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Connecticut considers safe abortion care an essential health care benefit covered by state insurance

Connecticut considers safe abortion care an essential health care benefit covered by state insurance

Earlier this month, women’s health care won a victory in Connecticut, when lawmakers declared that abortion is an essential health care benefit and covered under insurance policies under the Affordable Care Act, which will begin in 2014.

According to RH Reality Check, “The move, which will provide more coverage than the basic federal employee plan does, means that Connecticut residents will have insurance that will pay for elective abortions rather than only those for rape, incest or a woman's health.”

Starting in 2014, all health care plans must cover certain essential health care, which each state must decide how to define “essential health care” and Connecticut started with an issue they thought was a battleground.  However, it passed easily, despite concerns about debates and maybe even pushback over the final decision.  Other states are currently debating abortion and contraception in their health care, but Connecticut is ahead of other states in making this decision.

"I was surprised that that was so easy," Robert McLean of the Connecticut State Medical Society told Jaff after the vote. No one spoke during the public comment portion of the meeting.

"It's a matter of health. We wanted to protect a woman's right to chose," said Veltri. "I didn't suspect that this would be an issue here."

Peter Wolfgang, an opponent of abortion and leader of Family Institute, stated he is upset with the decision, especially when hundreds of people in New Haven are rally against contraceptive coverage and abortion.

"The pro-abortion movement has their tentacles wrapped around state government. The devil is clearly in the details when implementing the new health law," he said.

Eric Scheidler, executive director of Pro-Life Action League, is concerned that the cost of abortions will transfer to the policyholders adding, “That's a real problem when you compel someone to pay for what they consider homicide.”

Federal law requires everyone to have health insurance by 2014, unless the Supreme Court strikes down all of the Affordable Care Act, then states will need to amend their state law to end the “essential benefits package”.  Both Federal and State law do not require people to purchase the essential benefits package though.

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