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Rabbi David Azulai, the great-grandson of the illustrious Rabbi Yosef Abraham Azulai, was born in Fez, Morocco in 1958. Rabbi David Azulai is the scion of a family of great “Talmidei Chachamim” (Torah Scholars) and “Ba’alei Mofes” (individuals who have the ability through prayer of performing miracles). In 1981, he embarked on the long and difficult journey to Eretz Hakodesh, in order to pray at the graves of tzaddikim and study in the kabbalistic Beis Kel yeshiva in the Old City.

Fighting Against Black Magic Spells

Black magic is a dark art that is used by people who want to achieve their evil goals by controlling the powers of nature. In most cases such goals contain an evil intention which harms innocent people. The power of ...

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Importance of Memorial and Independence Days in Israel

There are no three holidays in Jewish tradition that would be so important and so closely related to one another as Holocaust Memorial Day (Yom Hashoah), Israeli Memorial Day (Yom Hazikaron) and Israeli Independence Day (Yom Ha'atzmaut). Holocaust Memorial Day ...

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Jewish Passover, or Pesach 2010

Jewish Passover, or Pesach, is celebrated up to these days to keep alive the memory of the great liberation that took place in the Jewish history – the day when ancient Hebrew people cast off the yoke of Egyptians and ...

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Kabala Protection Advice: Protect Yourself From The Evil Eye

When an evil eye curse affects a person, the victim is constantly under the influence of dark powers that haunt and torture the soul and physical body until the proper protection is found. According to some old beliefs there are ...

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Kabbalah numerology – you can have a better control of your life!

Jewish religion, or Judaism, explains how transcendent controlling powers of the invisible world affect our material, tangible existence. In this respect Jewish religion resorts to the help of Kabbalah sound. Kabbalah numerology explains how names can affect our reality and ...

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Basic Tools for Evil Eye Protection from Kabbalah

An evil eye has a very strong negative effect. A person with an evil eye brings destructive and negative influences. He or she may be responsible for casualties and misfortunes in other people's lives without even wishing it. However, people ...

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Various Aspects of Kabbalistic Knowledge – Kabbalah numerology

Kabbalah sources are full of versatile knowledge. kabbalah covers various aspects of life and daily reality. It can give answers to numerous questions that many individuals have been pondering over for centuries. Let us define some of the aspects that ...

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The Meaning of a Kabala Red String Bracelet

Any piece of Kabala jewelry should be worn deliberately, with intention and the sense of purpose, whether it is a talisman, an amulet or a Kabala red string. One should feel the connection with this object that has magical powers ...

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Talismans and mystical words

What is the connection between talismans and mystical words? Both talismans and mystical words are commonly applied for protection from the evil eye, black magic, and dark powers. They can be used separately or may form an invincible unity working ...

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Religion – Kabbalah

No matter how hard or easy one's life can be, one always needs some invariable forces to rely on. Kabbalah religion has become a permanent shelter for many believers who seek for a deep personal feeling of fulfillment. Kabbalah religion ...

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Kabbalah – History of jewish mysticism

The centuries-old history of kabbalah is full of wisdom and knowledge. It reflects how people change, develop and come to the realization of their purpose in this world. Kabbalah is almost 4 thousand years old. It first appeared in the ...

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