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This Week's God Discussion Show:  Death, the Light and Satan.

This Week's God Discussion Show: Death, the Light and Satan.

Have you ever seen a ghost? Or had a friend swear that he saw one? And what is that bright light reported by people who have experienced “near death experiences?”

For some hardcore fundamentalists, these phenomena are merely deceptions sent by Satan himself. But since we’re asking questions, is Satan real and are people headed to hell in the afterlife?

Joining us for our July 19 God Discussion show to talk about these subjects are two prolific and well-spoken authors (more after the show notes).

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H.R. (Rick) Phillips — Going To The Light At Death – The New Theories.

H.R. PhillipsMost all of us who are familiar with accounts of near death or out of body experiences have heard stories about people seeing a bright light.

Since October 2006, Rick Phillips has been blogging about “the Heavy Stuff” and in the course of doing so, came to his own “eureka” moment about what the light is that people report.

Rick is also a well-known blogger about UFO phenomena and in his less esoteric life, is a market researcher.

Self-described as a “phenomenologist,” Phillips has had interesting experiences throughout his 60 years, including time distortions, witnessing UFOs and seeing poltergeist activity. His mother dropped religion for Humanism and his grandmother had a deep interest in UFOs, which may have nurtured Rick’s ability to perceive reality in an open-minded way.

Phillips has appeared on internet radio shows such as The L. A. Marzulli’s Show, the UK show, “Now That's Weird,” and the Beyond The Edge Radio show.

His book, Going to the Light at Death, published on Kindle last month, takes a non-religious look at what the light may be – and the possibilities it raises.

James R. Brayshaw – Imagine There’s No Satan.

James R. BrayshawA passionate researcher, James Brayshaw has brought comfort to Christians struggling with “religion” vs. true belief. “When I stopped believing in Satan, demons stopped chasing me," one of his readers told him. Another sent him a note telling how his young son explains to friends that his nightmares are gone because he found out that Satan isn't real.

Using history and the Bible itself to prove his point, Brayshaw asserts that Satan is not a creation of God, but a fabrication of man.

Brayshaw journeyed through Pentecostal Christianity where, after serving as a leader for 11 years, he was eventually asked to leave for questioning the status quo of traditional teaching. He remarks, “This once charismatic Christian has found freedom from Christianity's most notorious demon by taking the traditional teachings of religion to the grindstone of sound research.”

James works “to extinguish the fire of hell and Satan with the tenacity needed to fight a three alarm blaze.” He and his wife co-host the “Imagine There’s No Satan” show on BlogTalkRadio to help people find answers to difficult questions raised by religion. An engaging author and teacher, Brayshaw has published three volumes on this subject: Satan, Christianity’s Other God – Legend, Myth, Lore, or Lie; Imagine There’s No Satan – How Satan Got Into The New Testament and Who’s The Devil Jesus Knew – Explaining Satan In The Gospels. Another book is scheduled for publication this fall. Visit his website for more information.

James has become an authority on the subject of Satan. He lives in Western Canada with his wife and two sons.

If you miss the show, archives are available about 5-10 minutes after the show and are hosted on BlogTalkRadio and iTunes. There's a BlogTalk Radio widget on the bottom of this and every other page on GodDiscussion.com for quick access.

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  • Rob S

    I suspect Satan is the personification of our negative (evil) choices. "The Devil made me do it!" is a hilarious summation of what's actually going on – WE are the Devil.

    • We humans are the Devil and God all wrapped up in human form. When we pray…we pray to ourselves…to our "higher power! It's the same difference when we play the lottery. Who and where is the God we pray to? Can anyone prove God is not within us?
      Being non -religious myself, I think that's what Jesus mostly wanted us to know. But to "believe" God is within us, is to miss the point entirely.
      Would you be willing to give up your belief in God to know God? Interesting question, no?

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