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Preacher who influenced Duggar childrearing practices warns that Satan wants your firstborn

Preacher who influenced Duggar childrearing practices warns that Satan wants your firstborn

On July 6, the Lincoln Daily News reported that the Park Meadows Baptist Church received a surprise visit from the Duggar family.  The Duggars are a Quiverfull family admired by religious right groups like the Family Research Council and the American Family Association, but may be more well known for their program at The Learning Channel called "19 Kids and Counting."

According to the Daily News article, the family patriarch Jim Bob Duggar relied on material distributed by the church's pastor, S.M. Davis, in learning how to rear his growing flock of children.  "I get asked a lot of questions about childrearing and many people seek my counsel about their family,” the newspaper article states, quoting Duggar. “I often point them to Pastor Davis’ website, Solve Family Problems.”

The Solve Family Problems site is filled with DVDs and MP3 offerings on Christian child rearing, including topics on discipline and dealing with "rebellious" offspring, whether they are under 18 or over 18 and no longer living at home.  Maintaining purity, breaking Satan's strongholds and marriage roles are discussed.  In a free handout accompanying one of the DVDs, Davis — who promotes "Biblical courtship" (see video below) — explains that reverence and submission are keys to a successful marriage and that submission is something for the wife to do, and that it doesn't mean that she is inferior.  To give her husband reverence, Davis has offers a few talking points:

  1. Watch, listen to, admire, compliment, praise, love him.
  2. Teach your children to honor him.
  3. Atmosphere at home.
  4. Help and praise his intimacy skills.
  5. Admire the work that he does.

While Davis advocates discipline for all children, the firstborn need more attention because Satan wants them.  Satan hates the Bible and attempts to destroy creationism, the accompanying worksheet explains, and Satan wants all the firsts that God wants, like the first year of marriage, tithes, the firstborn and a child's first year of life.  Among other things, Davis teaches that "The firstborn's life must be totally dedicated to God to serve others" and that "Satan's number one target on planet earth" is the preacher's firstborn.

A site that praises Davis' work explains that when it comes to discipline, he uses the following pointers that spell out respect:

C – stay Calm
H – Have time to do what you need to do.
A – get Alone with your child.
S – Silence (consider a time of it to express grief – Ezra 9).
T – Talk/explain.
I – Instruct them with your eyes.
S – Spank with a rod (verses your hand).
E – Express love & pray!

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  • Oh brother. *rolling eyes*

    Spanking does nothing but teach violence, but I guess because the Bile says to use a rod, it's OK to abuse children. Sometimes I think religious extremist should not be allowed to raise children, what can you do? You can't sterilize them and you can't take their children until it's proven they are abusive.

  • Gloria

    People think they have an idea of what God wants from them by reading the Bible. The Bible was not written by God, but by old Jewish men, relating what they thought would work out well. It does not give guidance on many issues of the modern day, such as television or radio, where kids ought to be schooled, ideas about travel, the newer ability to obtain all sorts of information, etc. The main idea of the Bible is to love your neighbor. Beating children for their having done wrong is only satisfying to the one doing the beating. Do not kid yourselves. It is not going to develop a healthy personality or healthy attitudes. Love your children but do not beat them.

    • colourmegone

      "The main idea of the Bible is to love your neighbour…" There speaks one who has obviously never read it. The main idea of the Bible is that there is an almighty god who has chosen the Israelites as his people and who acts on their behalf. It's full of iron age superstition, obscurantism since many of the things it refers to are now no more and downright horror including the endorsement of genocide, oppression and slavery.

    • Jessica Copeland

      Correct me if I'm wrong. My understanding is that Christians, by the way I was raised Christian ( I am not an extremist I hate those people) believe in hell. My understanding if you are Jewish you don't believe in hell.

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  • Jen

    The "rod" referred to in the Bible is the "Word of God.." In other words, teach your children God's commandments and of His love. Please do not beat them. ;(

  • Kat

    "spank with a rod?" What a monster.

  • Doug

    They have said many time they are not part of the Quiverfull movement.

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