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Christians should repent and vote for Ron Paul, says pastor

Christians should repent and vote for Ron Paul, says pastor

In case you were not aware of it, this month is "Repent of Non-Christians Obama and Romney Month (2 Chronicles 19:2)."

"God commands the USA to have a Christian government so Americans can be blessed with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," writes Pastor Steven Andrew, president of USA Christian Ministries. Andrew is "calling denominations, pastors and Christians throughout July to speak up for Christians to be elected, and to publicly repent of sinning against God with non-Christians Barack Obama and Mitt Romney."  He claims that the Republican party should name Ron Paul as its nominee; otherwise, Christians need to leave the Republican and Democrat parties and rally behind the Constitution Party's candidate.

According to Andrew, a number of people and organizations associated with the religious right are straying down the wrong path.  "Sadly, many turned astray with Romney or Obama and refused to repent when asked, including Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson, Joel Osteen, Jerry Falwell Jr, Tony Perkins, Richard Land, TD Jakes, National Right to Life, Susan B Anthony, NOM and others. Their sins are obvious (Ezekiel 22:26-29)," he claims, adding "If you love Jesus and want to help the USA, then call for Ron Paul or Virgil Goode to be President and repent of Obama and Romney in July."

Goode is the candidate of the Constitution Party, which calls for a theocratic, Bible-based form of government.

"You are throwing your vote away by voting for God's enemies-because helping those who hate the LORD gets God angry (2Chronicles 19:2)," he warns.

"God warns that Obama and Romney are 'accursed' (Galatians 1:9). Christians believe that Jesus is the Second Person of the Godhead. As a Mormon, Romney thinks Jesus is a created being, the spirit brother of Lucifer. Mormons also think men become a God," he alleges.  "Obama covered the name and cross of Jesus at Georgetown, believes in leaving living babies to die who survive botched abortions and is trying to remove the Bible from government."

"God says turn away from Obama and Romney," Anderson concludes.

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  • Does anyone think for themselves anymore or does every single Xian do as their pastor tells them?

    • willb

      No. We goy just cower along waiting for the rest of you to blow up the world,
      which you will.

      • willb

        Putting Roseanne Barr in charge, as you suggest, would reduce that
        wait to one menstrual cycle.

        • Now that is sexist. Besides that, she is anti-war

          • willb

            At least I'm "thinking for myself."

        • Hah! I doubt she still has menstrual cycles. In fact, the wait would probably be reduced to a couple of hours until she has a hot flash. If you've every had one of those, you'd want to blow up the world yourself.

          • Personally, I enjoy my hot flashes and enjoy menopause. I've not had any big issues and am as good as done with that, but appreciated every moment of it. I really don't see what some women complain about.

            • ThinksMrianaIsDumb

              Well, when you are a baby-killer… you're probably a little desensitized.

      • Actually, I see religious extremists, which includes some Xian groups, as the ones who will blow up the world.

        • ThinksMrianaIsDumb

          And you'll sit there… gun-less… and be helpless.

    • It's interesting you say such a thing, considering modern bureaucrats do their job based on the idea that people are not smart enough to run their own lives, which is a huge joke. I suppose you want all drugs to be illegal, right?. Wouldn't that make you a hypocrite?

      • Actually, no I don't want all drugs to be illegal. Not sure how you got that out of my comment.

    • ThinksMrianaIsDumb

      IDK, does anyone have the ability to entertain a though without excepting it anymore? There is no need for YOU to retort, Mriana… clearly you don't have what it takes.

  • Rosco1776


  • Grant

    I'm agnostic and Ron Paul is the only candidate I'd vote for.

    • I rather vote for Roseanne Barr than Ron Paul.

      • smithb1994

        Can you explain why you have your position Mariana?

        • Could it be that I don't share Ron Paul's views and Roseanne has more of my views? I didn't think it was that difficult to figure out my position.

          • It's just that most of the time, people who disagree with Ron Paul are those who have not looked into his positions. Most Americans do not disagree with things like scaling back the constant unnecessary wars, protection of civil liberties and sound monetary responsibility.

            • I have and I am opposed to his lack of Pro-choice, among other like things. Oh yes, and lack of real health care, among other things. Such as environmental issues, switching from gas to wind, water, solar, and other like energy sources… The list goes on and on, but we do NOT need nuclear sources of energy. Ron Paul's views are not mine, esp his not pro-life agenda. In other words, Pro-life is not pro-life at all, but Pro-choice is pro-life, which he does not have. His economic ideas, IMO, won't work until we make change in the our financial system. He lacks a good education agenda also. I can go on and on what I don't like about Ron Paul. I'm also an anti-gun person too, so I have a ton of reasons why I would prefer Barr over Paul, but since MO doesn't put the Green Party on the ballots here, I'll either go with Obama or write in Roseanne Barr.

              • Disgusted Doc

                Would you rather get your health care from a doctor or a bureaucrat? Who do you think is in control of healthcare now? You are sadly and grossly mistaken if you think continuing further in the direction we have come will bring you "real health care".

                • It's not the doctors, that is for sure. It is more like Corporation who are in control, as well as male politicians who think they know more about women's health than an actual honest practicing doctor. Personally, I would like Medicare for all people and so would my 67 y.o. mother. It would be a lot better system than we have now, but to do what Paul wants, as well as Repooplicans want, will kill millions. I stand with Bernie Sanders on this one.

                • See, you just backed yourself into a corner. "It's not the doctors, that is for sure. It is more like Corporation who are in control, as well as male politicians who think they know more about women's health than an actual honest practicing doctor."

                  First of all, Dr. Paul has the prefix Dr. because of obvious reasons, it's not just a cosmetic add-on. He has delivered more people in his life, probably more than you have even met personally; over 4,000. He is a fully experienced OBGYN and HAD TO witness an abortion. Have you had an abortion? Have you had to watch an abortion be done? Probably not. So instead of calling Dr. Paul a bureaucrat, read some of the ladder posts, take their advice, AND DO SOME RESEARCH.

                • rightclue

                  No use in trying to argue. She is set in her views. The truth about matters have to be discovered by oneself.

                  Like Ron Paul said, this world (much less country) would be a much better place if people were simply more tolerant of each other. Not necessarily accepting, just tolerant.

                • rightclue

                  No use in trying to argue. She is set in her views. The truth about matters have to be discovered by oneself.

                  Like Ron Paul said, this world (much less country) would be a much better place if people were simply more tolerant of each other. Not necessarily accepting, just tolerant.

                  Of course on the flip side, being labeled as "intolerant" conjures such strong emotions… perhaps a new word has to be coined

                • Somehow I don't by that he is a physician and I do not want him looking at my vagina nor will I vote for someone who is not pro-choice. You'd also be surprised what I've seen.

                • ThinksMrianaIsDumb

                  You don't "buy" the doccumented truth, and fact based on years of owning his own practice over 4000 signed birth certs, and all those Moms (who chose life), that he helped thru pregnancy and birth.
                  Just thought you would like to sound as educated as you are pretending to be….

              • Theophile

                Pro choice exclusively for women, women that would murder their own children. Exclusive "choice" to have the state pay her for children she has, when SHE chooses to have them label their father a dead beat dad. Just how many more children do you want to pass through the fire in the name of personal freedom at the feet of that goddess liberty, there Mriana?
                As for my people children are there oppressors and women rule over them O my people those that lead you cause you to err and destroy the ways of thy paths. Isaiah 3:12

                • You make no sense. What fire? What goddess? BTW, the god of the Bile kills more babies pure year than humans via spontaneous abortion (AKA miscarriage). Secondly, I don't think you actually know what the verse you pulled out of Isaiah (instead of reading the story) is really talking about.

                • Theophile

                  Pass through the fire is a Biblical term there Mriana. The passage in Isaiah 3:12 cannot be taken out of context. "pro choice" means the woman has control over "her" body as to label a developing baby "unwanted tissue", regardless of the fathers wishes, regardless of marriage. And after the babies born, "if she chooses" that is to let it be born, then it's her "choice" to let "daddy state".."make that sucker(the father) pay", if he don't let her make the choices. That sounds like women ruling to me,. Hey hows those offspring of those single moms doing in you're neighborhood? Keeping CPS in employment? Getting A's in school or gangbangin and taggin? Or have the cops taught em a lesson or two their moms couldn't?

              • charles

                people who favor abortion should all be deported to china.
                abortion and china really go together.
                they are both totally atheist & marxist & evil.
                and china does LOTS of abortions –
                they really love all that innocent blood – I'm sure.
                when all the pro-aborts have gone away
                then maybe America can once again be blessed as
                "One Nation UNDER GOD".
                and you wouldn't want to be part of THAT –
                now would you Mriana ?
                charles ranalli

                • Actually, this nation was not a Xian nation to begin with and that "under God" crap was added in the 1950s. It was never part of the original pledge.

                • ThinksMrianaIsDumb

                  OL. you are funny Mriana. I
                  wasn't going to reply, but then thought: "this is too
                  easy not to."

                  First of all…. That "Under God Crap", was not
                  'added in the 50's'. This nation was founded to honor a God
                  that loves freedom. As he did when he freed the Jewish
                  peoples from Egypt. Freedom is the will of the Father that
                  ignited freedom-fires in the hearts of the revolutionaries
                  back in the 1700's. Your original statement was UN-founded
                  and UN-educated.

                  Moving on from the Faith aspect of this discussion, as i
                  can tell you are too narrow-minded to entertain other
                  peoples beliefs without either; a.) denouncing them, or; b.)
                  accepting them…

                  Pro-Life or Pro-Death, Believer or not, you cannot deny
                  the horror that is accompanied with the act of an abortion.
                  Nearly 75% of women who DECIDE to murder their UN-born child
                  merely for convenience (AKA Abortion), suffer from PTSD!
                  And, another 15% of ALL women who undergo an abortion
                  procedure develop drug abuse problems and/or resort to

                  Also, I want to know where you are doing your research.
                  Dr. Paul… is a Doctor. That is a fact. He practiced
                  medicine for 20+ years before he started to fight for our
                  individual liberties. He is a man that has brought Life into
                  the world… why are you so… 'anti-life'?

                  Also, his political stance on abortion is this: “Let
                  the states decide”. Which is his same stance on
                  gay-marriage; “Let the states decide”. Which, if you
                  break it down to understandable words… “Let the people
                  decide”.. because the only way states decide anything is
                  by popular vote. I mean, you can't even build a Casino if
                  the majority of the populace doesn't first agree on it.

                  Dr. Paul is personally pro-life, yes. But he is also
                  personally strait. His quote is “its not my place to push
                  my personal beliefs on the people”. Personally, Ron Paul
                  is pro-life, but politically speaking, he is all about
                  I will close with this… if you really choose not to
                  support a particular candidate, for the sole reason that he
                  PERSONALLY is pro-life, you are WORSE than those religious
                  nut-jobs who only vote based on morality, rather than
                  meaningful topics… such as gun-rights! How can you be
                  “anti-gun”? That is saying you are
                  “anti-constitutional”. Honestly, if our founding fathers
                  didn't have guns… we wouldn't be talking about how stupid
                  you are, right now.

                • I'm sorry to see you really have been taught a lot of misinformation. I hope you go in search very soon for some accurate information on how and what this country was founded on, because honestly, "under God" was added in the 1950s

                • ThinksMrianaIsDumb

                  Abraham Lincoln, in the gettesberg address, recited THAT exact excerpt of the pledge. That was way before the 1950's. Again… your statement is UN-founded, and Mis-informed. Care to retort to any of the other talking points i mentioned? Perhaps gun-rights… or baby murder?

              • ThinksMrianaIsDumb

                He is Pro-Choice, you arrogant ass! Why don't you listen to him speak before you draw conslussions about him? He has said (about abortion, AND Gay Marriage), On a personal level, he is against both… but he as said on both issues… "Let the States decide". That means, in case you are just as stupid as you sound…. "Let the people decide".
                But, he wants to end ALL the wars, and bring our troops home to defend our land… instead of inflicting our will on other countries. So, you must be right… Rossane would be better. ##Sarcasm##

                • No, he's not. It says so on the issues page of his website that he is Pro-life.

                • Read it and weep:
                  http://www.ronpaul2012.com/the-issues/abortion/ He is pro-life, just like Romney. Now call me an arrogant ass again. Also check out his video. He'll have this country a theocracy really fast and deny women the right to Choice, along with a bunch of lies concerning abortion.

            • Supernevadasmith

              Honestly,at first I was just for Dr. Paul's Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy and His Anti-Drug War stance.Then I had time to look deeper,to read more and watch older videos.I really became impressed with Dr. Paul's breadth of Foreign Policy(Blow-Back) and Economic erudition This Guy knows his "stuff".As a Total package,it is incredibly sad.most Americans can't realize what an Iconic American Original Ron Paul is.
              Paul is "The" transformative figure,The Hope and The Change.This is the "Real Deal".Not Perfect,but as complete as a real Human Being gets.
              And He does Inspire and Motivate,if you read between the lines.

          • Jim Rasmussen

            " I don't share Ron Paul's views and Roseanne has more of my views?" Umm… DUH! We know that much. WHY don't you share Paul's views? Which SPECIFIC views of Roseanne's do you share? I didn't think it was that difficult to figure out the original question.

  • Theophile

    It would be nice to see only Constitutionally literate people allowed to vote. How about a requiring passing a test on the constitutions substance & intent, kind of like a drivers test for a license to drive. It would not discriminate for race, sex, religion, or strange life style, just emotional knee jerk media controlled voting blocks. This way we would not have the easily led driving us into ditches, running stop signs, and letting their friends drive. Let them watch Oprah, Springer, Fox news or whatever. Just leave the country to those willing to read that one page document with it, C-SPAN, and the vote. If we were involved with our government we would know Congress is the power not the veto tie breaker, actually gets constitutional power only when Congress says guy. The only candidate running that has observed the constitution, by record of his votes, is in fact Ron Paul. You sure don't need a Pastor to tell you this kind of stuff.
    I can't help picturing the Simpson's episode about presidential candidates, where the one eyed space creatures had Human suits made to look like the candidates, Lisa rips these suit's off exposing their true form on stage…..They replied "so what! go ahead and vote 3rd party, and throw away your vote..ahh.ahh..Haa….haaahaa"…Vote Ron Paul, have some integrity.

    • While we're at it, maybe include an IQ test too.


    • As a first step, perhaps we could at least apply this standard to candidates.

    • Along with an IQ test too.

    • Supernevadasmith

      I have a Great Idea ! Lets have the American Idol and America's Top Talent singing The Constitution..yes the people will listen…maybe even vote.Lets also get Kim Kardashian,The Donald and how about Justin Beaver teaching The Constitution.I am sure that would get some attention.The Family Guy and The Simpsons should also do their Patriotic Duty.

  • I'm an atheist, and Ron Paul is the only person I'd vote for.

    Scumbag Americans, you will get the government you so richly deserve. If the majority of the country had any sense of morality, they would have put George W. Bush in jail for lying us into an unjust war in Iraq, and would have done the same for Obama for doing the same in Libya.

    Instead they rolled over, and let both of them violate the 4th and 5th amendments. You people can look those up, since it will be the first time most of you have ever read the Constitution, or a part of it.

    • Troll

      it's really not fair to blame most Americans as scumbags.. most of them are misled… most Americans (well the swing votes) usually have 8th grade educations at best… and vote based on emotions.

      • It absolutely is fair.

        The leadership of any country which is elected is a direct reflection of the people in that country.

        My problem today is that there are far too many people who are too lazy, too corrupt, too unethical to simply spend maybe 1 hour thinking about what they are voting for. What the US has done today would never have been allowed to happen just 30 years ago. Never.

        I remember the Iran Contra hearings – that was minor compared to us waltzing into a war. There is no accountability today. We have a president that obviously lied us into a war in 2001 and absolutely nothing was done about it. Now we have a blatantly corrupt financial system and absolutely nothing has been done about this. Is anybody angry? Stepping up to the plate? No, as long as they feel they are getting a piece of the pie, people are largely silent, and complicit.

        Maybe 1% of the population says anything about it. The rest are far too busy watching teevee and sitting on their fat lazy stupid butt. They absolutely deserve what is coming down the pike. You have a Republic, if you can keep it. This generation of morons in this country couldn't keep it. They're lazy, stupid arrogant fat morons who wouldn't know civics if it slapped them in the face.

        You reap what you sow. Everything the American population has allowed the US government to do to other people is going to come home to them and they deserve it.

        3000 people were killed on 9/11 – over 100,000 people were killed in the last Iraq war, at an absolute minimum. In front of you is the Internet, ever ask an Iraqi if they are better off because of the "search for weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq? Hussein was an evil man. The US federal government is an evil government. This is the same government that overthrew the Iranian democracy in 1953 in Operation Ajax and installed a brutal brutal dictator and helped set up SAVIC, the Iranian Secret police that for 25 years brutalized the population, including people attempting to restore democracy.

        I can forgive people for not knowing about this in 1953, but I cannot forgive people for ignoring the reality of what the US is doing today in the Middle East in 2012 when the most powerful research tool sits in front of them, and they make zero actual use of it. They don't want to know. Monkey see not evil, hear no evil, speak no evil – the majority of Americans are too much of a bunch of cowards to evil look for it.

        The federal government is out of control and this generation allowed it to happen. Say goodbye to any shreds of self determination this nation had. The people in this nation sold it out and ruined the lives of their children and children's children for generations.

        • Adam_Rodriguez

          My only response (as you are right) is that this socialist/communist and authoritarian take over has been methodically implemented for generations. The people in the states just don't think like "Americans" anymore.

        • jacobcrim

          Couldn't have said it better myself. What I find so comical and sad is how the people who complain the most are generally completely ignorant. Like most "supporters" of Romney. They are sheep simply voting for him because they were tricked into believing he is the GOP golden boy. How much conservative change would white Obama bring? LOL

    • I agree, they should both be tried for war crimes!

  • Supernevadasmith

    Right Then,Right Now,Right Again and Again,Ron Paul !
    Federal Reserve to The End of Economics or The Economic End To The Federal Reserve !
    Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory Of The Coming Of The Lord,
    Wall Street Profit or Wall Street Prophet !
    Glory , Glory , Hallelujah ! Glory , Glory, Hallelujah !
    Endless Wars or Wars Be Ended !
    Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory Of The Coming Of The Lord,
    Totalitarian Treason or Constitutional Reason !
    Glory ! Glory Hallelujah !
    Liberty and Freedom for US All Ron Paul !

  • Supernevadasmith

    What nobody ever talks about is: The "Internal" Ron Paul Revolution. For me,The Ron Paul Campaign was a Spiritual Journey. Where once I was lost,now I have been saved. I even started going to Church. The honorable Ron Paul has been as Inspirational as He has been Motivational. I am not saying Ron Paul is The Second Coming,but He sure may be Moses,showing The Israelite's The Promised Land.
    I wish every American could feel what I have felt: The Glory and Hallelujah of Ron Paul !
    Restore US All Ron Paul !

  • smithb1994

    Religious people are so gullible. They will believe anything with the word "god" attached to it. It is quite sad and very scary. How can we progress when there is a bunch of sheep running around?

    • atiboy

      and the meek shall inherit the earth

    • I think its a common part of human nature. I noticed early on that I could secure an "A" for my essays by noticing and incorporating the professor's favorite words and catch-phrases. Which words we choose send a subtle signal about which 'team' we are playing for.

      The whole point of forming partisan groups is to allow us to think less about issues — simplifying decision making into merely picking sides. Then we characterize the other groups by their most extreme elements an our own group by its most reasonable members.

    • Speak for yourself. I am capable of reason and chose Ron Paul over any other candidate because of his actions (not words). Plus- this was over Rick Perry, the supposed "God" driven candidate leading from the media.

      I am not saying SOME religious people are gullible. But that is as meaningless as saying "SOME OF THE SMITH B's I KNOW ARE GAY, SO SMITHB1994 MUST BE GAY"

  • Ron Paul and family have strong Christian beliefs but does not flaunt them. He does not try to use them to attract voters. He is unlike any other politician you will ever know of and will go down in history as one of the greatest statesmen of this country with the likes of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Like him or not he is what he is. I personally thank God for bringing him to us.

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  • Heather

    Those in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are Christians. It's right in the name of the church. Christ and his teachings are what every member strives to follow. This idea that mormons aren't christians is just nonsense.

    P.S. (i'm an austro-libertarian and won't be voting for Romney – but I don't like nonsense claims being left undefended)

    • mnolan13

      Christians do not believe that God is just some dude from another planet who got a promotion. Christians don't follow Christ in the hopes of a promotion to god of their own planet.

  • DV2000

    This hurts Ron Paul more than it helps him. Thus, I think it is a part of campaign against him.

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  • Ron paul was best

    I agree with fuzzywzhe. a lot of Christians have been hoodwinked by so called Christians. What is new is that they will now be held accountable for voting for a president who is not a Christian. This is a quandary for Christians.
    I think a true Christian can vote for a non Christian however it certainly may be that according to old testament standards the US may be being set up for judgment.
    Many have said God only judges nations fully when a non Christian leads them. We can always debate just who is and who is not a Christian but today the debate is valid when one must choose between a phoney Islamic "christian" and a phoney Mormon "christian".

  • Supernevadasmith

    With Ron Paul,We Still Have A Dog In This Fight ! Without Ron Paul US All do not have someone to Champion The American Way. He is that: "Bunker Hill";an "Alamo";The "Little Round Top";Our Bastogne " ! There is still time. First defeat The Usurper to the Nomination.Then We March To Glory. Is it not always said that: "A Man's Character is tested during Adversity",is this not true of a Nation ! Paul is Right for US All ! Should it not be in God's Graces that We succeed,Right will prevail and with it comes eternal Honor.
    Strength and Honor ! God Speed Ron Paul !

  • NYCnative

    the Pastor is nuts.. like Ron
    Paul.. complete and utter naive about wanting to trade with despots so
    they will not hate us anymore… like his thoughts on the Fed though.
    need him in the House. That is where he is needed.. (one definition of
    "naive" has Ron Pauls picture on it: reads- having or showing a lack of
    experience, judgment, or information; credulous

    • the Pastor is nuts.. like Ron Paul.. complete and utter naive about wanting to trade with despots so they will not hate us anymore…

      We trade with despots now. The problem is that we give them money to stay in power to remain despots.
      The Egyptian people didn't support Hosni Mubarak, the United States did.
      The Saudis don't support the Sa'ud Family, the United States does.
      The Jordanian people don't support Abdullah II, the United States does.
      Leave the nations alone and let the people of those countries chose their own government. You think the Iraqi people feel that they are better off now the Hussein is gone? ASK ONE. You're on the Internet, it's pretty trivial to talk to anybody on the planet.
      It's the US keeping despots in power, and we trade with them regardless. You think sanctions are going to effect Iran? Oil is a fungible commodity, all that's happened is that China and India buy directly from Iran. They don't care where they get it from. It's not reduced the supply of oil on the market one bit.
      All that the Iranian sanctions did was irritate the Iranians slightly, and force India and China to trade with Iran without using the US financial system. Big deal.

  • mormonboy86

    I'm in the same religion as Mitt Romney and I support Ron Paul. BTW Mormons ARE Christians and it is our duty to uphold the constitution.

  • Nick Riley

    Hey now, I happen to be a huge Ron Paul supporter who is also LDS. I agree with the title of the article. Americans should repent. Americans should also study the issues before they vote. Ideally, all Romney delegates should vote for Ron Paul at the convention. I really hope the repentance process happens in Tampa. When people see how weak Romney is they will demand he come toward Ron Paul's platform.

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