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Non-believers to be targeted in gigantic Billy Graham evangelistic outreach — Christians are already gathering lists

Non-believers to be targeted in gigantic Billy Graham evangelistic outreach — Christians are already gathering lists

"This is serious business.  It's life and death and it's not too late," a promotional video for Billy Graham's "My Hope" project declares.

Described by some as a "Living Room Crusade," Graham's supporters are urging individuals, either on their own or through their local churches, to begin "making a list of non-believers to pray for, people who are in need of the eternal and lasting hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ" in preparation for the "My Hope" project.

The "My Hope" project begins the week of Billy Graham's 95th birthday, November 7, 2013, when Christians across the entire U.S., as well as Canada, plan to evangelize to "one friend, one family member, one neighbor at a time."

"It could be Billy Graham's final call to America to turn to God," explains Preston Parrish, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association's Vice President for My Hope with Billy Graham.

Called "relationship evangelism," believers are told to reach out to family, friends, co-workers, fellow students and neighbors "to sow the seeds for a great harvest."

The My Hope strategy has been used in Latin America, Asia, Latin America and Europe, where the Association says it has seen huge results of people converting to Christianity.

In America, evangelists plan on not only inviting people to their homes for a 30-minute video produced by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, but they also plan to target non-believers by using social media.

Ron Hutchcraft, an evangelist and and radio host, says "This is that ready moment Jesus talked about, when the ready would be plentiful.  This isn't just about witnessing to our faith, this is life or death stuff."

Samuel Rodriguez at the Southern Baptist Convention said that this is an opportunity for pastors to mobilize members of their churches to evangelize to their communities.

Pastors hope that in "Billy Graham's final call for evangelism," millions will come to Christ.  Between now and next summer, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is training Christians across North America about how to share one's faith.

"He believes the Lord is going to let him live until he's 95," Parrish said of Billy Graham. "What an important time to do this, and what a culmination for his ministry of evangelism."

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  • NonBeliever

    I get so sick of being preached at. Sounds like they're trying to take advantage of Billy's advanced age.

  • Too bad he will find that their prayers concerning non-believers fail. It's a shame that they truly believe that lack of belief in their sky god and Casper the holy spirit leads to death. They will eventually die too.

  • Rob

    I certainly pray that this will be Billy's last crusade.

  • This could be fun. for us Non-believers, that is.

    • Deborah_B

      Could fuel some great debates!

  • Shadow

    this is pathetic

    • Deborah_B

      Agreed. I think one of the comments here about them taking advantage of Graham's age is right on and a big part of this.

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  • I don't follow Billy Graham, I follow Jesus Christ, and as a result I do see the need for others to believe in Jesus Christ as well. Whether you do or not is up to you. As one has said, we all will die, the only difference as a believer is that upon my death is the eternal life being spent with the creator. If you want to believe that all that you experience here on earth is all there is. Go head. I just love enough to say proudly that this aint it! There is more!

    • Why is there a need to believe in JC? What make you think believing in JC is any better than believing in Zeus, Bast, Horus, Mother Earth/Father Sky, Krishna/Vishnu, Hanuman, Anansi, or even Kami?

      • By my faith I believe that no one can receive eternal life except through the believing in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Equally with that, I believe in saying that love is to let any just get there (heaven) by their own means is selfish. For ex. say I know something about how to reach nirvana or any other after-life for this matter was the end state (this only applies if you BELIEVE in there is MORE to this life than this life in itself), would it be loving of me to hoard that for myself and say to you, "good luck if you make it?" So by my faith it is only through Jesus Christ that I may receive ever lasting life with the creator. But hey, according to others, I could be wrong. But I'm at peace with BELIEVING. Even more at peace with sharing in what I believe because it is with love that I share the way. As I know He has made a way for me in my sinful nature, there is a way for all who chooses to believe. As I believe in the Father, I equally am aware of the devil and his deceitful ways. Just a thought: every other name you mentioned does not bring about so much discourse or hatred from others than the name Jesus Christ. Why? and that's just his name. Do I believe there are bad advocates in society in the name of Jesus Christ? Absolutly! But does that take away from my belief in Him? Adamantly no!

        • I don't think you understand Nirvana or at least I don't think it means what you think it means:
          http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nirvana It's not exactly an afterlife. I can even ask my Buddhist son, but I'm pretty sure you're definition is not accurate.

          I'm with the Gandhi concerning JC ( http://www.quotedb.com/quotes/1905 ). In other words, it's not the character of JC that is the issue, but some of his followers.

          • Nirvana- It is a state Buddhists refer to as "Enlightenment". It is the ultimate goal of all Buddhists. The attainment of nirvana breaks the otherwise endless rebirth cycle of reincarnation. Buddhists also consider nirvana as freedom from all worldly concerns such as greed, hate, and ignorance.
            Now if I (if were Buddhist) knew how to achieve this state, and did not share it with others, am I not selfish. IF this life we lived was just a state of reincarnation until we get "it" right, when I got "it" right (IF I GOT IT RIGHT, cause who has?) should I not want others to experience that state as well or not sharing how I obtained that state would that not be selfish? Just wondering.
            Oh and I just said in my previous post what Gandhi expressed in this quote. There are bad/ horriable representitives of Jesus Christ!! The hyprocracy of those who profess they believe, is having others not wanting to believe themselves.
            I believe that many refuse to believe because those who say they believe don't act, or speak as though they believe themselves. Yes that is a huge problem!!! However that is like saying, "I'm not going to believe because those who say they believe suck at it." Living for Jesus Christ should be experienced like your most important relationship, meaning [follow me] When you fell in love with _______ what did you do to get to know them? How often did you want to spend time with them? How often did you talk to them? Or did you want to be with them because of what they could do for you? When you entered into that relationship were there some things that surely changed? If not how real was the realtionship. This is what I'm talking about. When one TRULY encounters Jesus Christ "born again" is not just a figment of ones imagination. My testimony is proof! I welcome conversations about this relationship that I have, and I share it often, cause I know you could have one too!

            • I know what it is. I was wondering if you really did. The thing is Buddhist do not go around evangelizing like Xians do. They do not threaten people, they do not impose their beliefs on other, testify, etc etc They live by example and, with few exceptions, rarely talk about it, unless asked and someone genuinely wants to know. Another thing, most Buddhist sects, not all, are atheistic. There is a Buddha heaven, but that is a different sect from most.

              • I posted to let you know I knew something about the Buddhist faith. However, this is what I was talking about, what negative things you point out in Christianity, such as imposing, and threaten I to find to be damaging to the faith. As you also pointed out the faith is to be lived out, which I equally agree with, hence the hypocrisy I was talking about. With my belief in Jesus Christ, His written word has given me instructions to share that ALL can receive salvation IF they only believe by faith. In that belief, as I love myself, I love others enough in hopes that they may receive salvation as I have. I don't force, or threaten, and that is where some Christians have jacked it up. Equally as I believe in the almighty Father, I believe in the devil who comes to destroy that which God has set up. So deception, division and the lack of understanding of the result of the fall (entering of sin- again my belief) has entered His kingdom and has many to not believe.

                • However, your beliefs are not necessarily right for everyone and not everyone shares your concepts. Also, you say you do not threaten, but what you are saying when you say this, "
                  As one has said, we all will die, the only difference as a believer is that upon my death is the eternal life being spent with the creator." you are threatening and imposing. What you are saying is, "If you choose not to believe what I say then you can just go to hell". The problem is, hell is a human concept, as is the idea of an afterlife and it is meant as a control tactic. If one doesn't believe you, then you have no control over them.


                • Argo, you continue to prove my belief. Not only in a just God, but also in the plans of the devil himself. I've even said, "what I believe" which indicates you don't have to believe. Meaning you wouldn't have to believe in the hell in which I speck of either. This guy you posted doesn't believe (deception of the devil) in the fullness of the bible being the true word of God written by men, which speaks of being born again in Christ Jesus, and of hell. If hell is a human concept then what makes heaven a non-human concept? See the dilemma? Who's to say your way to get to heaven would be right seeing it would then be only a human concept anyway? Only by your FAITH in that way. Then which would go back to, if it not be Christian, kind of selfish on your part if you not shared with me unless I asked how do I get there. Now if you don't believe I can't make you. What I do find interesting though is, a book written over 2000 years ago about a man who only lived 33 years still is effecting change in people today. And there are so many against the whole concept of Him and His teachings though He is just suppose to be a figment of one's imagination. Santa Clause don't get this much grief. Ijs!! This life that I live I believe BY FAITH is not by happenstance. See for me I have purpose (not saying you don't) but I know many who have lost their mind, and sometimes their life because they felt that their life was pointless. In the word of God He gave me purpose. This conversation with you is just a small part of that purpose. First to love Him with all of me, and to love others as I love myself. To share this news with you is to me honoring what the Father has said that I should do. To me there is no greater love than to honor that relationship with Him. But to believe anything that I say would be by faith, cause ain't nobody living seen heaven or hell. People will tell you what you want to hear, only those that love you tell you what you NEED to hear.

                • Um… No, I'm not proving your belief. Human concepts have nothing to do with any devil or even deception by any devil. These are all just human concepts, which I have shown. The Bible is not the inerrant word of God inspired by God, but rather the errant word of man, inspired by man, just as any other religious text.

                  Heaven is also a human concept. There is no dilemma there and who said I had a way to get to heaven or even believed in a heaven? What exactly is that, given so many different religious people, including Xians, have so many different concepts of what it is?

                  BTW, there is an American Indian story that tells of a Xian telling an Indian about God, hell, and heaven. The Indian asked if he did not know of this place the Xian spoke of, would he go to hell? The Xian said, "No." The Indian then replied, "Then why did you tell me?"

                  These concepts though, are all in your mind. I do not have such concepts, because the fact is, nobody knows and to hold such concepts is to not even describe it, whatever it is, at all. In other words, you don't know. Nobody knows and to say you do, is only lying to yourself. Without evidence, it is only faith, but with evidence, one doesn't need faith to believe. You KNOW gravity exists because if you fall, you hit the ground hard and it freaking hurts. You don't need faith to know this. You have the evidence. Now show me your evidence that your concept of heaven and hell really do exist. You can't. All you have is your story book, of which, I believe, with plenty of things I could show, that Jesus, at least how he is portrayed in the Bible, never existed. Thank you very much.

                  The Tao is said to affect change in people too, but yet you do not believe what it says. Tell me this- does your concept of heaven have our beloved pets? According to my mother, it would not be heaven without our pets, but the fact is, we have that now. When my grandmother died, the preacher said that she was walking with my grandfather and having a picnic in heaven with him. Why didn't they do that here on earth when they were alive then and enjoyed such things here on earth, because they don't get another chance? You don't believe in other gods, like Krishna, the incarnation of Vishnu, who BTW, Jesus was the incarnation of God. Humm… Krishna/Vishnu was also the I AM in the Gita. Humm…. Not to mention all the previous flood stories. All these things were written BEFORE your little book and were templates for the Bible stories.

                  So Casper the Holy Spirit gave you something? Interesting. For me there is no greater love than my very real sons, pets, other family, and friends. Those are real, give life meaning, and something I treasure in this life.

                  Well, how about I share the news of Evolution, psychology, and other sciences with you? How about I share the good news that we are all related to other apes by a common ancestor. Now that is WONDERFUL news to me! I love being a monkey's aunt and I love being related to other animals by way of a common ancestors. I love that we all have the same elements of star dust making us part of the universe! We are all connected to each other, the earth, and the universe! That is WAY COOL! For me at least. That just makes me want to go out and say, "HAVE YOU HEARD THIS!" And as Neil deGrasse Tyson says, the same words that come out of the religious mouths come out of mine when I talk about this stuff. I've known this since I was a kid.

                  I just told you what you NEED to hear and I love you. 😉 I feel like I'm in an episode of Barney now.



                • With your comment that the bible is NOT the inerrant word of God your ways will not be my ways and your understanding will not be mine. The other main point you and I both mentioned. Faith- Which is for me the substance of things hoped for, yet evidence of things not yet seen.

                • You can always hope for something, but that doesn't mean they will happen. Try to stop and smell the roses, and enjoy this life, thorns and all, first, as well as do things for others out of the goodness of your hearts, not because you think you must, and do them without any expectations of rewards of punishments in some afterlife. Giving and doing things for others out of the goodness of your heart, without any expectations has its rewards in the here and now.

                • And thats the thing. I don't believe that all that you've explained that I do ^^^, is only for the here and now, and my hope is in my FAITH. The love you spoke of for your family, the laughter, the smell of the roses, is all for just the here and now? The new age has it pinged as Y.O.L.O- (you only live once). You are a mother as I read, in your motherhood you have given your kids rules and instructions to live life. But what if they wanted to do their own thing. You know at an early age they're like "Hey Ma I only live once, I'm going to do what makes me happy" (which by the way is opposite to what you are wanting to teach them) according to your thinking they have the right to do that. Not saying they have done that, I'm just illistrating a viewpoint. I chose to not believe that. That is my belief. Everybody has been given that choice. I see you have chosen not to believe in the saving grace of Jesus Christ. And hey you know what, I could be wrong. I just choose to not believe that I am. 🙂

                • My sons are adults and they can make their own rules, do their own thing, and receive the consequences of their action, whether it is a good thing or a mistake. Hopefully they feel good about themselves when they do what is good, right, and just, as well as learn from their mistakes. I can have my opinions and feelings about it, but bottom line is that they have to live with their choices.

                  I have taught them my values and ideals, but now they need to decide what is right for them. My older son is a Tao Buddhist and even though I am a humanist, I am very content with his choice and we get along in the same house together.

                  As for choice not to believe what you believe, that isn't quite accurate. You see, I cannot believe and through education, studying several religions and philosophies, it became impossible to believe what you believe. Thus, it is not a choice and unfortunately, you probably don't get it, but it's not like I can say I believe and it just happens that I do. It doesn't work that way and I'd lose my own integrity by lying to you, others, and myself, if I said I did. It would all be lip-service just to please Xians, which is not only cowardly, IMO, but not something you or any other Xian would really want.

    • mrterryb

      Keep on hoping beautiful deluded ones…

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