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Black pastors call Obama Judas and plan nation wide campaign to get the Black Community to vote against him

Black pastors call Obama Judas and plan nation wide campaign to get the Black Community to vote against him

In a press conference on Tuesday in Washington D. C., a black pastor called Obama Judas for his stance on marriage equality, adding that he betrayed the Black Community due to this stance.

The Coalition of African American Pastors says that Obama and the democrats are threatening families and marriage stability, especially black families, by endorsing gay marriage, so they launched a Mandate for Marriage Campaign. They met in Washington D. C. Tuesday to get the word out about their campaign and ask black voters not to support Obama until he stops supporting gay marriage.

Rev William Owens, head of the Coalition of African American Pastors stated, during the conference, that he would not stand with Obama and insisted there are millions of others who will not stand with him until he “stops this foolishness”.

The Coalition of African American Pastors believes Obama is ignoring the Black Community as he panders to the Gay Community. Owens accused Obama of “bowing to the money, as Judas did” during the conference.

Democratic Blue Dogs feel that the Democrats endorsement and support of gay marriage, by adding it to their platform, will make it harder for them to win voters in swing states.

Brian Brown, president of the Organization for Marriage, said, “Democrats can kiss the White House, Senate, and House goodbye.”

Dr. Charles Dunn stated that the decision the Democratic Party made is an affront to about 3,700 black pastors, who have large congregations and could diminish the black turn out and the black vote for him.

In a CBN news interview, Owens stated that the African American community does not support same-sex marriage and feel the president has betrayed them. Accordingly, in each state in which the people voted on same-sex marriage, the Black Community supported marriage only between a man and women. They believe the Black Community put Obama where he is today and accuse him of accepting money from the homosexual community. Owens said that the Civil Rights Movement opened doors so that he could become president and at this point, he is patronizing the Gay Community by accepting their money.

Owens then accused Obama of forgetting where he came from and who put him in the White House. He hopes the Black Community is upset enough to not to vote for Obama and the Coalition of African American Pastors will try to encourage the Black Community not to support Obama. The pastors will go across the country to wage a campaign against same-sex marriage, in order to encourage people not to support Obama.

He quoted Obama, who said he evolved to support same-sex marriage, adding that he hopes that Obama re-evolves to support marriage only between a man and a woman.

The reverend then discussed how he grew up before and during the Civil Rights Movements, saying that people did not want Blacks and did not want them sharing the same facilities or places with them. Then he accused those who support same-sex marriage are doing the same thing.

“We don’t want them. We don’t want them using the same restroom, because they were White and we were Black. So there was a difference. Now the homosexual community, the president, the mayor of Chicago, the Mayor of Boston, are saying they don’t want Chick-Fil-A because their belief system is different. It’s a disgrace.”

He insisted that there is no difference between what they are doing and the way Whites treated Blacks before integration.

The newswoman said to Owens at the end of the interview, “We are living in that day where they call what is good evil and what is evil good, I’m afraid.”

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Mriana is a humanist and the author of "A Source of Misery", who grew up in the Church of God, Anderson Indiana. After she became an adult, she joined the Episcopal Church, but later left the Church and became a humanist. She has two grown sons and raises cats. Mriana raised her sons in the Episcopal Church, but in their teen years, they left the Church and she soon followed. One of her sons became a "Tao Buddhist" and the other a None, creating his own world view. She enjoys writing, reading, science, philosophy, psychology, and other subjects. Mriana is also an animal lover, who cares for their welfare as living beings, who are part of the earth. She is a huge Star Trek fan in a little body.
  • Seems to me there are three fingers pointing back at Owens when he says, they didn't let Blacks do this and that, then says Obama et al are doing the same thing with those of a different belief. IMHO, Owens is doing the same thing to gays, by not letting them have the same thing. He's segregating straights and homosexuals through denial of equality.

    As a side note, my older son says that Owens looks like the Black Adolf Hitler.

  • Sheri

    Good article Mriana. The last sentence about good being evil and evil being good is really coming to pass – just now how they think it is. Religious folks have always been considered the good guys and without god you were bad. So now, the very people who call themselves righeous, are dividing the planet through their intolerance and bigotry and those attempting to bring some sanity to the planet are the ones doing the most good for the greatest number of people.

    • Thanks Sheri and yes, I agree, it does seem like that. I can't imagine attempting to divide people with hatred as being a good thing.

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  • labman57

    Uh, good luck with that.

    When you need to promote homophobia and intolerance to garner a few extra votes, you know that you're on the wrong side of history and part of a campaign doomed to fail.

  • Yeah — and those Republicans just LOVE Black people. Why are these pastor so hateful to gays? What kind of god are these fellas serving who would ignore certain groups of people? What are they afraid of? Sounds like some down-low type of BS to me. I think they are more concerned about their MONEY situation…

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