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About This Site

GodDiscussion.com is a news and review service targeted for the growing number of people who are not associated with organized religion (we're a Google news site). Our mission is to inform and to get people having all points of view communicating. Our writers and contributors are theist, atheist and maybe somewhere in between.

God Discussion is a site for people exploring religion and sometimes controversial views about belief and gods. It's for people who enjoy freedom of conscience.

Every day, we deliver news about religion, belief (or non-belief) and events that have religious implications. Opinions, stories and reviews are also offered.

The views expressed on God Discussion are not explicitly Christian. They are not explicitly Muslim. They are not explicitly Deist. They are not explicitly atheist. But we do honor all of these points of views — and many others — in our discussion about God and how belief impacts our families, government and culture.

About the only thing that most of us uniformly believe in here at God Discussion is harmony and respect for others, regardless of their beliefs. As an editorial policy, we also support the separation of church and state. Government has no business interfering with religious faith (unless that faith is a cult that harms people, such as Jim Jones' Peoples Temple), nor does a particular religious faith have the right to use public funding or law to impose its beliefs on those who do not embrace those beliefs.

In short, we're the proverbial melting pot.

Some of our contributors are trained in theology, some are not. We welcome all points of view here, conservative or liberal, theistic or non-theistic.

We offer a live podcast on BlogTalkRadio.

You're welcome to join the discussion, whether in comments or article submissions on this site, or participating in the God Discussion show on BlogTalkRadio.

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