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A new 'Gideon's Army' arises to slay the Green Dragon

A new 'Gideon's Army' arises to slay the Green Dragon

Remember the Green Dragon, the 'documentary' where a bunch of religious right leaders teamed up with the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation to proclaim that 'radical environmentalism' threatens the world and Christianity?  For just $28 a month,  Christians can now fund a "new Gideon's Army" to fight the green dragon and other evils, like "abortion, promiscuity and the battles to defend marriage and life, as well as those involving creation and evolution."

In announcing the "In His Image 2012" project, the American Family Association's filtered news service, One News Now, described the project as "Tackling spiritual warfare on large scale."  The In His Image 2012 website explains,

“In His Image 2012” launches an ongoing, multi-year effort to completely reshape the way Americans, and then people around the world, think of human beings and our role on Earth – to reassert the sanctity of human life and sexuality, the beauty and centrality of marriage, the goodness of human multiplication, and the dignity of human work and godly dominion over the Earth.

The Cornwall Alliance invites you to become one of a small, special group of supporters – a new “Gideon’s Army,” so to speak – willing to give a tax-deductible gift of $28 per month to help us defend and promote Genesis 1:27–28…

… and to use these powerful truths as a platform for the Gospel that can change lives and transform our society!

Here's a clip from "Resisting the Green Dragon," produced by the Cornwall Alliance, where religious right figures explain how the environmental movement is deadly to the Gospel of Jesus Christ:

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