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Macabre images to be featured throughout seven states in anti-abortion campaign

Macabre images to be featured throughout seven states in anti-abortion campaign

Created Equal and Operation Rescue have announced a "voter education" strategy aimed at getting the anti-abortion vote out on November 6.   Their press release states that "battleground" states including Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Missouri, and Iowa will be targeted, and other states are being considered.

Beginning on June 23 in Columbus, Ohio, the two groups will launch their "mobile billboard" campaign with trucks featuring macabre images of mutilated fetuses.

Mark Harrington, Executive Director of Created Equal says, "America is at a crossroads.   We have been killing children in the womb for almost forty years.   On November 6, 2012, America will either choose life or death.   Our billboards permit the victims of abortion to speak for themselves.   If the photographic evidence of the injustice of abortion doesn't activate the pro-life vote, nothing will."

Harrington has been a supporter of the so-called "Heartbeat Bill" introduced in Ohio by Janet Porter of Faith2Action, who had previously lost her radio networks due to her controversial Christian dominionist leanings.   Porter's bill, which would have banned abortion in most cases, was not introduced in the GOP-dominated Senate.   As Right Wing Watch reports, Republican Senate President criticized Faith2Action for making "exaggerated and inflammatory statements" in connection with its campaign to ban abortion once a heartbeat was detected in a fetus.

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  • Rachel A. Moore

    One day when I was walking down the street with my 2 year old daughter she suddenly saw this picture and ask "Daddy what is that?". Now you tell me, how should I explain this disturbing image to my 2 year old??

    Rachel A. Moore
    Click Here

    • Guinefort

      The truth is often inconvenient.  You could explain that it is something that might have happened to her; it is what has happened to one third of her generation.


  • This is too much to put out on the streets. In my country there are macabre images on cigarette packages, which is OK, it is seen by adults only – more or less, but by any means, by those whom it targets.  But these images are seen by anyone, children included, it is wrong to campaign like this…

    • That's the whole point.  They want to target everyone, esp the young, who's minds are very impressionable, so that can draw them into Dominionism.  Get them while their young, by brainwashing them while they are still young, and they will be easy targets as they get older, like an age where Dominionist children invite them to church, with the hopes of eventually having them in adulthood, if not before- the before is if they succeed in drawing in their parents.  Notice another main target in the video- the Black community.  Religion is pure mind slavery.

  • I think the images are some of the worst propaganda, because in the first trimester, most fetuses don't look like that.  In fact, they totally skip over the blastocyst stage, the zygote stage, and skip right over to photoshop dead babies, misinforming people about what an aborted fetus looks like in the first stages.  A friend took me to a pro-life clinic once, years ago, when we were around 20 y.o.  She was unmarried and carrying twins.  They had premature babies in glass jars, telling my friend who was like 2 months pregnant that her babies looked like that.  I didn't buy it then, but she did, married the man who fathered her children, only to later, a few months after they were born, to leave the twin babies in a ditch.  Authorities took their babies, of course, and placed her in a mental institution for a while.  She never got her twins back either.  Of course, when she did that, after they were born, that was also the end of our friendship, because I could not handle what she did to two living people.

    The video is a pure brainwash, pure propaganda, and not reality. I wish we could ban them, but unfortunately, the 1st Amendment allows for this B.S. and unfortunately, people buy into it, thinking it is reality and complete fact.

    • skater60

       Yikes!  More Photoshop stuff?  Plastic dolls?  Fake blood? 


      I support a woman's right (within limits) to have an abortion procedure.  But I also support the right for her to be fully aware of the consequences of her actions – making an informed decision, in other words.  And, no, I am not a religionist.

      • Medical information is part of informed decisions, but religious views are not.  Priests are not doctors.

  • Ste

    What if an Athiest group put up a billboard showing a priest abusing a child (not graphically but suggestively). All of the religious groups would be calling it an attack and probably sue.
    At least the priest scenario would have more truth to it!
    I think the pro choice side should look into the campaign, find source images/information. 

  • Seth

    Why are the images offensive?

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