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Is a rapture imminent?  Christian writer speculates about atmospheric "trumpet" sounds and their connection to biblical prophecy

Is a rapture imminent? Christian writer speculates about atmospheric "trumpet" sounds and their connection to biblical prophecy

A Christian financial and survivalist writer speculates that strange atmospheric sounds recorded by a number of YouTube users could be pointing to an imminent rapture and the end times.

"What exactly are these strange trumpet sounds? Could they be warnings of the end of days? Are these apocalyptic trumpets? Are these mysterious trumpet sounds linked to Bible prophecy?" asks Jim Paris in the description of his YouTube video, "Strange Trumpet Sounds – Bible Prophecy?"

Although Paris admits that a lot of these sounds are nothing but spoofs posted on YouTube, some of the "scenes" shown in his video have been thoroughly debunked, such as the Kiev video from August 2011 (see debunking video on the linked page). Many of the videos contain sound effects from War of the Worlds or Red State, or else are copies of the Kiev video, with the same bird sounds. To Paris' credit, he does include a snippet of a professor explaining that the sounds that are not hoaxes are electromagnetic in nature (see videoembedded below).

Numerous websites and forums have been created that debunk a supernatural explanation for the sounds.

Paris claims that the sound people are reporting is like a Shofar, a Biblical version of the trumpet made from a ram's horn. The Shofar in Biblical times was used as a warning, he says.

With Bible prophecy broadcaster L.A. Marzulli, who also acknowledged that there are hoaxes, Paris and Marzulli speculated that some of the sounds remain unexplained and could be because of a thinning of the "veil" between our reality and a supernatural reality. "We're told there would be signs in the heavens and the earth," Marzulli said, referring to the sounds and solar flares.

Saying that the Bible does not specifically say that people will be hearing Shofar sounds in the last days, Paris could not help but wonder, "If we really are in the last days, could this not be legitimately a sign from the heavens, a warning, as we've seen all throughout scripture, the trumpet used as a warning signal, and none of us knows what the trumpet of God sounds like. We've never heard it before, so there's a possibility, at least in my mind, that this could be some type of supernatural warning from God that we are entering into those final days."

"And look, that's certainly from our particular worldview and our paradigm," Marzulli admitted. "That's where we go, isn't it? I mean, we look at this stuff, we look at the phenomenon and process it through a biblical prophetic lens. That's basically what we do. So when we hear stuff like this, immediately we factor everything through our paradigm and there's nothing wrong with that because everyone has a worldview, everyone has a paradigm in which they are operating under. And I believe that our paradigm — and I realize this can sound incredibly narrow minded and everything else — but without thumping the Bible, I believe our paradigm is the correct one. The reason I do that is because our tome, our book alone, has a thread of prophecy that runs through, from the Book of Genesis to Revelation, 100 percent accuracy, 100 percent of the time. We're the only book on this planet that has that. Period."

"So what exactly are these sounds that we are hearing from the sky? Well, we can't be certain exactly what they are, but it is exciting to consider that this could be the beginning of the countdown to the very end of days," Paris concludes, "and the return of our Lord and Savoir, Jesus Christ."

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  • skater60

    Well, no. I have deciphered the mysterious sounds and they translate as "Please do not make me eat anymore bad stuff", it's only a rough translation, though.

  • Bible Bob

    I hear the sounds myself, I will remain sceptical. However, the bottom line
    still remains that people believe what suits them just like the Rapture Myth
    itself. Of course, I don't know what the sounds are but as sure as I am sitting
    here writing this there is some logical explanation behind the so called sounds
    that has nothing at all to do with the return of the Lord.

    • Deborah_B

      I agree. Admittedly, though, if I heard them in "real life" instead of the Internet, it would be startling.

  • Rapture? Pure nonsense born out of insecurity and fear. As far as Jesus (the man) coming back…it's not going to happen. However, "The Christ." (which no one seems to comprehend) has been here many times and just like Jesus, we keep on killing him…Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, JF Kennedy, Anwar Sadat, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, and other champions of peace.
    And if Jesus did come back, he'd be killed all over again. Probably by a Christian.
    Donny (Life Coach)

    • Karenae

      LOL, what is said here only confirms the truth:2Pe_3:3 Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, do you like being first and God talking of you?

      • With all due respect to your humanity, those remarks are merely your "beliefs." Not "truth." Do you understand the difference? And if it works for you, you can count me as the #1 scoffer…especially in regards to this rapture insanity.

      • Let's face it Christians. Jesus is dead. And after 2000 years
        aren't you convinced it's not gonna happen. Same thing goes for the Islam's "hidden" Imam…who's been hiding in a cave since the 7th century. How naive can people be?

  • Dave_Mowers

    The sounds have been debunked, they are caused by solar flares hitting the ionosphere directly; more solar activity will equal more trumpet sounds. The sound itself contains bands of radio frequencies being interrupted and amplified so with today's high volume of wireless activity we are getting wild results.

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