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6-year-old spouts Tea Party talking points as to why people should not vote for President Obama

6-year-old spouts Tea Party talking points as to why people should not vote for President Obama

A 6-year-old boy trained in Republican talking points gave "the Patriot Update" ten reasons not to vote for President Obama.  According to Isaac Anthony:

  1. Nobody knows where he came from.
  2. He bows down to leaders of other countries – embarrassing!
  3. Mr. and Mrs. Obama are not part of America. (Editorial update – he may have said "proud".)
  4. He wants to take guns away from good guys.
  5. He lets bad guys into our country.
  6. He doesn't want Americans to drill for oil or mine for coal.
  7. He wants to keep people on welfare and food stamps so that they will vote for him.
  8. He thinks babies are a burden.
  9. He wants everybody to wait in a long line to see the doctor.
  10. He takes money from people who work hard and gives it to people who don't work at all.

For the antithesis of these childlike views, visit the Obama Achievements Center.

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  • This is really sad and tragic. This is the opposite of Christian.

  • susan_oconnell

    #3 – the Obamas aren't *proud* of America.

    • Why should they be look at what type of person you are why would anyone be proud of a racist like you.

    • Also you know that how because of the lies you people tell.

    • Deborah_B

      Thanks for that. Story updated.

  • Mecenas

    Disturbing that parents would do this to their kid. Sad how misinformed some people are. I hope the kid is not home schooled or in his case home skooled.

  • Hey maybe just maybe its susan-oconnells kid. She seems to think the same. lol. This is another example of ignorance in America. Wow. Is their hate so strong that you will go to any length to defeat this man. A 6yr old kid can barely count to 100 let alone know about politics. This is sick and it shows you what America is becoming. This truly is nuts.

  • mark

    Dogmatic, trivialized talking points as shallow as a six year olds understanding. Tea partiers don't even understand that the name they have chosen puts them on the exact opposite side of the original tea partiers. death panels!! government between you and your doctor!! socialist!! So much disinformation passing as news and so much racism and homophobia passing as christian conservatism. Does the Bible still contain the four gospels or is it just the Old Testament and Revelations now??

  • merl1

    He's at least as smart as any random tea bagger

  • south

    The kid forgot to say that you should not vote for Mr Obama because he is Black.

    • I think that one was covered under "President Obama and the First Lady are not part of America." These are just empty words to the kid; I can't believe he knows what he's saying in any intellectual sense.

  • WaStConcerned

    This is DISGUSTING! Shame on these parents for instilling lies and misinformation in their children. Christian? I think not…….

  • WaStConcerned

    The ONLY true thing in this list is 6 – WE, the people, don't want drilling for oil or coal any longer – it's too dangerous and expensive for our environment and economy.

  • And THIS is why the circle of bigotry and hatred continues. It's the uneducated parent who hands a 6 yo a toy gun and writes his script probably telling him President Obama is a scary man. Disgusting.

  • Where's child services to save this kid?

    • TrueAmerican54321

      Child services to save this kid?? Once again you are dependent on the gov for your well being and am sure you are a freeloading Obamacrat. This kid is smart and savy, he will be able to save himself unlike most of you in America.

  • teafarter

    stupid is as stupid does

  • teafarter

    what god is this ? so many to choose from —can't be a real god—they are not this ignorant —this site is not christian—more like pagan stupid

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  • ninetenner

    Yea like god said, "Let your hatred blind you and consume your being"

    Some Ghost Story : Some Paragraph

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  • TrueAmerican54321

    Great video, that kid is awesome. He knows exactly what is going on. All of you commenting against him are idiots. All of you keep hating on kids like this will be facde with a civil war in this country and you won't win. You will be overrun and outgunned by true Americans like this young man.

  • Economart

    Sort of reminds me of all those rotten leftists dragging their children to those public union events and draping signs all over them proclaiming how meager their wages and benefits are. Sort of reminds me of all those teachers' unions taking off to protest while leaving their charges with no school or taking them along to fill out the numbers. Sort of reminds me about all those teachers having had their classes sing the praises of Obama. Sort of like Obama having the US taxpayer shuttle his children all over the place to act as little Obama ambassadors.

    The leftist scum of the country have long used children to advance their offensive and disgraceful causes. At least, this was done for a just cause: ridding the WH of that foreign born, filthy socialist, anti-semite, muslim terrorist loving, you didn't build that President.


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