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Dutch creationist builds Noah's ark replica — 2012 doomsday believers want to book rooms

Dutch creationist builds Noah's ark replica — 2012 doomsday believers want to book rooms

After dreaming that a great flood will inundate Holland, Dutch creationist Johan Huibers decided to build a replica of Noah’s ark to exact Biblical proportions.

At 450 feet long, it is the size of an oil tanker, Sky News reports.  It dwarfs everything on the local landscape, including the windmills.

His daughter Deborah manages the ark, which is now open to visitors.  She says that it took four years and three months to build the ship, and that only five people, including one carpenter, were involved in building it.  Metal hulls of old barges were welded together and the rest was constructed with Scandinavian pine. It was built without technical drawings, leading to delays in getting permission to open it to the public.  A request to moor the ship on the River Thames this summer to teach the millions of Olympic fans about Christianity was dropped because of delays in dealing with potential fire hazards.

The four floors contain replica animals and some live ones.

According to Huibers' daughter Deborah, believers in the Mayan end-of-the-world prophecy are confused, wondering if a flood is coming again.  She said that people have been asking if they can stay on board and book a room.

For his next project, Huibers wants to pipe water from the Mediterranian to fill the Dead Sea.

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  • Steve Greene

    Note that the "ark" built by Johan Huibers is not actually seaworthy. It is constructed on a barge (that's the part that's built out of metal, which you can't see in the picture shown at the top; the barge is hidden by the grass). It's the barge that holds it up in the water.

  • http://www.donnyrothbardt.vpweb.com/ Donny

    I find it just fascinating to see what fear can make us do. That said, can I book a room with private bath?

  • http://twitter.com/humanbeing2 elaine kilshaw

    Guess any rumours of a flood thousands will flood-excuse the pun-to the ark. Hope it can carry them all together with their pets.Are they really as potty as they sound. Cant have any logic or reason to say a book that promotes killing those who disrespect their parents is a good book then good luck to them.

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