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Cult leader pleas guilty to killing 4-year-old boy he thought was gay

Cult leader pleas guilty to killing 4-year-old boy he thought was gay

On June 11, 2012, cult leader, Peter Lucas Moses, age 28, plead guilt to first-degree murders of a four-year-old “common-law” son, Jadon Higganbothan and Antoinetta Yvonne McKoy, one of his wives, after prosecutors in North Carolina dropped the death penalty.

Moses was the leader of a cult called Black Hebrew Israelites and back in 2011, he shot Higganbothan in the head for slapping another child on the behind.  This behaviour Moses deemed as gay behaviour, so Moses gave the little boy the “Biblical” punishment of death for homosexuality.

“Sometime in October 2010, prosecutors told the judge, one of the women told the defendant that Jadon had hit another child’s bottom, and Moses retaliated because he thought the boy might be homosexual – partially because the child’s father had left his mother,” the News-Observer, a local Durham County paper reported, adding, “Investigators discovered the remains in June, months after their investigation began as a missing person case.”

“Homosexuality, [District Attorney] Cline contended, is frowned upon by the Black Hebrews, so the defendant asked the boy’s mother to get rid of him.

“Moses then ordered two of the other women to set up computers and speakers in the garage, prosecutors contend, then the defendant took the boy into the garage, where music and the Lord’s Prayer in Hebrew blared, and a gunshot sounded. One of the women told investigators the boy was shot in the head.

Neighbours smelled the child’s dead body and found his body in a plastic bag. They then reported what they found to authorities.

One of Moses’ four wives became an informant for the police and gave more details of the murder, but no explanation for why Moses had Antoinetta Yvonne McKoy killed.

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  • Deborah_B

    That is disturbing on many levels.  In his deranged thinking, the plural wives were also "biblical" since, like killing gays, that's totally all right in the Old Testament.

    • Except he had one thing wrong- he used a gun instead of stones.  He probably had at least one thing wrong with all his wives too.  I really do hope he gets life in prison without a chance for parole.  It is crimes like this that deserve prison sentences, not non-violent acts, IMO.

  • Skater60_00

    So, take your "Bible", tear or cut off the Old Testament and drop it in the recycle bin – you now have a Bible you can mostly understand – but you still have to use your brain when you read it.  The New Testament is NOT God's word, it was written by men, but it does CONTAIN God's word.  You have to figure out for yourself which is which.


    • Deborah_B

      You raise a good point about the OT, Skater60, and I agree that people need to use their brains when reading the NT.  However, I think that neither will happen — i.e., tossing out the OT or the masses putting their thinking caps on when reading the NT.

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