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A Spiritual War:  Christians across America participating in "Call2Fall" today

A Spiritual War: Christians across America participating in "Call2Fall" today

Christians across America will be participating in "Call2Fall" today, an event sponsored by the Family Research Council (FRC).  According to the Call2Fall website, almost 1.4 million people and churches have signed up for the event.

"We're in desperate times," FRC's president Tony Perkins warns in a promotional video, embedded below.  He says that the United States won its independence after desperate prayer.  "These, too, are desperate days and they call for desperate prayer.  That is why we are asking you to participate in the Call2Fall.  […]  Who knows?  God might hear our cries, forgive our sins and heal our land."

The Call2Fall is associated with the National Day of Prayer Task Force and promotes David Barton's version of history that asserts that the U.S. is a Judeo-Christian nation.  Among other things, "prayer targets" for the day include:

  • Sexual sin and "the War on Marriage;"
  • Military chaplains;
  • Planned Parenthood and abortion; and
  • The Colorado wildfires.

According to the prayer targets guide, "Modern America now openly defies God's Law and is experiencing the pangs of His judgment."

Like the National Day of Prayer Task Force, the "Call2Fall" movement targets the "seven mountains" or spheres of what is loosely called Christian dominionism in characterizing the "spiritual war" that Christian troops must fight and win:

One side will win this all-out war. We will re-embrace our Creator as Author of our rights and revive His moral law as the bedrock of our society or we will be destroyed. This is a spiritual war, but politics is part of it. Sincere, Biblical Prayer is the most powerful weapon. Those who are laboring to defend and advance truth in every sphere of culture are soldiers on the battlefield – in government, education, business, media, entertainment, the military, science, etc., but the ground must be taken in the spiritual realm with prayer. We are the advance troops who pave the way for the God-fearing statesmen and political activists, for educational reformers, and business leaders who will take a bold public stand for Christ. They cannot prevail if we do not first prevail, with repentance, faith and prayer.

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  • Don't these Christians know their own "word of God" well enough to know the Christian god did NOT support the American Revolution? To realize this all they need to do is to read Romans 13:1-7 which clearly states that the powers that be are "ordained of God" and that anyone who resists them are resisting "the ordinance of God" and will suffer "damnation." And this would also mean that Obama is in office because he is "ordained of God" and that Barton and gang should not resist Obama or the Bible god will make them suffer damnation.

    Progress! Bob Johnson

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  • Mr Johnson: God moves in all things, including your post and mine – this is especially true for the destroyer. Is it not written (paraphrasing) that we should not let others decieve us, that if we walk in truth and love we will be free – peace and love to all.

  • guestofnm

    i think the national day of prayer was and is good for our christian nation. just because pres. obama is clueless that we are a christian nation does not mean we arent. he is a deceiver. we are still a christian nation…now and forever.

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