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Christians prepare for "the devil's party" — known as the Democratic National Convention to most

Christians prepare for "the devil's party" — known as the Democratic National Convention to most

The anti-abortion group, Operation Rescue, and its side organization, "Operation Save America," has announced that it will "invade" the September 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC.    But first, they are "preparing" by bringing "King Jesus" to the "Queen City" during a week-long event that began on July 21.  Queen City is a nickname for Charlotte.  The event features a press conference today.

The DNC, they say, is responsible for "blood coursing down the streets of America" and "removing God from the hearts of our children."

According to their press release,

Blood is coursing down the streets of America -- Aurora Colorado, Columbine High School, Virginia Tech and we are still looking at each other in awkward bewilderment and wondering -- why? These killings are harbingers of the "Culture of Death" that will be invading the streets of Charlotte this Sept 3-6.

We have expelled God from school, banished Him from the schoolyard, and have replaced Him with drugs, gangs, condoms, rape and violence of unprecedented order. When the fear of God is removed from the hearts of our children violence always fills the void.

This is the agenda of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Operation Save America will hold a press conference at 400 S Tryon. When the devil throws a party, like this Democratic party it is imperative that the church show up.

Operation Save America is bringing King Jesus to the Queen City, Charlotte, to raise up a standard in preparation for the DNC's invasion. Jesus is The Standard!

Operation Save America is primarily concerned with ending abortion, but past special projects have been targeted at the LGBT community and proselytizing to children.  Past projects included opposing federal hate crimes legislation and running a "God Is Going Back to School" campaign where Bibles and literature were given to public school children entering the school building.

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  • Their paranoia gets worse every day and they totally ignore that studies show that the higher the religiosity the higher the crime rate. Along with that, stricter laws, generally imposed by the religious also contributes to more crime too. Their self-imposed ignorance is astounding.

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  • Peter

    I just hope activists leave these clowns
    alone. If they confront them and pushing and shoving or even a small-scale but
    violent disturbance takes place the MSM will be all over it. It will just play
    into Republicans
    hands. Or, perhaps that is their strategy. Can't trust those clowns. Gee, how
    did it get so crazy, America?

    • Deborah_B

      I agree — they need to just ignore them. I suspect that there will be so much security that these folks will be in one of those zones that are usually set up around the convention sites, so it is probably going to be a non-issue.

      I could be way, way off base here, but I started to see our society slip into craziness and extremism with talk radio. There's extremism on both sides, liberal and conservative. They call people sluts (right wing), rejoice when people die (left wing after Breitbart), edit audio clips to make it sound like politicians said something that they never even said (mostly right wing, from what I can tell), and this gets millions of listeners riled up over issues that, for the most part, are irrational and in some cases, invented out of thin air.

      Balanced, intellectual and polite discussion is a rarity. NPR is one of the few talk formats that still embraces respect for others, in my opinion.

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