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Germans crack down on religious extremists believed to pose a threat to democracy

Germans crack down on religious extremists believed to pose a threat to democracy

In a recent crackdown on radical Islam, German authorities have launched nationwide raids on an ultra-conservative religious group – the Salafists.

The Salafists are suspected of having links to extremists and posing a threat to democracy. For years, the movement has enjoyed conditions that enabled it thrive, Russia Today's Oksana Boyko reports.

The group is an ultra-conservative branch of Islam that is intolerant of infidels.  According to a German domestic intelligence report, Salafism is the fastest  growing Islamic movement in the world.  It preaches a literal interpretation of the Koran.  Salafists believe that mainstream Muslims are just as guilty of being infidels as Christians, Jews and atheists.

Guided by political correctness, the German government watched on as the movement spread. It has been funded largely by Saudi Arabia.

But this month, after a number of police raids, the German government moved to ban a number of Salafist groups whose ideology was recognized as incompatible with democratic values. Elsewhere in Europe, Norway has banned Saudi-funded mosques and France has banned burqas that cover a woman's face.

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  • Humm… They know what Ah-yah wants because it's in a book ascribed to an illiterate human, named Mo-ham-mad, who dictated it to another person so that person could put it all in writing. Oh yeah, that makes a lot of sense, just as the Wizard told me I have a brain, a heart, and lots of courage, instead of me figuring it out for myself. *rolling eyes*

  • colourmegone

    I'll be impressed when they start to crack down on non-Muslim religious extremists as well, not to mention the widespread German neo-Nazi movement.

  • And then there are the deniers that the radical Islamists are creating problems by emigrating to Europe. My question is, if Islam is such a wonderful religion, why are so many abandoning their mother countries?
    As far as I'm concerned, I welcome Muslims to the USA. However, I request they assimilate and send some of their 7th century "traditions," (I.e. Sharia law, honor killing, et al), back to their old country.
    Frankly, those who claim they are "moderate" Muslims do not convince me at all of their peaceful intentions. Any Muslim care to explain what a moderate Muslim means?

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