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Kingdom League International spells out the “7 Spheres of Society”- a 7 Mountains Agenda, which truly angers this humanist

Kingdom League International spells out the “7 Spheres of Society”- a 7 Mountains Agenda, which truly angers this humanist

At the end of May, Kingdom League International (KLI) took credit for stopping the spread of whooping cough in Seattle with their prayers.

In the report, the site mentions the “7 Spheres of Society”.  On further investigation, these “7 Spheres” are the “7 Mountains” agenda, which Kingdom Leagues, affiliated with Watchman Ministries, spelled out on their site, which caused me to want to express my thoughts concerning their “Modern Day Inquisition” and they wonder why atheists are so angry.  One reason atheists are so angry is partly due to inhumane agendas such as KLI and Watchmen Ministries.

Since 1992 our vision has been to "declare and prepare."  We've been faithful to declare the strategy God gave us to empower churches to follow David’s example when He began to build his kingdom.  We have also equipped the Body of Christ in churches, cities and regions to establish 24/7 prayer and form strategic councils.

While we will continue to build on the anointing God has given us for prayer, now we will pioneer new strategies.  These will enable us to plant churches and to make disciples of community leaders and ministers alike.  These then will go forth to transform each sphere of society as they seek to fulfill their destinies in Christ.

The plan is absolute destruction of society, the environment, and life itself, with even a manual for “The Army of God”, with Revolutionary concepts for Warfare, and Jenny McCoy on “The Lord’s Watch”, as though she is a WAC from back in the day.  It all includes a violent theme, on their part, much like a modern Inquisition, with angry rap music to go with it, as though they do not wish atheist rappers to up stage them explaining why atheists are so angry.  At least atheist rap music and speeches do not sound like it comes out of a horror movie.

Such an agenda only contributes to a dysfunctional society, not a functional and healthy society.  The studies found that the higher the religiosity in a society, the higher the crime and the lower the religiosity in a society, the lower the crime.  The “7 Spheres/Mountains” does not contribute to a better “moral landscape” either.  It only contributes to flying airplanes into buildings and terrorism on a narrow and wide scale level, no matter if it is Christianity, Judaism, or Islam.  No matter which religion extremists adhere to, they all want to control and enslave other human beings, among other things, including a warped sense of morals, which they say comes from the Bible.

The Religious Reich, or more specifically the KLI, explains what they plan to do this with “New Wineskins”, which they say is not new, but “an ancient pattern”.

Kingdom League International (KLI) is a new wineskin that is mobilizing the body of Christ as the army of the Lord city by city.  It is a covenant keeping people passionate about presenting the gospel of the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ in love, with power and strategic wisdom.

The characteristics of the “New Wineskin” involve “results, not excuses”, as they plan to "drive responsibility and authority to its lowest level", building a kingdom with “co-labor towards kingdom objectives”, stating that the Church is people, not a building.

Its distinctiveness is three fold with twelve distinctive councils of leaders representing the “7 spheres of society” and the five-fold ministry, so they can force the God Virus on people through means of abuse that causes trauma.

1.  Operation Rolling Thunder mobilizes 24/7prayer in a city with the goal of involving at least 31 churches which take responsibility for one day per month.

2.  The CONECT system connects local churches within cities and the Church in regions to build the wall of prayer, facilitate the watch, and gather spiritual intelligence.

3.  Twelve councils of leaders are chosen from among local churches, where their characters and gifts have been proven.  These councils are like strategic think tanks for developing prayer and action strategies.  They help the Church execute these strategies to transform society through the presentation of the gospel of the kingdom.

The first thing on the 7 Spheres” page concerns marriage, in which site owner Tim Taylor stated he called for “Operation Rolling Thunder”, which is a prayer strategy, they credit with stopping whooping cough, exposing healthcare fraud, and exposing supernatural signs in heaven and on earth.  The “Operation Rolling Thunder” concerning marriage also involves prayer, two petitions, and Gospel verses to justify their behaviour, asking “God to lift the veil, change people’s hearts, and for them to act on truth” using spiritual and religious mental abuse and brainwashing.

Pray God lift the veil, change peoples hearts, and they would act on truth.  Supporting Scriptures:

  • 2 Corinthians 4:3-4 – There is a veil the god of this age has used to blind their minds.
  • Ephesian 2:2 – the prince of the power of the air is at work and we need to obtain air (prayer) superiority
  • Isaiah 2:2 & Psalm 18:6-14 – Air superiority and the high ground is occupied long term through Operation Rolling Thunder.  Pray for cities in 39 counties to use ORT to establish 24/7/365 prayer while establishing 7 strategic councils.
  • Matthew 13:18-23 – Parable of the Sower – reasons why the truth does not bear fruit and the kinds of heart that yield fruit
  • 1 John 4:6 – Spirit of truth and spirit of error

The site shows a fear-mongering yellow propaganda election video, called “Test of Fire”, which they say the Catholic Church made. The KLI believes the video powerfully shows the truth with a sledgehammer stamping out jobs, mentally enslaved people robotically vote at the polls, and burning jobs, as well as the economy, via the use of a blacksmith. The video also states that life, marriage, and freedom are not negotiable, as they use fire to tell people “your vote will affect the future” and “recorded in eternity,” asking if it will stand the test of fire. Basically, the Church’s video threatens hell to those who do not vote in accordance to the Bible and Church teachings, knowing that hell was invented by the Church in an effort to control the Vulgar, like the Borg with similar ideology.

They intend to enslave people mentally and physically by attacking the “7 spheres of society” and the Bible does allow slavery. Thus, they truly believe that they can enslave people’s minds in this manner.

The “7 spheres/mountains of society” are Church and Religion, Government, Family, Education, Business, Media, and Healthcare.

For the Church and Religion sphere, KLI lays out the nine strategies:

  1. Formation of aWA ST Church council by end of 2012
  2. Harvest of souls and church planting strategy – 10% increase in both
  3. A tsunami of souls accepting Jesus as both savior and Lord in every age group and culture such that souls are saved, disciples are trained and deployed back into the 7 spheres of society.
  4. Increase in cooperation and honor measured by the number of churches, cities and counties working together through Operation Rolling Thunder.  At the start of 2012 churches in Whatcom, Jefferson, Spokane and King County were utilizing the ORT strategy.
  5. Operation Rolling Thunder – Click here   – Church in all 39 counties mobilized so that 24/7 prayer occurs all year round and each county forms a Transformation Task Force with 7 councils
  6. Expansion of our team/finances/office/strategic communication system needed to sustain the growth and facilitation of teamwork in the body of Christ in WA ST as ORT is deployed.
  7. Strategies to reach people in mercy who are trapped in sin while upholding a standard of justice and truth regarding the systems, sin and law that bind people.
  8. Wisdom to make and deploy disciples who transform the other 6 spheres of society

The ninth one is prayer in order to force people into mind slavery and to re-enact the Inquisition all over again. All these rituals help in setting up the mind to believe in mythological Wonderland.

In the Family Sphere, they hope to control families, especially women and gays, with 8 tactics.

  1. Form a Washington state family council
  2. Marriage protected –  see government sphere for the issues and strategy
  3. Decrease in divorce
  4. Decrease in abortions- government trying to force insurance companies to pay for abortion
  5. Increase adoptions
  6. Decrease in human trafficking
  7. Decrease in domestic violence

The eighth tactic is once again prayer all in an effort to keep others from marrying, just as they did prior to 1967 and Loving v Virginia.  Meanwhile, any woman who uses contraception is a tramp, especially if she also loves his twin brother, because she is not pumping out babies like a factory with one man.

While I agree a decrease in human trafficking and domestic violence is a good thing that we must strive to do, religion will not do it.  It will only make it worse and cause further dysfunction in society, causing humans to go in a vicious circle with superstition.

Government is much the same with petitions and prayer, as they attempt to make this nation a Theocracy that it never was to begin with. If our forefathers were alive today, they would be shocked, especially since the god these people are pushing on others is not a deistic deity.  Their agenda looks like pure Christian Sharia to me.

  1. Formation of a state government council.
  2. Laws and candidates that uphold God's word and declare truth.
  3. US & Washington State elections  – God's choice
  4. Bind the spirit of error and loose a spirit of truth – 1 John 4:6
  5. The veil over peoples minds and hearts removed – 2 Cor. 4:3-4
  6. gubernatorial candidates
  7. Righteous laws – WA ST Fight for marriage – PRAYER & ACTION
  8. Initiative 1192 – 300,000 signatures by July
  9. Referendum 74 – 180,000 signatures by June
  10. a word from Pastor Shahram Hadian
  11. Christians repent of apathy, register and vote.  Note, only about 30% participate in the actual electoral process and vote.
  12. Pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are either running for office or are currently serving in office: Shahram Hadian, Kirk Pearson, Stephen Pidgeon, Matt Shea,
  13. Pray for our governor & legislators for wisdom and righteous decisions

Education includes brainwashing and enslaving young minds at a very early age, instead of teaching real science, such as Evolution, and true accurate history.  This of course would exclude teachers, especially science and history teachers who teach reality and truth to our children and grandchildren, instead of fiction:

  1. Form a state education council
  2. Curriculum in our state that reflects truth with a spirit of excellence
  3. Under construction – we would welcome input from kingdom minded educators
  4. Prayer for KLI
  5. Pray for homeschoolers

Concerning healthcare, we see more of the same mind-slavery and control of people, in which the jobs will go to the Crackers who enforce religious dogma and for the record, “Cracker” means “one who cracks the whip”, in this case, of which sometimes the master put a slave in charge of other slaves.  Understandably, the slaves hated that slave greatly.

The plan not only enslaves women, but it is not conducive to life, with women and children ending up with the highest mortality rate, mainly during childbirth, leaving veterinarians to attend them:

  1. Formation of a Washington State Healthcare Council
  2. Repeal Obama Care and any other law that advocates the use of government monies for abortion
  3. Increase the number of healing rooms in cities
  4. Increase the number of kingdom minded peopled called into healthcare
  5. Wisdom and favor for kingdom minded healthcare workers
  6. Prayer for KLI's Healthcare Sphere
  7. If you are a Christian doctor, nurse, specialist, or professional that works in healthcare or are a minister that ministers in healing we would welcome you input in this area.  What would transformation look like in Washington State.

This is not much different from the tactics occurring here in Missouri, especially concerning employers and women.

Personally, I do not want a “healing room” where others lay hands one me without my consent, especially not in superstitious prayer that does nothing.  I certainly do not want “kingdom minded people” attending to my health either.  I want a legitimate doctor, who adheres to modern science, doing whatever he can to save a woman’s life and/or treat her for rape or incest, even if it means an abortion.  Keep your superstitious so-called medical personnel away from me and get me real medical personnel who do their job.

Business and media is much of the same mind-slavery as the others, with women and children on the lowest level of the slaves, as they serve the Magisteria, which now includes more than just the Vatican, from what I can tell.  In this case, they crack the whip with scare tactics and religious abuse, with the use of fear-mongering and mind-controlling authority.  The use of the media only intensifies mind enslaving brainwashing and fear, of which I rarely watch anyway.

The KLI states that love is one of their values, but what they impose on others is not love.  Rather, their plan appears in love with hatred, cruelty, death, and destruction, although they would insist it is the other way around with humanists doing the death and destruction.  As the FFRF says, “Nothing fails like prayer” and if the KLI uses only pray, people will die.

Another one of their values is the mythical character called Jesus Christ, a remake of previous mythical characters such as Horus and Krishna, with the Ekklesia the next value, as they pull out Bible verses, not much different from what one can find in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. I personally like Picard of Star Trek, as well as the values in Star Trek, but I guess there is no accounting for taste, especially concerning Christian extremists.

The KLI attributes all sorts of things to the mythical character of Jesus, which were hardly original and the verses they pull are actually in the stories attributed to Paul, apparently a self-loathing homosexual, who never met Jesus.  Not only that, they seem to forget the setting in which Jesus communed with his apostles was more socialistic than capitalistic, but still they list their values and pull Bible verses to support their views, which any church, liberal or Evangelical can do and often does.

The Church is the governmental assembly of people of called out ones, ambassadors, united by a passion to present the gospel of the kingdom in the character of Christ with signs and wonders confirming their word.

Ephesians 1:22  And He put all things under His feet, and gave Him to be head over all things to the church,  NKJV

Ephesians 3:10-11  to the intent that now the manifold wisdom of God might be made known by the church to the principalities and powers in the heavenly places,  according to the eternal purpose which He accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord, NKJV

I enjoy pretending I am an ambassador of Betazed, but that does not make it so.  However, I know I am pretending at various Star Trek convention and other Star Trek gatherings of fans.  There is a huge difference between fantasy and reality.  Seems to me KLI does not know the difference.

Their list of values continue, but not a one of their values concerns reason, compassion, education, love of fellow human beings and other animals, peace, health, concern for our home called earth, and freedom, including freedom of choices, thought, and speech.  It is quite sad when people end up with the God Virus this bad and abuse people in this manner, even if they are the Vatican or the KLI.

The Seven whatever they want to call it, is nothing more than another Inquisition in the making and groups like this will bring about wars, terrorism, death, and another Dark Age, but they enjoy projecting such things on others, instead of taking credit for what they are actually attempting.  You can watch their ad, which projects these things on the secular nation our forefathers intended, as they try to assimilate individuals like the Borg and send people to the Land of Oz to meet Jesus, God, and Casper, the Holy Spirit.

With such plans for a New Inquisition, they wonder Why Atheists are So Angry.  This is why I am so angry.  Such yellow journalism, plans for a Modern Day Inquisition, that includes hatred and mental, physical, and sexual abuse with the use of mythology and horror movie techniques, with delusional promises, which include Wonderland and false beliefs of healing, that only lead to war, death, destruction, and a Dark Age, makes me angry.  All of these attempts at mind slavery, not only makes me angry, but also treads on human freedom.  We cannot have freedom OF religion, without freedom FROM religion, not even Christians, and we must have this freedom from mind control in our government, education, healthcare, employment, families, and media too.

These “7 Spheres” are nothing more than an attempt to brainwash, control, and enslave people, with the use of fear, punishment and torture, brought on by other humans, not a deity.  In the end, such people will find, if they survive long enough, that their god is actually a nuclear weapon and they wasted their lives hating and hurting people for no reason.  Then again, if they are dead, they will learn nothing.  It makes you wonder if within the human species there is a Bonobo type and a chimpanzee type human ape.

Luckily, resistance is not futile and we can escape the enslavement of religious superstition and abuse.

About Mriana

Mriana is a humanist and the author of "A Source of Misery", who grew up in the Church of God, Anderson Indiana. After she became an adult, she joined the Episcopal Church, but later left the Church and became a humanist. She has two grown sons and raises cats. Mriana raised her sons in the Episcopal Church, but in their teen years, they left the Church and she soon followed. One of her sons became a "Tao Buddhist" and the other a None, creating his own world view. She enjoys writing, reading, science, philosophy, psychology, and other subjects. Mriana is also an animal lover, who cares for their welfare as living beings, who are part of the earth. She is a huge Star Trek fan in a little body.
  • Deborah_B

    Sometimes I wonder if their solution for healthcare is to ignore medicine and pray it all away.  Very good, comprehensive article.

    • Thank you and it seems to be with what I learned on that site.  Such a belief is a very dangerous one.  Right now they are trying to tell me and another non-believer, that the vaccination caused the Whooping Cough epidemic and their prayers is what stopped the epidemic.  *rolling eyes*  The stupid, it burns!  

    • Being non-religious myself, I still encourage prayer. Mainly because our prayers are to ourselves (to our higher power) which automatically engages our imagination and makes us feel better…at least temporarily.
      However, praying to cure a community illness by replacing modern medicine might be a mis-take by zealous believers. A sort of snake-handling?
      I'm convinced prayer is useful in helping shape our future and helps us in choosing our way..
      Donny (Life Coach)

      • I always stressed out more when I prayed. It never was relaxing or comforting to me. Now, Native American music is relaxing and comforting to me. I can lay back and totally unstress from it, at least temporarily. It is my form of meditation, but prayer, for me, is a waste of time and energy.

        • Mriana…Hey, whatever works! As a professional life coach, destressing is one of my specialties. In my practice, I've found that the main cause of stress is unwanted and unsolicited thoughts that we allow to take root. And I have effective techniques for anyone who wants a breakthrough. Simplifying it, the key is creative thinking, That's what I teach. But not everyone wants, or needs to do the work. Donny

          • Oh I already solved that problem by leaving religion.

            • Mriana…Sorry, Im not clear as to what problem you solved by leaving religion? Donny

              • The problem of unwanted and unsolicited thoughts. Leaving religion, which also meant stopping prayer, helped a lot.

      • Deborah_B

        I agree with you, Donny. If I remember right, a study came out recently that showed that the self-reflective nature of prayer does help some individuals with problem solving. And I agree regarding the community aspect you mentioned.

        • DeborahB…Thanks for the link to the study of self prayer. I think praying to ourselves just goes along perfectly with what Jesus (reportedly) said, that "the Kingdom of God is within." And so praying to ourselves means we're honoring the God within ourselves. The meaning of "Namaste," btw. Cool, huh? And so I say Namaste to you.

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