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Texas Republicans adopt theocratic 'Judeo-Christian' platform that seeks to withhold constitutional protections and curtail the right to vote

Texas Republicans adopt theocratic 'Judeo-Christian' platform that seeks to withhold constitutional protections and curtail the right to vote

The Texas Freedom Network, a nonpartisan, grassroots organization of more than 50,000 religious and community leaders, has analyzed the Texas Republican Party's platform, revealing extreme, Christian right policy statements.

Critical Thinking Opposed in Favor of  Right Wing Interpretations of Christianity and Blind Obedience.

Among other things, TFN discovered that the 2012 Texas GOP platform proclaims that the United States is a “Judeo-Christian Nation” (which it has in past years) and insists that the separation of church and state is a “myth.” Along these lines, the platform insists that public schools emphasize “the Judeo-Christian principles upon which America was founded" and states that the Republican party "would forbid any government oversight of faith-based entities that receive taxpayer funds."

The platform "calls for the abolishment of the U.S. Department of Education" and also, in the words of TFN, "calls for a voucher scheme that would drain tax dollars from public schools to pay for tuition at private and religious schools."  Public schools would be required to "teach all sides of the debate," referring to the teaching of creationism/intelligent design.  The party is opposed to teaching “critical thinking skills and similar programs” in public schools, suggesting that they “have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority.”

Health Care to Favor the Unborn.

The state platform supports a "personhood amendment" which would ban all abortions, regardless of the circumstance of pregnancy (such as rape or incest) and the fitness of the mother.  The personhood amendment has the potential to ban some forms of birth control.  The "morning after" pill would be banned, and under the GOP vision, public funding for health care clinics that are affiliated with services that either provide abortion services or advocate a woman's right to chose would be withheld.  Medical embryonic stem cell research would be criminalized.

Voters Rights to be Reversed and Citizens Denied Due Process.

The Texas GOP wants to limit the rights of minorities to vote by repealing the 1965 Voting Rights Act.  Laws making it easier to vote, such as the "motor voter laws," would be repealed.

The state party also wants judicial reform so that the U.S. Supreme Court is barred from hearing and ruling in cases regarding governmental entities or officials who acknowledge “God as the sovereign source of law, liberty, or government.” The law would also permit the impeachment and removal of judges who listen to such cases.   Similarly, Texas Republicans want Congress to withhold Supreme Court jurisdiction in cases involving abortion, religious freedom and the Bill of Rights.

Family Law to Reflect Right Wing "Family Values."

Texas Republicans oppose no-fault divorce and support “Covenant Marriages,” which would make it harder for abused spouses to escape domestic abuse.   As far as same sex couples are concerned, the Texas GOP wants sexual orientation removed from hate crime laws, calls for the full enforcement of the Defense of Marriage Act, and forbids any official recognition whatsoever for same-sex families.  The platform "calls on Congress to withhold from federal courts jurisdiction in cases involving family law, especially marriage, thus eliminating a final avenue for same-sex couples to seek equality in America."

Pollution is Healthy.

Additionally, the Texas GOP call for the repeal of the Endangered Species Act and the abolishment of the Environmental Protection Agency.

For the full analysis of the Texas GOP's 2012 Platform, please visit the Texas Freedom Network.

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