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Schenck:  Faith & Action is under satanic attack!

Schenck: Faith & Action is under satanic attack!

Speaking while traveling to Washington, D.C., Rev. Rob Schenck warned his followers that "the devil has mounted a frontal assault on Faith & Action."

Schenck, who hosts live nativity scenes at the U.S. Supreme Court building and passes out "National Ten Commandments Leadership" awards to Congressional members, runs a "Christian outreach to top-level government officials located in Washington, DC, throughout the United States and around the world" to "challenge the minds and consciences of public policy makers with the mandate given by Christ in the two Great Commandments: Love God With All Your Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength, and Love Your Neighbor As Yourself."  He and his organization are opposed to abortion and, according to Right Wing Watch, Schenck was once arrested for throwing a fetus in the face of President Clinton.

He plans on being at the U.S. Supreme Court in time for its ruling on the health insurance mandate which he says violates church and state because church-run health insurance programs would be forced to pay for abortifacients and "possibly even abortion." Schenck, however, is concerned for people who cannot afford health care or who have no access to health insurance, because Jesus' second great commandment is "to love our neighbor as we love ourselves." His organization pays for its employees' health insurance.

"I will be at the Court in the morning, leading in prayer, speaking prophetically, delivering a Biblical message regarding this before the decision is made — or handed down, rather — and I will be in the courtroom when the decision is read by the justices. I will then lead in prayer afterwards and comment from the front steps of the Supreme Court," he assured his followers. "But just as we're getting ready for this — and our team has been doing so all week long, they have been in vigil, in prayer, speaking prophetically at the court this whole week while I've been away, now I am speeding back because we will be there again in force tomorrow morning — but as we are gearing up for this, we get succor punched from hell, and I mean that. I can only describe it as a satanic assault against our ministry."

The succor punch from hell, it turns out, has to do with finances.

"Look at how wickedly ironic it is," he remarked. "Our accountant called me yesterday to say the ministry has run out of money, is completely broke, has no funds available. We cannot even pay the insurance premiums for our own employees."

"Imagine this. On a day we're going to speak prophetically against government tyranny in the form of a health insurance scheme, we can't even take care of our own team members' health insurance policies. That can only be described as demonic. It is a satanic mockery of what we are doing. Just like the great reformer Martin Luther took his beer stein and threw it at the devil when he was under demonic assault, that's what I want to do. Now, I don't own a beer stein, so I don't know what I'm going to throw."

To beat the devil, Schenck asks that his missionary partners visit his website and donate.

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  • Just another example as to how religion is nothing more than mind slavery. I couldn't stand listening to even a minute of his drivel either.

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