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God sends rain to northwest Arkansas because Christians ate at Chick Fil-A

God sends rain to northwest Arkansas because Christians ate at Chick Fil-A

During Wednesday's "Focal Point" program, the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer received one phone call after another from folks who dined at Chick Fil-A for Mike Huckabee's Chick Fil-A appreciation day on August 1.

According to one caller, God was so pleased that He sent rain to northwest Arkansas.  Rebecca claimed @0.57 in the video below:

I am just so proud of the whole outfit and we got three-quarters of an inch of rain last night and I just know that the Lord has blessed our northwest Arkansas area with rain, a partial ending of this drought, because we stood up for someone who was quoting Biblical values lovingly.

Another caller attempted to tell Fischer that he was deceived about his views about homosexuals. Later, a woman called in to note that it is young people like her grandchildren who work as servers at Chick Fil-A who are actually the ones publicly dealing with the debate and that they were not being harassed by gays and their supporters, to her knowledge.

"These folks are walking into premises where Christ is honored, the Holy Spirit is honored, and there's something that kind of restrains the impulses in them, when they walk in, they kind of lose some of that dark energy that they brought with them into the restaurant," Fischer observed, adding that Christians should be praying for the young people who work at Chick Fil-A.

Fischer claims that he has nothing but love for gay and lesbian people. "We honestly don't hate anybody. I don't have an ounce of animosity toward any living soul. I love people enough to tell them the truth and to tell our culture the truth, this is not a behavior that we want to normalize or legalize or protect or subsidize because it kills people."

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  • NonBeliever

    Eatin' chicken is more powerful than prayer!

  • http://www.houseofbetazed.com Mriana

    ROFLMAO! I really needed some humour today. Fischer can be a real comedian sometimes, despite the fact he thinks he serious.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1364110659 Elaine Poole

    In that case, it should be flooding in Arizona.

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