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Transgender male proposes to girlfriend at White House Gay Pride reception

Transgender male proposes to girlfriend at White House Gay Pride reception

As the old song says, “Isn’t it romantic” we see an impromptu marriage proposal scene play out in the White House during a Gay Pride reception, as others at the reception happily watch.

Liz Margolies was against the institution of marriage before Scout, a trans male, proposed to her, but at the White House Gay Pride reception things suddenly changed.

Prior to Scout’s proposal, Margolies sent him an article about turtles getting a divorce after 115 years of marriage, saying, “See?  It doesn’t work.”  Scout said, “Screw that.”

He proposed to her on bended knee in front of everyone in the White House and asked her hand in marriage.

"I memorized some things but I kind of forgot half of them," Scout told The Huffington Post right after. He listed some of them: "Because the last three and a half years, you have been an amazing adventure. Because you try harder than anyone in the world. Because while I'm a little scared to spend the rest of my life with you, because you're so damn fierce, I'm also amazingly excited about the possibility."

"All I remember hearing is, 'You'll be a better person,'" Margolies said.

Margolies hesitated for what seemed like years to Scout, but at the encouragement of many people attending the White House event, she accepted his proposal.

Because of Margolies' beliefs, she didn't respond immediately after Scout proposed. Several seconds passed as at least a dozen people gathered and began snapping pictures. Scout said it felt like "about 19 years" passed in those seconds.

"She is crickets. Crickets, crickets," he said. "She's backing away from me. Meanwhile, I’m now on my knee scooting. I said, 'You're amazing. I love you.'"

"All I'm [thinking] is, 'Oh fuck, he's on his knee,'" Margolies replied. "But, I said yes."

Scout, who legally changed his name to one word, is the director of Network for LGBT Health Equity at The Fenway Institute and lives in Rhode Island.  Margolies lives in New York City and is the executive director of the National LGBT Cancer Network.  Since Scout is legally male, their marriage will be recognized just like any other heterosexual marriage.

As Scout pointed out, "Gay marriage laws don't stop us, they just impact all the people we love and obviously leave us a little chary about the institution in general."

After Scout put the pink-gold ring on her finger, she flashed it before everyone at the White House and warming to the idea of marriage as she said, “I’m engaged!” The happy couple hugged and kissed everyone at the reception, according the Huffington Post.

Proposal starts at the 1:55 mark in the video below:

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