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Glenn Beck and Biblical harbingers:  Building the Freedom Tower is arrogance.

Glenn Beck and Biblical harbingers: Building the Freedom Tower is arrogance.

Right wing commentator Glenn Beck has had a bad feeling about the rebuilding of the World Trade Center and Freedom Tower and now he knows why, after reading Jonathan Cahn’s "The Harbinger: The ancient mystery that holds the secret of America's future."  Cahn was a guest on Beck's Book List on June 27.

For Beck, it doesn't matter if the book is truly about a prophecy because "the truth is there," explaining, "You know, the Ten Commandments, you can say they're from Moses and they're ten commandments or you know what, I can get Bill to write them down and bring them in on a piece of paper and we can call them 'Bill's Safety Tips.'  Either way, what do you say, we listen to the ten things on the paper or the tablets."

The Biblical Story About Ancient Israel is Repeating Itself in the US.

According to Cahn, "The Harbinger is a two-and-a-half-thousand year old mystery that lies behind everything from 9-11 to the war in Iraq to the collapse of the American economy to what's happening now and goes back to Isaiah, and it's so specific that it actually says what American leaders will do before they've done them, speak words before they speak them, actually gives exact dates, and it goes back to Isaiah, it goes back to the last days of ancient Israel when nine harbingers or nine signs or warnings of judgment appear in the land.  The scary thing is, and Isaiah records it, is that those same nine harbingers are now reappearing on American soil, have happened specifically, some in New York, some in Washington, D.C., some have involved American leaders, some have involved some of the highest leaders of the land, and  it is a call for America at such time as this and it goes back to the scripture, Isaiah 9:10."

Isaiah 9:10 reads,

The bricks are fallen down, but we will build with hewn stones: the sycomores are cut down, but we will change them into cedars.

Cahn is President of Hope of the World ministries, Senior Pastor and Messianic Rabbi of the the Jerusalem Center/ Beth Israel in Wayne, New Jersey. In September 2011, he appeared on Sid Roth's Supernatural to proclaim that time is running short for America unless it repents and turns back to God, a theme he also discussed with Beck.

Explaining the biblical passage, Beck and Cahn agreed that the people of Israel were rebuilding out of a "spirit of defiance" without realizing that they were being defiant.  "God is saying guys, knock it off," Beck said. "He's not punishing them, but He's withdrawing His protection because He has to, because they made a covenant and they're in violation of the covenant, and they think exactly what we did after 9-11. Because I was one of them. I said, 'I want that to be one story taller, ten stories taller. And now, it feels wrong."

The two accused Presidents Bush and Obama, members of Congress, Senator John Edwards, and Tom Daschle of mistakenly making defiant statements after the Twin Towers were destroyed by hijacked planes on 9-11. According to Cahn,  attitudes that America would "rise up without turning to God, without checking our ways" will lead to calamity, just like ancient Israel in the bible.

America was 'Dedicated to God' at the Corner of Ground Zero, the Scene of the Harbingers.

"Here's what I find amazing," Beck commented, "and the weekend I read this, I was in New York at Ground Zero, and I listened to them talk about the tree, the miracle tree, and how it saved the church. And I'm listening to this, going 'oh my gosh, don't you even know what you're saying here.'"

"If you go right down the line on Isaiah, you see all the harbingers," Cahn explained, "and one of them is the sycamore being struck down […] it's a biblical sign of warning, of an uprooting of a nation of its roots if it doesn't turn back. So the question is how could this harbinger — in the book, it's the sixth harbinger — appear in America, because first of all, New York is not the place you look for trees to begin with. But in the last moments of 9-11, as the last tower was coming down, sends forth a shock wave, a beam happens to strike an object, that object happens to be the sycamore. The sycamore is struck down at the corner of Ground Zero. The people of New York make it into a symbol. They call it the Sycamore of New York. They put it on display, and they have no idea that everything that's happening [was written in Isaiah]." The sycamore was replaced with a cedar called 'The Tree of Hope,' just like in Isaiah, Cahn alleged, saying that this was another act of defiance.

What is significant about all of this is a "covenant," according to the author and Beck. "When this shaking comes, it comes to where the nation was dedicated to God," Cahn said. "In America, there was a foundational day. There was a first day that America existed as a fully-formed nation. That was not 1776. April 30, 1789, for the first time we had a president, a whole government, Washington was inaugurated. And when Washington was inaugurated, he gives a prophetic warning which actually says what's going to happen if America turns away from God and it's actually coming true now. Then the entire government goes on foot to dedicate America to God […] they go to a place, so find out what that place is, we've got a mystery here, because that's it. And where do they do it? […] It was New York City. It was downtown Manhattan. They dedicated America to God at the corner of Ground Zero. The calamity returns to the place of dedication of the nation to God, and that's where the harbingers appear." He went on to explain that America was dedicated to God at St. Paul's chapel, which was not destroyed on 9-11.

Glenn Beck, the Theologian:  America Must Repent and Turn Back to God.

Beck has been on a campaign to "restore America to God," teaming up with people like David Barton, known for his Christian nationalist version of history, and John Hagee, who promotes a form of Christian Zionism. At Ralph Reed's Faith & Freedom Conference and Strategy Briefing earlier this month, Beck repeatedly declared (quoting Right Wing Watch) that "I have seen the finger of God" and assured the audience that miracles are coming … but only if we turn back to God , warning that if we don't, God "is going to withdraw his protection" over this nation."

Cahn’s "The Harbinger: The ancient mystery that holds the secret of America's future" confirms Beck's godly views and fears.

"Just read it and see if it rings true to you.  I'm not talking about all the facts in it, I'm talking about does the message ring true?  The message rings true,"  he said.  "As I'm reading it, there's something … I found myself in the last few years, now suddenly against the World Trade Center and the Freedom Tower.  It bothers me.  It really bothers me."  He realized after reading Cahn's book that the rebuilding is "arrogance."

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  • Utter lunacy.

    • Deborah_B


  • coo coo for cocoa puffs

    • antny

      another nut case,,, with an superstitious following.

  • Roy Rogers

    (It's) ComingDown, people. Sorry, but it is. We totally missed God's Warning (or maybe we just didn't care…) after the first (two). Threes-a-Charm!

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  • Bad Bible reading … but, then, from the far right, there's plenty of it. Isaiah would be the first to protest the use of his material in this way.

    What makes anyone think that all of the Bible is devoted to the United States? The Puritans and many others since then, and now David Barton and his "history" hooey, have tried to prove a divine status for the US, what with this being the Promised Land, "a new Israel" with a "manifest destiny." If an individual thought like this, they'd be labeled a hopeless narcissist.

    Folks on the religious right have often the read the Bible as a "road map" for the future. They're in good company, so to speak. At the turn of the Millenium, (no silly, not the recent one, but the first – 1000), all kinds of foolish predictions about this and that and the end of the world, as well.

    Throughout the 19th Century, English Millenarianism reached new highs, or lows, with predictions, all of which failed. The most recent and embarrassing example of this cockeyed thinking is Harold Camping.

    Within all of this, bits and pieces worth considering: US arrogance, for sure, with our constant military adventures (we are the Empire), our mistreatment of Native Americans, our reliance upon slavery, the Jim Crow laws, our abuse of women and their rights, environmental abuse, our violence and our love of guns, our love and worship of wealth and the wealthy, our mistreat of the American Worker, our vast economic inequity, continuing racism and a host of other social ills. These are the sorts of things Isaiah highlights for Israel; these are the sorts of things highlighted by The Prophets in general, and by Jesus in the Gospels.

    While all of this has some bearing on the US, none of it is intended for the US alone, as if we were special. "For God so loved the world" and the destruction of the Temple in 70 CE brought that chapter to a close.

    God is no longer in the land business, either in Palestine or in the Northern Hemisphere. God is judging America, not because we're special, just because we are, as God judges the nations of the world, all of them, large or small. For the world belongs to God, and there is no Promised Land, there is no "new Israel," there is no "manifest destiny," except, "love one another as I have loved you."

  • Maria

    Amazing!!!!God is trying to wake up America and still we don't get it .For how long USA wants to be pounded before will make a turn to God?2Chronicles 7:14,If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves ,and pray and seek My face,and return from their wicked ways,then I will hear from heaven,and will forgive their sin and heal their land……God bless you Glenn and Chan

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