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Christian video denouncing the LGBT community demonstrates the mind-numbing effects of a steady diet of Christian extremism, Christian nationalism and conspiracy theories

Christian video denouncing the LGBT community demonstrates the mind-numbing effects of a steady diet of Christian extremism, Christian nationalism and conspiracy theories

The religious right constantly complains about "the homosexual agenda" and how Christians perceive it to be a threat to religious liberty.  The People for the American Way's blog, Right Wing Watch, is perhaps one of the best sources for news about the Christian right's views on the LGBT community.  Of course, we carry quite a few stories, too.

But trying to organize all of the Christian right's complaints about homosexuals into a concise compendium can be a challenge.  This month, however, we stumbled across a YouTube channel called "FinalCountdown2Jesus" that presented just about every unscientific, undocumented, bizarre claim we've ever seen, plus some.  According to "FinalCountdown4Jesus," the LGBT community is actually a weapon that is being used to launch a "new world order" that seeks to destroy Christianity and western civilization.  The presentation also alleges that same sex couples are akin to couples who engage in "consensual murder."

Editor's Note – The image accompanying this article is a still shot from the video transcribed below. 

Here's a transcript that demonstrates how a diet of Christian extremism, Christian nationalism, and political conspiracy theory shapes views about the gay-lesbian community (the actual video follows):

Good afternoon, YouTube.  Tonight I want to speak to the LGBT community and ask them to please try and put themselves in our shoes for a moment. As Christians, we feel that the gay community has declared war against us. We also feel that they have declared war against our children.

We feel this way because the gay community is coming into the public school system and indoctrinating our children with ideas that are 180 degrees from the ones that we hold. And the homosexual advocates have said the goal is to reach the child before they have absorbed the values of their parents. So they are seeking to plant a seed of rebellion in the minds of our children. This is unacceptable in a free society.

We also feel that the gay community is openly trying to overthrow our Constitution and in particular, to destroy the First Amendment and the Second Amendment. They are trying to silence us. They want no disagreement whatsoever, using terms like "hate speech" that are completely un-American. The First Amendment was instituted to protect unpopular speech -- unpopular political speech -- because popular speech doesn't need protection. The homosexual community seeks to completely silence us. They seek to force our churches to perform same sex marriages. This is unacceptable. Our Constitution says that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.

We seek to live in a free and open society where no one forced their views upon anyone else. We don't want to force our biblical views upon you and we don't want your views forced upon us and our children. It's not our business what you do in our [sic] bedrooms but you have brought homosexuality out of the bedroom and into the public school system. For this reason, we feel like our children are under attack.

Not only this, a year ago, in my hometown, there was a meeting held. This meeting included some of the highest level folks in academia in addition to dozens of pedophiles who had got together to decide how best to remove pedophilia from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. They also spoke about how to legalize pedophilia and if you would like to see some of the bullet points regarding what they discussed, you can find those if you just Google "Before You Act" and if you just type in the words "pedophilia conference," it will probably come up. These folks seek to legalize pedophilia and they literally said that anyone who doesn't want their children molested is just puritanical and unenlightened. These were people who head some of the most respected college institutions in our nation who were advocating pedophilia.

At the same time, the German government comes out with a flier or a packet encouraging parents to have sex with their children. And you can look that up on line if you just type in "German government advocates incest and pedophilia." It will come up. It is a brochure put out by the German health authorities instructing parents, particularly fathers, to molest their daughters. It was disgusting.

At the same time, there are people in Europe whose children are being snatched from them because they do not advocate immorality. Parents are being refused children from foster care. You know, they want to be foster care parents, but the foster care system will not accept them because they are Christian.

We are living in a society where Christianity is being outlawed slowly but surely.

I realize that at the grassroots level, this is not the intent of the gay community. The agenda is being pushed by a much larger group of conspirators that all lead back to the Club of Rome. So, however, the gay community is being used as a weapon. They are weaponizing the gay community and they are using you to wage war against us and our children.

I ask you to take a look at the bigger picture here and to take a look at how the whole world is being taken over by one group of people. Look at how they've staged the political -- I mean, the economic collapse of the whole world at the same time. They are advocating for a new economic world order. They want to control all nations. They want to do away with national sovereignty and have a one world government run by a bunch of thieves. If you assist them, you will go down with the ship.

So I urge you to please look into the new world order and how they are building it around you. It is not a conspiracy theory. It is a fact. They have written many, many books about the subject themselves, bragging about what they are doing, bragging about how world government is the answer to all of our problems. Yeah, well, it's an answer for them because they are going to steal everything in the world. They're going to steal all of the assets. That's why it's good for them. It is not good for the average person on the street, whether they are homosexual or Christian or Muslim or Hindu or what they are, whether they are a pink and purple spotted giraffe, it doesn't matter. This is not good for anyone but the globalists themselves. This agenda is anti-human. They seek to murder most of us.

They have an agenda, called Agenda 21, and they seek to limit the population and kill 90 percent of the people on the planet. This is not a friendly agenda.

That's why they are pushing homosexuality and they are using the homosexual community as a weapon against the family.

Please wake up to this. Don't allow yourself to be used for something that's going to destroy you in the end.

Not only are the homosexual practices you're engaging in not good for your health, but on a larger scale, the new world order is not good for your health. It's not good for anyone's health. They are planning to kill you, but I want you to just imagine for a minute -- Let's just imagine for a moment that a group of murderers got together in secret and managed to come up with rational arguments for consensual murder. That's right. Two consensual adults, if they want to murder or be murdered, it should be nobody's business. Okay. And they came up with these arguments for consensual murder. They managed to have consensual murder legalized and approved by the APA as sane behavior. Imagine that they demand special rights of protection for consensual murders and they're victims, so if you happen to assault a consensual murdering couple, while they're in the act, and try to save the murder victim, you will get twice as much time in jail. Imagine that they begin a political campaign for human rights, saying that they should be able to murder and torture provided that the murder and torture is consensual. And these murders garner support from many people in high places and from Hollywood and big corporations, imagine that anyone who dares to disagree with this practice is condemned as a hater. People lose their jobs for speaking against consensual murder. People are sent death threats for disagreeing openly on TV news shows and tossed from college level mental health programs because they refuse to go along with this new morality that says murder is okay. Imagine that they come up with a trendy acronym like the CMCT community and all of your concerns about this insanity are completely dismissed by everyone. You are mocked, maligned and ridiculed. They completely dismiss you simply by tacking a label on you, you are a hater. Imagine that you start speaking out on YouTube and you create a website and imagine that you are then put on the Southern Poverty Law Center's list and you are called a hate group, and you are put in a government database as such.

Imagine this movement gains a massive amount of power to the point that even the media oppresses people who disagree and mock those who are against consensual murder. They have skits on Saturday Night Live mocking those who disagree with murder. You're mocked on television, slandered because of your beliefs. Imagine they create TV shows, reality shows, that showcase consensual murder. They feature consenting adults who love to be sadistic and some who want to be dominated and then murdered. And these murderers start to have consensual murder parades where they dress like serial killers and run around with hatchets and drink blood.

Imagine that they gain such political support that they can come into your kids' elementary school and teach your child that murder is good and that being a murder victim is desirable. It's an extreme high. Imagine that they teach the children that anyone who speaks against consensual murder is a bigot and a hater. Imagine that these murders make up 2 percent of the population and they're terrorizing 75 percent of the population. Imagine that they declare murder a human right and claim that you just want to stop them because you hate murderers.

How would you feel? You probably would feel like you're in the Twilight Zone and that the world had gone insane.

Well, that's how the Christian feels when homosexuality is weaponized against them and the homosexual community seeks to destroy and redefine the traditional family and marriage and destroy the bedrock of the whole of western society. The homosexual community seeks to obliterate everything this country stands for. They call evil good and good evil and they expect everyone to capitulate. They are not satisfied if you are just a live and let live person. They want nothing less than complete praise, thanks and worship of their homosexuality. They are not satisfied when we say we can just agree to disagree, you live your life and I'll live mine.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no. You must approve. You must say it is righteousness and if you do not go along with the new morality, you will be fired from your job. You will be sued if you do not agree, to engage -- allow your corporation to engage homosexuals. If you're a photographer and you do not want to photograph a gay wedding, you will be forced to or you will be run out of business.

This is a war being waged on humanity and I think that it is a disgrace. And I think that if you are an American and you believe in the Constitution, and you happen to be gay, you should reject this, reject the indoctrination of children, reject that there are sick people who want to take a 5 and 8 year old to a sex change clinic -- This is an abomination, that they want to legalize pedophilia. When are the homosexuals who abhor these things going to stand up and say this is outrageous? I haven't seen it happen.

Are there any homosexuals that have any sense of right and wrong? Because I haven't seen anyone come out and repudiate these things.

You know, I say, if you're immoral in your bedroom, you're immoral everywhere else as well. You can't just be immoral in one area of your life. Immoral is immoral is immoral. Prove me wrong. Prove me wrong. Come out and repudiate these things.

That's all I have to say. Thank you.

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