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248 fetuses dumped in Russian forest

248 fetuses dumped in Russian forest

Russia Today reports that a gruesome discovery was made in the woods in Russia's Urals.

Police say dozens of human fetuses which were found dumped in the remote area may have been used for illegal research. There were four biomedical plastic barrels that contained remains. Some had tags containing surnames and numbers. The lids had come off of some and the remains were scattered across the forest floor.

They were discovered by a local fisherman who was gathering firewood for his camp.

The investigation is focused on why and how the biomedical waste could have found its place in the forest, and the second part of the investigation is why the fetuses were used for research in the first place. Hospitals in the area are being asked how they have used embryos in the past. However, all of the fetuses found in the woods were past the 22-week mark. After 22 weeks, women in Russia can only have abortions for medical reasons.

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