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Religious exemptions for vaccines on the rise — Woman thrilled with possibility of spreading chickenpox

Religious exemptions for vaccines on the rise — Woman thrilled with possibility of spreading chickenpox

Michael Simpson at The Skeptical Raptor reports that a mother who is opposed to vaccination proudly posted on her Facebook page that her son, infected with chickenpox, may have spread the disease to numerous people attending a baseball game.

According to Simpson's snapshot of a Facebook page, a woman allegedly wrote,

On a very happy side note, we have done a great job of increasing people's natural immunity to chicken pox.  One of my sons was contagious at a baseball game (and probably practice two days before) and exposed others.  My other son was at a camp that was primarily indoors for 3 days and many were not from our area, so it may have traveled because we didn't know he had it until the last day, so they were exposed.  […] it was never deliberate, but anyone who needed immunity may be getting it!

Simpson points out that while most people at the baseball game likely had been vaccinated, there is a possibility that some could face serious medical complications due to the exposure.  Simpson writes:

So this mother didn't think. She didn't consider the awful consequences of her actions. She didn't consider that there might be a pregnant mother in the crowd who was at risk. Or a young child who was being treated for a cancer and whose parents brought her out to watch a sibling play in a ball game. No, she didn't think, because if she could think she would have had her child vaccinated and she wouldn't have intentionally tried to harm her fellow humans.

Although it is unknown whether the woman described in Simpson's article exempted her children from vaccinations by using religious exemptions, this practice is apparently common.

In December, reports surfaced that in eight states, more than 1 out of every 20 kindergartners are not getting the shots they need to to attend school. Parents claim religious exemptions and express fears over the medical effects of the vaccinations.  Health officials are growing worried that there could be outbreaks of disease that were once thought to be all but wiped out.

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In an opinion published in The New York Post this week, Naomi Schaefer Riley wrote that rumors, unfounded science and hysteria have prompted many parents to avoid vaccinating their children … and that their fears threaten her own kids' health. "Medical experts are now concerned about measles outbreaks across the country, particularly in the Northwest, but also in Miami, San Diego and rural Pennsylvania. Two people even contracted it at this year's Super Bowl. Many of these outbreaks can be traced back to kids whose parents had done 'research' and decided not to vaccinate their children," she wrote. "They're typically the wealthy and 'well-educated.' And they use so-called religious exemptions in the law in order to get around these state-mandated vaccines."

This trend is not new.  Back in October 2007, NBC News and the Associated Press reported that records and data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that many states were seeing increases in the rate of religious exemptions claimed for kindergartners, and that public health officials were warning that it takes only a few people to cause an outbreak that can put large numbers of lives at risk.

Some are calling for a strict vaccine policy across the United States that toughens the religious exemption. One of those is Rathi Asaithambi, who wrote in the Baltimore Sun in April,

Throughout the United States, a potentially lethal war is erupting. It is a war that puts millions of innocent lives in danger and undermines the centuries-long sacred bond between physicians and patients. This is a war between pediatricians and patients and has developed largely because of the anti-vaccination movement. As a public health student at the Johns Hopkins University and a future pediatrician, I am alarmed by the catastrophic consequences this conflict could have on the health of American children.

An increasing number of pediatricians are asking families to leave their practice because of vaccine refusals, Asaithambi says, and this puts children at increased risk. "It is time for the United States to mandate a strict nationwide vaccine policy, with stringent guidelines to obtain religious exemptions and no room for philosophical exemptions," he suggests. "The recommended vaccination schedule issued annually by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is no longer sufficient. Although parental autonomy should be respected in many situations, vaccine-preventable illnesses are a public health issue, and parents do not have the right to gamble with their children's lives. Furthermore, they do not have the right to gamble with the lives of other children who may be infected by a child whose parents chose not to vaccinate."

But some see this as trampling religious freedom.

Dr. Joseph Mercola and Barbara Loe Fisher, one of the co-founders and the President of the National Vaccine Information Center, discussed the religious exemption to vaccination in November. "The Constitution protects our right to worship freely," Fisher said. "You have the right to defend your religious or spiritual belief about vaccination," adding that it is not necessary for a person claiming a religious exemption to have to be a member of a church.

"We must defend the religious exemption to vaccination at all costs. It's all that stands between us and a militant, oppressive forcing of vaccination by those who have literally at this point in time no accountability or liability for happens after those vaccines are given," Fisher said. Mercola agrees with her.  They both warn that those claiming religious exemptions must be sincere about their belief because courts may challenge their sincerity.  "It's not the place of a government official to grill people about the sincerity of their religious beliefs," Fisher opined.

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  • If our 21st century nation is going to allow people to use their belief in stone age gods to exempt their children, whom we should remember are NOT the parents property, from medically indicated preventative medicine, then I insist that the rest of us be able to exclude those children from free association with our vaccinated children. This particular woman should be held legally responsible for any illness contracted by person exposed to her child. She engaged in a willful act of negligence.

    • asiafish

      Stone age for Jews. Christians and Muslims can trace their imaginary friends only back to the iron age, while Hinduism and Buddhism are clearly bronze-age in origin.

      Of course, no matter how old, they are all equally silly and fictitious.

      • Erwin Alber

        I'm not a fan of organised religion, be it a church or a cult, such as the Cult of Vaccinology. However, if some people find religion meaningful, that's their choice. Many aspects of so-called science are also more like religion than science, because they are based on belief rather than fact, like e.g, the claim that germs are the cause of disease or that vaccines prevent diseases. The germ theory of disease is 100 years old, the practice of vaccination 200 years; both are based on misconceptions and in the case of vaccination plain superstition. They are in my opinion obsolete and should have been relegated to the garbage heap of bizarre and dangerous medical fads decades ago.

      • tony capo

        wrong pervert, The God of the Bible , the Father Son and Holy Ghost can be traced back to the garden. You re the silly one an deluded of you think you can defy him and all will be well.

        • asiafish

          And your precious garden can be traced back to a book written by people for the purpose of controlling other people.

    • If your kids are vaccinated, why exclude those who aren't? You're kids won't get what the mumps or measles the unvaccinated kids get. I know because when I was in first grade in '72 the teacher brought her mumps ridden twins to school and insisted I would get it. I insisted I would not because my mother vaccinated me. At the end of the school year I told the teacher, "See? I didn't get the mumps." She gave me the dirtiest look, but it's true. Vaccinations prevent your kids from getting such illnesses, so don't exclude those who are not from being around your vaccinated children. You will prove your point if the unvaccinated kids have said illness and your kids don't get it.

      • Deborah_B

        I was one of those kids not vaccinated due to religious reasons and ended up getting the mumps in college. I have no idea where I got that from since it wasn't spreading around in college, but it was horrible to go through at 19 years old and I ended up in bed for over a month, I was so sick.

        • I bet it was, but anyone who was vaccinated did not get the mumps. I knew there was a chicken pox vaccine when my sons were babies, but at the time, the drs (according to the one my sons had) were only giving it to those who were high risk for getting chicken pox. Oh how I wish my sons could have gotten the vaccine because like myself, they got Chicken Pox inside and out very badly. The only difference is that they were younger 3 yrs and almost 1 year, but they cried and scream the whole time they had it, because it's horrid. I was 13 when I got it and it was horrid then, but what I wouldn't have given to have kept my sons from getting it.

          On the flip side, my mother was said to have come home from the hospital, after she was born with Whooping Cough. They almost lost her, but luckily they did not or I would not be here. She vaccinated me from it and I thank her for that. Every horrid childhood illness she got as a child she did her best to keep me from getting it, if she could, and those she vaccinated me from, I did not get.

          • Teresa

            Just because you get the vaccine does not mean you are 100% protected. Vaccines are a process of introducing the pathogen to your body in the hopes that you will develop the necessary antibodies to defend yourself. Vaccines are dead or severely dimminsed cells and the body may not recognize them as a threat or may not develop the correct antibodies. So even if you get the vaccine, there is still a chance that you are not immune.

            • Well, my sons and I have been very lucky then, haven't we? The thing is, if one is not vaccinated, they risk a 100% chance of getting the illness, whereas we are far less likely to get it. I was vaccinated, exposed many times over after that, I'm sure and never got the illnesses I was vaccinated against and the same goes for my sons too.

              Secondly, we pretty much wiped out smallpox by vaccinating pretty much everyone and after the drs believed it extinct, they feared a come back due to biological warfare. The sad part is the vaccine I got against smallpox is not lifetime immunity, like we once thought, but the fact that I and many other children got helped to prevent it and make it appear extinct and except in science labs, small pox is pretty much extinct.

              Just because you believe it is not 100% protection does not mean children should not be vaccinated. Vaccination does protect children from such deadly illnesses.

              • Teresa

                I think you misunderstood my post. I am for vaccination, no question. You asserted earlier that "If your kids are vaccinated, why exclude those who aren't? You're kids
                won't get what the mumps or measles the unvaccinated kids get." I was just pointing out that vaccination are not 100% as a lot of people who are against vaccinations state as well. They give a "Well if you get your vaccinations then you don't have to worry about if my kids don't get theirs" and that is simply not the case. Vaccinations are a great help, but they are not foolproof.

                • Like I said, I guess we've been lucky.

                • Erwin Alber

                  People who believe in vaccination are however fooled 100%.

              • Erwin Alber

                My vaccine free son is 39 and i can't remember him ever getting a childhood disease. Vaccination i a massive fraud, far greater and far more dangerous than say Nigerian e-mail scams.

            • Erwin Alber

              Vaccines do not immunise full stop. It's the biggest, most harmful and longest-lasting racket ever to have inflicted on humankind.

          • Erwin Alber

            This is obviously a typical case of "More luck than brains".

        • Erwin Alber

          babies and teenagers or young adults now get these diseases at ages when getting them was never intended by nature, all because idiots in white coats have been injecting babies with poisonous injections which interfere with the natural order of things.

          Vaccine-free mothers were able to pass on immunity to their babies via the placenta and breast milk, something mothers who were vaccinated as children are no longer able to do.

          Vaccination have a devastating effect, but unfortunately most people are too stupid to notice because they have chosen to believe the criminals who promote this money-making racket at the expense of children's health. .

      • You may not have gotten the mumps, but you did take it home to your parents. If Mom was pregnant at the time, your bringing a live virus home may have caused birth defects to the unborn sibling. You were lucky that Mom wasn't expecting at the time.

        • I have no siblings, but that's not why I have no siblings.

        • Amber

          and if she had the vaccine, then she also brought home a live virus to. The difference is if these kids got it naturally and not from vaccines, then her mom and her family would of came down with it naturally. These disease once were deadly and are still deadly in parts of the world and that is because if a person suffers from malnutrition or if they have poor plumbing, or have poor health it is those people that usually dont make it. But with the proper diet and keeping hydrated and keeping the fever down, you can over come it or even prevent it. My oldest was vaccinated until he was 15months and after 2 yrs of researching ( and still researching and talking with doctors) and talking to doctors we decided not to anymore and we notice less doctors visit because he wasnt getting sick as often anymore, then when our daughter was born we refused all vaccines and we see a difference in her health from his. Our daughter is way healthier than our son. Everytime my son got vaccinated he would run 102/103 fevers and come down with ear infections, this is not normal. When someone runs a fever its because their body is trying to fight off something that doesnt belong in their body. After reading the risks of vaccines (which is on the insert package and you can request to see it when you go to the doctors) and reading the risk of the actual diseases, I rather chance getting the disease than the vaccine, because at least I know there are ways to prevent them other than the vaccines and if by chance they do come down with the disease then we will deal with it at that time and I know my god will get us through it. BUT if we vaccinate then there is NO way to prevent the side affects that may come from vaccines, the only way to actually prevent the side affects is by not vaccinating. My children have been around several children that have come down with chickenpox and they have not had it yet and they were with these kids before the symptoms showed up, during the symptoms showing up and afterwards. Besides the common cold, they hardly ever get sick and I am not one of those parents that say oh they cant hang with your kids today because your kid/kids are sick, nope I let my kids hang with their friends and cousins, but if my kids have a cold or the flu then I dont let them hang with anyone or go to school, unless their friends and cousins' parents say they can then I will allow the kids to come over to our house and play but I dont take them out in public when they arent feeling good. EDUCATE BEFORE YOU VACCINATE…

          • I educated myself about vaccinations long before my sons were born and found it better and less dangerous than not vaccinating. The vaccinations did not cause your son's ear infections, but rather how the canal in his ear was positioned. Many children are born with a canal that is not tilted, which contributes to ear infections, until their body develops further, then the canal readjusts itself (to put it simply). Also, some child do get a mild version of the illness they are vaccinated for, which is actually no different than getting the full blown version, except less life threatening. I once got the 3 day measles from the MMR, but my parents were not concerned, in part because it is a mild version of the measles. Yes, they kept me home, but in the long run I was still better off than getting the full blown measles, which can cause death, and actually, I did rather well with it and didn't feel bad at all, esp in comparison to what I could have had. It's better to vaccinate your children than not vaccinate at all, because if they get it the mumps or the measles in this day and age, it is, IMO, the parents fault because it can be prevented. Not only that, a child could become sterile with the mumps, esp if they get it as a teenager. Another thing is they can become blind from measles. The list goes on and on as to what happens to the child who is not vaccinated. Thus, vaccination is far safer than not vaccinating at all and the side-effects less dangerous and life-threatening than the actual illness. The live polio vaccine is far better than getting polio and being on an Iron Lung, dying or ending up paralysed. Even the non-live version is far better than getting polio. Again, the risks of vaccination is far less than getting the actual illness, but if you want you kid on an Iron Lung, have fun… Hopefully they don't die, but then again, dying might be better than being paralysed. You'd have one less child, which would either be very sad for you or financially a relief, if you don't care enough to vaccinate your child.
            Or if you want a deaf child from some other illness… Oh yes, a Cochlear Implant will help them hear again, if you don't mind fighting with them about wearing it and if they want it removed as an adult, they will lose all the hearing they did have once it is removed. Also, a Cochlear Implant is not suitable for everyone who is deaf, but I guess better to have a deaf child than vaccinate? BTW, ear infections can make a child deaf too, but again, it was not the vaccination that gave him the ear infection.

            As I said, the risks for vaccinations are far less than the risks of not vaccinating. Personally, I rather take the risk of vaccination than to allow children to become deaf, blind, paralysed, or worse dead. To me, not vaccinating is too much of a risk, because it involves far worse problems and even death not to vaccinate, but you can go the high risk route and end up with a dead child if you want. Our family (meaning my now grown sons) will vaccinate because they educated themselves about them and also agree that the risk of vaccinating is less risking to allowing a child to get such illnesses and dying. It is extremely rare that someone goes blind, deaf, becomes paralyse or dies from a vaccination, but not at all rare for them to become so without the vaccine.

            Try educating yourself about the illnesses these vaccines vaccinate against and then weight that against the outcomes of your child getting these illnesses. Talk to your parents who lived through the polio epidemic, dealt with measles outbreaks, etc etc.

            Do you want to take care of a child who gets polio and on an Iron Lung until they die or well enough to go home, but is paralysed? Do you want to see your child sterile from mumps or even dead? Deaf and/or blind from measles? etc etc Weigh all of that against the side-effects of vaccines and then make your decision. I think once you research what could happen if your child gets these illnesses you'll vaccinate your child. Then again, if you want a deaf, blind, paralysed, and/or dead child then be my guest, don't vaccinate your child and let them end up with something far worse than if you had vaccinated. That is the facts of these illnesses whether a person wants to educate themselves and/or believe it or not. Better to put up with any mild side-effect that MIGHT happen, but rarely do, of a vaccine than risk killing my child or grandchild (thank goodness my sons educate themselves) all because we didn't even try to prevent the illnesses. Go ahead and kill your child if you want, but as for my family and me, we intend to not kill our offspring by vaccinating.

            IMHO, it is child abuse not to vaccinate a child. Educate yourself about the various illnesses too, not just the mild side-effects of the vaccines.

            • Amber

              All the side affects that you listed from getting the actual disease, can also happen with the vaccinations. If my child gets the Mumps or measels and for heaven bid becomes blind or even died, I would be sad, hurt and angry but not as sad, hurt or angry if this happened to them because of a vaccine. Because I know if they got it naturally then, I did everything I could to prevent them from getting the disease or get it this bad and at that point they our in my god's hands and not in the hands of the big Pharm. Companies and doctors that get kick back pays for each vaccine they give. I just pray every day that what I am doing is enough to build up their immune system naturally and that if they come down with it, it wont be as bad as people make it sound to be, because I have also educated myself about these "horrible" diseases and they are not as bad as people think they are because today we know about good nutrient, and good water, and how important exercise is and by doing these things it can prevent so much or make things more mild than in the 1800's and early 1900's. Look at the side effects of each disease and the side effects of each vaccines and they are the same, but the other difference is sometimes the side effects from vaccines dont come out until later in life, where as most of the time side effects from the actual diseases show up right away.

              • That is simply not true. Those side-effects are one in a billion chance, as compared to the illness itself. Again, to not vaccinate is putting your child at risk for more problems than vaccinating, as well as (IMO) child abuse. You are talking to a person who everyone in her family, including relatives, gets vaccinated and have for as long as any given vaccine has been around. Your child is far better off if vaccinated and it is less risky than the actual disease. I don't know how many times that needs to be said, but I guess it's not been said enough.

                • Erwin Alber

                  That's absolutely not true. Vaccines now cause far more injuries and deaths to children than the diseases they supposedly (but actually do not) protect against. As far as i am concerned, EVERY vaccinated child is a vaccine-injured child, even if no harm is evident or obvious. ..

              • Erwin Alber

                Again I agree with everything you say, except that vaccines have side-effects. Vaccines do NOT have side-effects because the harm they cause is their main, only, and in my opinion intended effect.

          • You're part of the problem.

            • Erwin Alber

              No she isn't. Vaccination is the problem. The entire vaccine industry needs to be shut down in order to give health and sanity a chance.

          • Erwin Alber

            I agree with most of what you say Amber but a fever should never be lowered because if one does one basically disables the immune system. Lowering a fever is dangerous as it gives an infection free reign and can result in death. One needs to keep in mind that a fever (and a rash) is the body's normal and healthy response to an immune challenge.

      • Vaccinations do not make you immune, just less likely to contract the illness. The more a vaccinated person in in contact with the infection, the more likely it becomes that he/she will be infected.

        • I don't know. Vaccinated nurses and doctors do pretty well.

          • DixieMay

            Stats to back that up?

          • Erwin Alber

            Many refuse to be vaccinated. What do they know they don't dare to tell us?

      • because it lowers herd immunity, the virus could spread through the non-vaccinated and MUTATE to a strain that the vaccine is not effective against.

        • Erwin Alber

          Vaccines have never prevented anything, apart from health, sanity and common sense.

      • Erwin Alber

        Plenty of vaccinated children get the diseases they have been vaccinated against. Vaccination has little if anything ti do with susceptibility, because vaccination is a fraud.

    • Erwin Alber

      You are right that children are not their parents' property. Parents are however their children's natural custodians and as such they have an innate right to decide what goes into their children's bodies. This right cannot be granted (or withheld) by the state, because it is a natural law. The state can either support or else violate this law. parents shouldn't even have to obtain exemptions, but should simply be able to opt not to vaccinate, as is the case in countries such as England, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and others.

    • tony capo

      children are not the property of the state. pervert.

  • gorillasandbananas

    This is awful, these people are going to hurt their children, possibly kill them and cause a nationwide pandemic. Science is science, anyone who is not vaccinated should be quarantined from the general populace. These parents who aren't vaccinating their children are going to be responsible for the death and illness of many Americans. This is a security issue. The Department of Homeland Security should be involved. Get rid of these exemptions once and for all.

    • Chrisala

      They don't care if they hurt their children. Their religion lets them. They think prayer is their medicine and they were lied to, brainwashed and taught to believe medicine is evil. The religious ones are the most evil people on the planet and they're the ones causing the most damage and death all in God's name.

      • Erwin Alber

        Hmmm. You have a point but forget that science is also similar to religion in that it is like religion largely based on belief. There is e.g. no scientific evidence that vaccines have ever protected anyone or saved anyone's life, let alone the lives of millions.

    • Erwin Alber

      I suggest you get a grip on yourself. I developed countries vaccines now injure and kill far more children than the diseases vaccines are supposed to (but do not) prevent.

  • Brad Koch

    Can we then sue these idiots for spreading disease? It's time to put God on trial. Se if he'll show up in court. I'm tired of people invoking their invisible friend and corresponding magic book in defense of utter stupidity. You think god talks to you? Prove it or shut up.

    • Deborah_B

      Well, I'm waiting to see if there's going to be some sort of convoluted theory that Obamacare will force children to get vaccines that have a secret RFID 666 Mark of the Beast chip in them. Then again, maybe they're already saying that.

      • Erwin Alber

        Well, I'm antivax and I wouldn't go quite as far as to make such claims. Let's just say that vaccination is a satanic ritual, seeing that it involves animal sacrifice and the use of human and animal body parts.

    • YES! If only…

    • Erwin Alber

      Prove that vaccines prevent diseases! There is no proof. It's just people repeating the same old nonsense like a bunch of demented parrots. like: "Vaccines are safe and effective' and other lies like that they not only have no evidence for, but know full well to be untrue.

      • Brad Koch

        Your ignorance of fact doesn't call science into question. See small pox. Try a Google search. Try joining this century.

  • Kevin

    I think the people who have been commenting are seeking an overly extreme solution to this problem. Suggestions to use Homeland Security to enforce uniform vaccination are a complete violation of personal freedom. Vaccines are a preventive tool, not a curative one, so it's completely up to the parents whether or not to have their child vaccinated, since the child is in no IMMEDIATE danger from the poor medical decision. To sum it up, it's not the government's responsibility to prevent people from making stupid choices.

    The best solution is simply to do nothing. Parents who refuse to vaccinate their children on religious grounds will see their kids die/suffer at higher rates than those who take the more reasonable course of action. Children who ARE vaccinated face no serious threat from those who are not. In the end, those who are vaccinated will prosper and those who are not will suffer. Problem solved. Rationality triumphs over Superstition. "God" will punish the stupid and reward the intelligent.

    • These people are NOT only harming their own children, they are putting every child their's go to school with at risk, every elderly person they come into contact with, every pregnant woman, every newborn child, every organ transplant recipient, every cancer victim, every person with an auto-immune disorder, and their children's children. This is NOT only about personal freedom. We deny people the right to carry firecrackers onto planes, we deny people the right to live in unsafe buildings, why can't we deny them the right to start epidemics?

      • Amber

        Amy did you know that there are some vaccines that are live viruses and that they shed and you are NOT suppose to be in contact with anyone that has low immune system (babies, elderly, cancer patients) for up to 6 weeks after getting some of these vaccines, because you are infact spreading the disease during the shedding stage????

        • That is less of an issue than the actual disease.

          • Erwin Alber

            Vaccines don't prevent diseases so Amber's point is in my opinion valid.

      • Erwin Alber

        Because vaccines have never prevented anything apart from health, sanity and common sense. Vaccination is an organised criminal enterprise dressed up as disease prevention by means of junk science. It's the kind of ignorance displayed by you which is the reason why people like you should never be allowed to impose their views on others. If you believe in vaccination, you have the shots, but don't expect others to believe this nonsense that injecting babies and children with toxic chemicals and other crap will protect their health.

    • The only people not affected by their decision to hurt their children with refusing vaccinations are those who cannot take said vaccine for various reasons- ie I can't do the flu shot due to an egg allergy, albeit mild, health officials will not give it to me. Those who claim religious exemptions from a vaccine affect such people, the elderly, and others Amy mentioned, not those who are vaccinated.

      • Erwin Alber

        I don't feel that I have an obligation to have something injected into my body other people believe protects them but I believe is a dangerous fraud. There is no way i would let anyone come near me or any child of mine with a vaccine.

    • JNWesner

      Let's see. You'd punish parents by having their kids die horribly? You're sick.

      • No, I think he is saying because these parents won't care for their children medically and prevent their children from getting such illnesses, the parents will suffer if their child dies from something like Whooping Cough. The natural consequences for not vaccinating your children is suffering and possibly death of your child. Some children can become deaf, blind, and/or brain damage from some of these illnesses. Others can become sterile and not be able to give their parents grandchildren. The list of harm from not vaccinating your child goes on and on and it includes death. Kevin would not punish the parents, nature will.

        • Amber

          @Mriana:disqus and those same side affects can happen with vaccines to, the difference is that they are ways to prevent the disease but with vaccinations you cant prevent the side affects unless you dont vaccinate. Look up the side affects on the CDC website or the next time you are at the doctors ask to see the insert package and read the side affects and the ingredients and then go do reasearch on the individual chemicals and metals along with getting the actual disease, you may surprise yourself, I know I did, and my son was vaccinated until he was 15months and I started researching when he was still in my womb.

          • I've already long since know the side-effects of vaccines and personally, those side-effects never did outweigh the damage these illnesses can cause, including death. The side-effects were and are nothing IMO, as well as my grown sons' opinions and any children they have, they will vaccinate also because they know the life-threatening issues that can occur, as well as the potential for other issues, if the child lives, and find the side-effects are nothing in comparison. Try looking up what can happen to your child if you do not vaccinate and they get these detrimental illnesses. Better to vaccinate than have a deaf, blind, paralyse or dead child. I'm sure your son is fine and better off for what you did for him before he was born than he would be if he actually got the illness. Research the illnesses and talk to people who lived throw the various outbreaks and epidemics of these illness and if you still feel the same… I feel sorry for you.

            • Erwin Alber

              In developed countries, vaccines now cause far more harm than the infectious diseases they are said to (but actually do not) protect against. Vaccination is purely a money-making and disease-promoting racket.

          • Erwin Alber

            I believed in vaccination as well until I found out that it is a dangerous fraud. I even got a tetanus booster (my last!) as recently as 40 years ago. I now find it hard to believe what a brainwashed moron I was back then.

        • Erwin Alber

          All the health problems you mention can also be caused by vaccinations. So, take your pick. The truth is that in developed countries vaccines cause far more injuries and deaths than the diseases they supposedly (but do not) protect against.

    • Apparently you consider wishing ill upon others and their children to be rational.
      OK. Whatever! I guess we can expect you to be one of the punished people then. 🙂

      • Amber

        I never said that, so dont put words in my mouth Heidi.

    • Erwin Alber

      That's one way of looking at it. Another is that vaccinated children will be so full of toxic crap that they will not be able to reproduce and that their immune systems will be so impaired that they will no longer be able to ward off infections of any kind. I suspect that this is actually the intention behind vaccination programmes.

  • But what happens when their "religious freedom" kills people? I am about to get a kidney transplant. After that happens my immune system will be suppressed by the medication I'll take to prevent rejection of my new kidney. I have up to date vaccinations for all of the usual things you get vaccinated for, but as we all know, vaccinations are not 100% effective in preventing these diseases. The more people who avoid being vaccinated, the higher likelihood I'll be exposed to something that could kill me….all because of their selfish "religious freedom".

    • Amber

      Make sure you stay away from most recent vaccinated children and adults because some of the vaccines shed, which means they can spread the disease that they just got vaccinated for onto you. Educate before you JUDGE

      • Not all of them are live vaccines and part of what you are saying is not true, because my mother was one of the lucky ones and did not get polio. So was my father and the rest of my relatives. She got me the live vaccine, of which I did very well with no side-effects, thank you, and none of them got polio. My cousins also got the live vaccine and the same goes for their family etc. So what you are saying I know very well is not true.

        • Amber

          I didnt say they all are live viruses I said some of them are and I said they CAN spread the disease, I didnt say it was a foresure thing that he would catch it.

          • Amber, your judgment is obviously clouded by emotional bias or misinformation. You are part of the problem, especially because you are spreading dangerous, misconstrued memes to people.

            • Erwin Alber

              It is a documented fact that the polio vaccine contained a carcinogenic monkey-virus called SV-40 which means that millions of people all over the world were contaminated with it. It makes you wonder just how many people now have cancer because of it.

      • Annon

        Spreading ignorance while telling people to get educated… you truly do not deserve your children… or rather, they do not deserve to be stuck with you. You risk their health, and force ignorance on them instead of knowledge… I feel so badly for them.

        • Erwin Alber

          Well that makes two of us who feel bad because I really feel bad for children whose parents are foolish enough to comply with the government-recommended child poisoning schedule. They don't deserve children if they let the needle nuts turn them into pin cushions.

      • Yes, he could come into contact with shed vaccine, in which the virus is highly weakened or destroyed, yielding very little statistical chance of serious disease. But the main point here is that everything he wrote is valid; and your response has no bearing on the validity of his post. So, educate before YOU TYPE.

    • Erwin Alber

      Relax Donald – vaccines have never prevented anything, apart from health, sanity and common sense.

  • skater60

    All about vaccines and vaccinations:

  • skater60
  • These parents need to be smacked. I'm glad I vacinated my sons for everything possible at the time when they were little- to protect them from stupid people like this.

    • Don't you people realize that even though only 30% of US boys born in 2009 received the circumcision surgery there is still a death rate associated with it of about 200 baby boys a year in the US?!!!! 200!!!! ALL OF THEM 100% PREVENTABLE!!! That number is MUCH larger than the number of children or adults who suffer from severe complications from the diseases for which we vaccinate. Put things into perspective people!!!!!

      In the US a child is at greater risk of peril from a medical error than they are from any of the childhood diseases, which, by the way, both my parents had all of them and are still alive and well (and immune to them!!) in their 70's. You people do not have to eat all the crap spoon fed to you by the medical institution, CDC, and FDA. Conflicts of interest are abound, money is a flying. Those institutions will tell parents anything to keep the profit wheel turning.

      Meanwhile 1 in 6 children in the US is now diagnosed with a learning disability and 1 in 150 diagnosed with Autism. I ask not what is different in these children's living areas, but what is the common factor to which they are all exposed? Fluoride/chlorine in the drinking water, vaccinations, GMO's, am I missing some?

      • Vaccines, fluoride water, etc do not cause autism, genetics do. I really get tired of people saying that, in part because I have a son on the high end of the autism spectrum and it was not the vaccines that did it. We have autism in our family tree and have had it long before vaccines. I'm sure if people, who have a child with Autism, looked in their family tree, they'd find someone with Autism. The other thing is, Autism in the past wasn't recognized like it is now. In fact, Aspergers wasn't even Dx like it is now because it is a high functioning form nor were other forms of Autism, but it's not the vaccines and I feel such statements are insult to my intelligence, as well as my education.

        • think again sister! The Italian Health Ministry recently ruled in favor of a family, ruling that the MMR vaccination did indeed cause their son's autism.
          Genetics? I think maybe the genetics have been altered by all the crap in our bodies. DUH!!!

          • Erwin Alber

            Exactly. Some people are just too brainwashed to see it.

        • I have a cousin on the high end of the autism spectrum. She was hitting all her milestones, until her 18 month vaccination round (she had a little cold at the time) sent her into immediate regression, never to be the same girl ever again.
          I suggest you beef up your intelligence with a little more research about the toxins in our environment.

          • Erwin Alber

            Exactly. Even the authorities know very well that vaccines cause autism but keep quiet about it because if they were to admit it it would open the gates to a flood of litigation.

        • Amber

          Something we do agree on Mriana, I dont believe that vaccines and fluoride are the sole cause of Autism and I also believe it also has to do with genetics and our environment, however I dont think these things help, because I know several people that their child was great up until the 18month vaccines and then after that they were diagnoised with autism or another type of illiness. Did you ever look at when your son was diagnose with it and compared it to his vaccine records or did you know from day one that something was wrong?

          • Again, my son's PDD-NOS had nothing to do with his vaccines. I also lived with less fear because they were vaccinating. I even allowed my older son to visit a friend with the mumps, when no one else would allow their child to do so. I had no fear that my older son would get the mumps, because he was vaccinated. I knew he would not get it and he did not, due to vaccinations. Without the vaccinations, I would living under a lot of fear that my sons would get sick, get brain damage, deafness (which also runs in our family without vaccinations and is also genetic), blindness, or even death, if I did not vaccinate. I'd be living under just as much fear and paranoia as I see from you (which is sad). That's not life, that's not living, or it's not giving children a healthy lifestyle mentally or physically either.

            I also knew from day one to watch for various inherited issues, including congenital nerve deafness, which I thought was his problem at first. Not once did I blame vaccines, because they never were the cause or the problem. I knew better than that and still do.

          • I also see that by vaccinating them I did not allow them to get what contributes these things also. With blindness, deafness, and other nervous system disorders, getting said illness was sure to contribute to the inherited weakness for these things. Too bad we cannot vaccinate against ear infections, which can also contribute to deafness and wreck havoc with a system that is prone to these things. My grandmother blamed her deafness, not just on genetics, but ear infections too, which she also had many an ear infection as a child and she was born in 1913 (died at the age of 94) before we had all these vaccines. So again, vaccines do not contribute to ear infections either.

            • Erwin Alber

              Vaccinations are a major cause of ear inflammation and ear infections.
              Your grandmother is likely to have got ear infections from the smallpox vaccine, just as i did, except that I was also given a TD vaccination.

        • Erwin Alber

          You can't have a genetic epidemic. This is clearly environmental, although genetic susceptibility may come into it. The authorities know full well that most autism is vaccine-related, but decided early on at a secret meeting in Simpsonwood to "deny everything and admit nothing". I guess that if I had caused a 6000% increase in autism cases I would be tempted to lie about it as well.

      • Jessica

        100% right Heidi! I am glad there are some people out there who can research and think for themselves! thank you for voicing your (completely correct) opinion 🙂 Namaste

      • every year there are approximately 4,000,000 birth in the US. So approximately 2,000,000 boys born every year. that means 0.01% die from it. I'd say the chances are pretty slim. This is obviously a case where the benefits outweigh the risks, just like vaccination.

        • DixieMay

          They don't need statistics when rumor and group hysteria serves them so well!

        • Erwin Alber

          Most vaccine-related deaths are misdiagnosed as autism.

      • Erwin Alber

        According to Dr Tinus Smits MD, some 75% of autism cases are vaccine-related. That sounds pretty right to me, give or take a few percent.

    • Erwin Alber

      vaccines have never protected anyone. Get this: vaccination is a scam.

  • Chrisala

    It seriously sickens me how many religious people don't give a darn about harming other people because it's God's Will. That's the excuse they use. They don't mind their children suffering and dying because it's God's Will. The child suffers in agonizing pain day after day while the parents just sit and pray. Praying doesn't do a thing!!! If God didn't want us to have medicine, he wouldn't have given man the idea in the first place. Religious nut cases using a fictitious book to justify their desire for murder. That's all they are. Murderers hiding behind their religion, enjoying the suffering of others and not caring who lives or dies, including their own children. That's sad. I agree that those who came into contact with an un-vaccinated child should sue the crap out of the parents. You should be held responsible for making others sick and causing a pandemic that could have been prevented in the first place. Just disgusting.

    • Erwin Alber

      "If God didn't want us to have medicine, he wouldn't have given man the idea in the first place."

      So God also wanted us to have nuclear weapons, landmines, napalm and cluster bombs? Whatever religion you belong to, I don't want to be part of. Probably the same church that vaccination is a ritual of. Church of Satan?

      • Nuclear weapons prove that either (1) God is not all-powerful, (2) God is not all-knowing, or (3) God is evil.

  • JNWesner

    "We must defend the religious exemption to vaccination at all costs.
    It's all that stands between us and a militant, oppressive forcing of
    vaccination by those who have literally at this point in time no
    accountability or liability for happens after those vaccines are given,"
    Fisher said. He's right, as refers to one's own choices. But he's wrong when it impinges on the safety of a child. Children are not possessions; they are human beings with rights. To protect those rights, it may be necessary to overrule a parental decision that puts a child at risk. Do a risk/benefit assessment, and if it's overwhelmingly in favor of vaccination, do it.

    • do you have a circumcised penis? your son? neither or you had a choice, nor were you able to voice your rights to keep a vital part of your body. it's a completely unnecessary surgery that can cause serious harm and death. why is no one starting a war party against people who mutilate their boys' genitalia? So why start a war against people who make informed decisions to refuse injecting poison into their children?! Put things into perspective!!!!

    • Erwin Alber

      The risk benefit assessment is very one-sided because vaccination is all risk and no benefit. You are right about children's rights though. Children have a right to grow up without having medical abuse inflicted on them and without being turned into pin cushions and being polluted and contaminated with all manner of toxic filth by needle nuts who a re blinded by junk science.

  • DakotaRain

    There is no difference between this woman and someone who knowingly exposes a partner to HIV. The courts have already said that is criminal. This woman is insane and dangerous.

    • Deborah_B

      I thought the same thing about HIV, Dakota.

    • I fully agree. The only difference is the number of people being put as risk, so the parent should be brought up on biological warfare charges, or biological terrorism.

      • Erwin Alber

        Personally, I feel that vaccine manufacturers and governments are bioterrorists because they peddle toxic injections which they know are harmful to children.

    • Erwin Alber

      HIV doesn't exist, except as a figment in some people's imagination. Vaccination is like HIV/AIDS an absolute fraud.

  • The government would not allow a parent to toss a child in a volcano to appease Pele. Why should Christianity be treated any differently? Religious freedom should not allow child sacrifice for any religion.

    • Erwin Alber

      Vaccination is child sacrifice on the altar of medicine and medical dogma. Vaccines manufacture even involves animal sacrifice and vaccines contain human and animal body parts, so I guess that makes vaccination a Satanic Ritual.

  • Amber

    Actually if you look it up, you will find that most of the outbreaks were in vaccinated children. You can find this information on the CDC website. Also if people think vaccines really work then they shouldnt have anything to worry about if they are vaccinating. Educate before taking the doctor's words and the words of the media. @Deborah_B:disqus actually with the obamacare it says in there that if children are not vaccinated they dont qualify for this new type of care.

    • Deborah_B

      But Obamacare does not demand the Mark of the Beast. Lighten up.

      • Erwin Alber

        Obama IS the Beast! Or at least he behaves like it. But I forget – he's just a puppet.

    • Erwin Alber

      Amber – any chance of sending me a private message on Facebook?

  • Amber

    We didn’t make our decision to not vaccinate our children based on Jenny McCarthy’s story or
    anyone else’s. We were asked several times when I was pregnant with our son if
    we were vaccinating. My answer, “of course,
    why wouldn’t we”, our son who is 7 1/2yrs old was vaccinated until he was
    15months because I did not want to listen to the people that were trying to
    educate my husband and I about vaccines, but instead we relied on what we were
    taught through the media and our family doctor. After we watched a video about
    vaccines and their ingredients, we decided we had better look more into
    vaccines. My husband and I were vaccinated and seemed okay, so why would we
    doubt the safety and whether or not to give them to our children? The vaccine
    schedule is nothing like the one we had growing up. In the 1980’s, if you were
    fully vaccinated by the age of 5, you would receive 9 shots. Now, in 2012, they
    give 49 doses of 14 different vaccines by the age of 6. We based our decision
    on not vaccinating because of the following reasons: 1) We have researched each
    vaccine and found their ingredients (we looked up each ingredient and found
    that they were extremely toxic if you came in contact with even one of the
    chemicals, yet alone several at a time). The idea of them being injected into
    our children’s bloodstream all at once seemed criminal. The dangers of these
    chemicals being in cleaners, food, and the air that we breathe are all very
    well known, so it could not be safe being injected into their little bodies. We
    found not only were there deadly chemicals in these vaccines but also animal
    and human DNA. All vaccines alter one's DNA and heavy metals. Human diploid
    cells/Residual MRC5 proteins (originating from human aborted fetal tissue)
    & Recycled animal tissues: variants of pig blood, horse blood, rabbit
    brain, dog kidney, monkey kidney, chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg, calf
    (bovine) serum beta-propiolactone, fetal bovine serum, Porcine (pig) pancreatic
    hydrolysate of casein, VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells,
    washed sheep red blood cells are all in vaccines. The animal and human DNA in
    vaccines goes against our religious beliefs.

    2) We researched the
    diseases that were being vaccinated against and found that they are MILD
    diseases! Why risk getting things like encephalitis, SIDS, seizures, or death
    for a mild disease (the vaccine inserts that come with each vaccine lists these
    and many other illnesses as adverse reactions .3) In our research we found that
    vaccines are not effective. The outbreaks of the diseases that we are
    vaccinated against are mostly among the vaccinated!! 4) In much reading and
    studying we found that in numerous cases the government, PHARMaceutical
    companies, and most doctors cannot be trusted. We found in our research that
    doctors and nurses are not taught about the dangers of vaccines and very few do
    their own research. They are handed books from the pharmaceutical companies and
    told to push the shots and they will be compensated! So the doctors that we
    should trust, were really never taught to share the true dangers with us! In
    1995, Human Life International caught the World Health Organization red-handed
    lacing Tetanus vaccines with hCG to cause spontaneous abortions in pregnant women!
    HLI had vials of the vaccines tested in two different labs on two separate
    occasions. There was an act put in place to protect the vaccine makers and
    doctors from any liability if you or your child become damaged or die due to a
    vaccine. If they are so safe, why would they need the protection!?!? So, not
    only do vaccines not work but they are extremely dangerous!! After 5.5 years of
    research, we have become extremely passionate about spreading the truth. There
    is a GOVERNMENT website called VAERS, where 5% to 10% of all vaccine injuries
    are recorded. It isn’t mandatory to be reported to by a doctor. It is the
    parent’s responsibility to make a report for vaccine reactions, so of course
    the percentage could actually be higher if parents are afraid to report it or
    don’t know that the harm is actually a vaccine reaction.

    3) The bible states that you are to treat our body like a
    temple. We don’t think injecting chemicals, animal/human DNA, and heavy metals
    into your body equates to treating it like a temple, especially when it comes
    to aborted fetuses.

    4) Until a doctor can
    promise us that our children will not be harmed by vaccines or vaccine
    ingredients or that our son will NOT have any vaccine side effects that will
    show up when he is older , like being sterile and when a doctor tells us that he/she
    will be fully responsible of any injuries that maybe caused by vaccines, WE
    will NOT be VACCINATING…

    5) We have educated ourselves and continue to educate
    ourselves with other medical professionals and have found that vaccines are way
    WORSE than actually getting the disease and with good hygiene and a nutritious diet,
    along with the right vitamins anyone can overcome the disease without any side
    effects and if by chance one of our children get any of the diseases, then I
    know that our god will get us through it and I won’t have any regrets because
    it will make their immune system STRONGER. BUT if we vaccinate and our children
    come down with any of the side effects from the vaccines, we know we would
    NEVER EVER be able to forgive ourselves, because we can’t prevent vaccines from
    NOT hurting our children except by NOT allowing them to be injected by these
    horrible chemicals and metals. BUT we can prevent them from getting the disease
    or at least not getting it as bad by continuing to build up their immune system
    by eating less processed foods, adding fresh FRUITS and VEGGIES to their diets
    EVERYDAY along with adding probiotics, taking them to the dentist every 6months
    and to the chiropractor at least once to twice every few months and more if
    they have a cold or whatever type of illness, along with drinking filtered high
    PH water.

    • Look up Cow Pox in relationship to Small Pox. Cow Pox is a milder version and milk maids didn't get Small Pox. Why? They had Cow Pox, which is what the Small Pox vaccine is made of. I am really amazed by the paranoia, superstition, and self-imposed ignorance flying around and I not only feel sorry for people with such views, but I pity them and deeply sympathize with their children. IMO, the information about cleaners in a vaccine was probably from a pseudo-science website meant to induce phobia and paranoia, as well as ignorance as bad, if not worse than religion does. It's a pity such sites exist, but that's a problem with free speech.

      Very rarely do such side-effects list on any true informative website or the info your doctor gives you. You are more likely to suffer with such things without the vaccine and are at higher risk than if not vaccinated or rather your children are.

      5-10% out of millions. That's a very small number, you know, if you look at the stats concerning how many people are vaccinated.

      I treat my body like a temple and my children's too. So does my Xian mother. That's why she vaccinated me and why I vaccinated my sons. It is also why I would terminate a pregnancy (if I wasn't in menopause that is) if my life was at risk because of the pregnancy.

      I think you're taking a bigger risk waiting for a dr's promise of no risk. Living life has more risks than getting vaccinated. Then again, death has no risks and if you believe in a heaven, then I guess it's OK to kill children by not vaccinating. God will welcome them with open arms and give them a better life than here on earth. Good luck with that fantasy, but it's not what my Xian relatives believe(d). They believe(d) God gave us drs to help prevent illness and heal us when we get sick and works through the drs to do this. Just goes to show how different the various Xian sect are.

      No one promised you no harm whatsoever when you were born, but not vaccinating is harming your children more than vaccinating. Some alternative medicine can be very dangerous too. More dangerous than vaccinations and with little promise of preventing illness. So good luck with that too.

      Come to think of it alternative meds, filtered water, etc etc etc… gee, you really are living with a lot of paranoia. I feel sorry for you. I really do. 🙁

      • Erwin Alber

        No need to feel sorry for Amber Mriana because she is connected to the truth, while you are trapped in false beliefs.

        "Belief in immunization is a form of delusional insanity."
        Dr Herbert Shelton, USA

        "When I looked into it further, I was shocked to find that this whole vaccine business was indeed a gigantic hoax. Most doctors believe that vaccines are useful, but if you look at the proper statistics you will find that this is not so."
        Dr A Kalokerinos MD, Australia

        Click on this link and then on each 'Read more' to look at some of the 'proper statistics' Dr Kalokerinos refers to:

        "Vaccination is a massive fraud."
        Dr Russell Blaylock MD, USA

        I used to believe in vaccination as well, but I'm happy to say that I'm no longer a brainwashed moron subservient to the Cult of Vaccinology with its savage satanic ritual involving the systematic poisoning of innocent and defenseless babies and children for the sake of profits and cult dogma.

        "Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will
        be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses
        slowly, and one by one."

        Charles Mackay

        I sincerely hope that you and others who are caught up in the vaccination madness will regain your senses in the not too distant future.

        • You sound like a Religious Extremist and fanatic, connect to quacks as leaders of your religious cult.

    • Erwin Alber

      Great comment Amber!

      I invite you and others to visit my 'Vaccination Information Network' (VINE) on Facebook.

  • paul5of6

    One big issue is that the medical institutions (FDA / CDC / AAP) have lost a lot of credibility.

    * Their studies examining the potential relationship between vaccines and autism are badly designed, ask the wrong questions, and many draw bogus conclusions.

    * Their bias in favor of vaccines comes through loud and clear, leading parents to discount them for objective advice.

    * Their responsibility for both vaccine promotion and vaccine safety monitoring puts them in a conflicted position (ie, publicizing issues with vaccines would inhibit vaccine promotion).

    We like to think that science = truth, but scientists are humans with all the flaws and limitations that come with it. For examples of how prejudice and ignorance plays out in medicine, just read how long European doctors rejected the practice of hand washing recommended by Semmelweiss.

    • Erwin Alber

      Great comment!

  • This woman should be brought up on legal charges. Biological terrorism would be an appropriate charge.

  • The propaganda, paranoia, and ignorance is astounding today. Vaccines prevent the illnesses they vaccinate against and have extended the life-expectancy of the human race.

  • Chris


    This is why it's important that everyone be vaccinated. It isn't a choice that only effects your children, idiots.

  • Vaccines are the way to go to erradicate disease, but I'd still like to know why Autism has increased be it truly or falsely linked to vaccinations. Something has to be causing it, may it be environmental, an increase of it in the gene pool, or something man made like vaccines, genetically altered food sources, hormones in food … the cause needs to be found and stopped.

    • Well, the DSM-IV's definition of Autism. Currently there is a debate happening in which some psychologists which to define Autism in the DSM-V. The new definition they propose will kick a lot of children out of that Dx and as an effect, many children will lose helpful services. The way some psychologists want it define for the DSM-V would kick my younger son out of the Dx, as well as many other high functioning individuals. In which case, my younger son's Dx would probably fall into the Bipolar category or similar mood disorder. Mood disorders run in our family and his older brother is Dx with baby Bipolar and many of the women on my side have depression. The other possible Dx they could give him is a form of childhood onset Schizophrenia, which runs on their father's side or rather Schizophrenia runs on that side. It's not the end of the world though and it wasn't caused by vaccinations. IF one wants to blame the upsurge in Autism Dx then blame humans who created the DSM in an effort to Dx certain behaviours that are not common to the average person, not vaccines that are scientifically proven to prevent illness and even eliminate certain diseases. It's not the vaccines, but our efforts to define and treat various mental health issues.

  • Woman such as the one in the first part of this article play a vital role in the important task of maintaining America's critical stock of world-class ignorance and stupidity.

  • the awakened

    Just because you are vaccinated doesn't mean you can't catch said disease and vice-versa. This is a meaningless fight that big pharma wants. "divide and conquer" as long as race, wealth, class, intelligence, and even immunization keep us fighting and separated the WHOLE world will fall. Not from measles or mumps that MIGHT have been prevented but from evil saddistic rulers who control every aspect of our lives. Some are saying the parents are negligent for not vaccinating, but you all are negligent for not opening your eyes. Your children, that you hope will be happy and healthy, will be neither in the upcoming new world order. Do you even do any research to find out what exactly is in these shots? therm-aldehyde, mercury, aluminum, human AND animal cells. Put religion aside and just look at the facts, the real facts. Not the summery of tests from the cdc, aap, or other groups. Those are twisted to suit what they want and think, they really do think, we are too stupid to actually dig and find out for ourselves what's going on. They already ADMITTED to drugging us DRUGS in the water. Let alone air, food, etc. Think about it, the blood/brain barrier in babies haven't developed. All those chemicals are penetrating your children's brains, the same brains that are under-developed, tiny, and helpless to the big pharma agenda. LOOK IT UP PEOPLE. agenda 21, still want to inject god knows what into the things you cherish most in life? There is evil entities at work here and I'm not letting them corrupt me or my son.

  • healthykid

    im a proud parent of an unvaccinated child whos rarely sick..super healthy. all vaccinated kids we know are snot dripping coughing unhealthy kids ….i feel so bad for them. sick all the time omg. not vaccinating was the best choice we made. his immune system is perfect and not loaded down with toxins blah…

    • My sons were fully vaccinated and rarely sick and now they are grown and still rarely get sick, so what you say has very little truth to it.

  • healthykid

    my unvaccinated child isnt walking around carrying diseases O_o he's never been as sick as the vaccinated immune system compromised children! those poor kids are sick all the time..it's pretty disgusting actually. we eat healthy and use natural products..we care about our bodies unlike some. his immune system is actually intact and strong. wish i could say the same about the poor vaccinated kids 🙁 please cover your kids mouths or keep them in a bubble so my son stays healthy. we dont want your germs and diseases blah.

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  • People who aren't vaccinated put others at risk. Unvaccinated people can be safe as long as most others are vaccinated; they never encounter another unvaccinated individual carrying the disease. But when the vaccinated fraction falls too low unvaccinated people _do_ encounter infected ones, and the disease can race through the entire unvaccinated population. This surge can swamp the medical system or cripple parts of society because of disease-induced absenteeism.

    If people want to use religion as an excuse to go back before the age of vaccines, then take the response there, too. Maintain a register of unvaccinated people and quarantine the families of sick children to their houses until they are no longer infectious.

    Also, people who refuse vaccine must be consistent and society should take that into account. They should never be denied vaccine — lack of vaccination is the risk we wish to avoid — but they should be last in line when there is not enough vaccine to go around. If there's a new deadly disease (H5N1 bird flu?) and not enough vaccine, some people must be left unprotected. The people who declined earlier vaccination and put others at risk would be a good choice.

    In their sickness, they can find solace in their anti-vaccine religion.

  • Read the statistics of the 1918 flu epidemic if you want to see what can happen without vaccines.

    The following scenario is intended specifically and only for people who adamantly oppose vaccines for reasons such as: they have religious reservations, they believe vaccines don't work (or that natural immunity works better), they believe vaccines are harmful, they believe vaccines are part of a conspiracy, or any number of other reasons.

    Suppose there is a very infectious disease that renders a patient 100% immune after recovery, but has a 30% mortality rate. There is a vaccine that prevents 95% of cases and has a fatality rate (due to allergies, etc) of about one-per-thousand.

    This is smallpox, against which once almost everyone was vaccinated. Now the disease has been wiped out, so no one has been vaccinated since 1972 . Two laboratories are known to have samples of the virus. There may be unknown laboratories holding other samples and there have been reports that some countries are holding weaponized versions of the virus.

    Now, suppose there is a laboratory mistake, or a terrorist attack. Suppose the attack was in another part of the country, but the epidemic is uncontained and racing toward you. Of course, you have never been vaccinated.

    Would you get vaccinated then? If the answer is "no" then I praise your principles and courage even as I deplore your stupidity.

    If the answer is "yes" then your objections are not on the grounds of principle or religion. You're either just a whore for the anti-vaccine lobby, too ignorant to understand the effects of what you're doing, or perhaps both ignorant and trendy — a "thought-leader" with particularly stupid thoughts

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