DOOR BANNER/Christmas DECORATION/Holy Family/3' x 6' HOLIDAY DECOR/VINYL     Brand new in package vinyl 3' x 6' NATIVITY DOOR BANNER, with 'BELIEVE' and picture of Mary, Jesus & Joseph. Very nice Christmas decoration. Buy/More Info ...

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Holiday Merchandise: Santa's First Stop Nativity Scene Decorative Flag

" Santas First Stop " – Nativity Scene – Garden Size 12 Inch X 18 Inch Decorative Flag     Several little lambs look on as Santa kneels to worship before the baby Jesus in the manger. His first stop ...

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Holiday Merchandise: Nativity Manger Scene, Three Wise Men

Nativity Manger Scene Pewter Pin JJ Jonette Three Wise Men     This pin is made of pewter and measures 2.25 inches Buy/More Info Last updated: Tuesday, December 20, 2011

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