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Jesus has millions of Facebook fans

Jesus has millions of Facebook fans

Jesus is very popular on Facebook.  In fact, he has millions of fans.

One of the most "liked" Facebook pages that professes love for Jesus is Jesus Daily, with over 13 million fans.  The page posts daily Christian inspirational messages and pictures to share, such as praying for football quarterback Tim Tebow.  Most of the posts are short quips and images, such as "I love Jesus" and "Jesus is #1," with little theological depth.

The Jesus Love You page is connected with Jesus-Loves-You.org, and enjoys almost 3.5 million "likes."  It carries a bit more depth in terms of the messages and also has a commercial aspect to it.  It has contributions from various writers and appears to be critical of non-believers.

"The man or woman of faith, who willingly submits to the will of our loving, just, merciful God and acts lovingly, justly and mercifully in this world may suffer the ridicule and rejection of those who do not have faith, but the world will ever so slowly be better because of them and they will, in the end, find eternal joy with the God who made and saved us all," was posted on June 3, to which a couple hundred people commented with a chorus of "amens."  One, Joyce, remarked, "his reminds me,of when I go out to Church, Home Fellowship, and even Choir, I am laughed at,mocked, scorned, and at times even cursed, but I go on any way,because I know they did this to My Jesus, but He kept on any way. My eyes are on the PRIZE, and this is not my Home, but I have to keep every thing in perspective,Pray for them, and try to live my life as God would want me to do."

Jesus, while the Son of God — but also the same as God under the Trinity — is much more popular than God on Facebook.

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  • ChadW

    Yes, but…..I also tend to "like" certain pages to laugh at the absurdity of the topic so the numbers, although still ridiculously high, might not actually reflect a
    number representing true believers.

  • Calvin Lindsay

    In reality, God moves in mysterious ways. It doesn't matter if we are from the old times or from the modern times. God will make a way to touch our lives. I really appreciate those who are creating the daily blogs and posts for God's name. Thanks for sharing!

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