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Oklahoma mother angry that hospital would not treat her daughter, a rape victim

Oklahoma mother angry that hospital would not treat her daughter, a rape victim

An Oklahoma City mother is angry because a doctor at a local hospital refused to treat her 24-year-old daughter, who was a victim of rape.  The doctor refused to do a rape exam and give emergency contraceptives to the alleged rape victim, citing religious convictions, as heard in the video above.

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) rotate around the various hospitals in the area, but the doctor even refused to refer the mother and daughter to a different hospital to seek treatment for the sexual assault.

The mother said they did file a report with the police concerning the rape, before going to the hospital, but the mother stated that doctor seemed to lack sympathy for her daughter and treated her as though she was at fault for the rape.

The two did go to a Baptist hospital and claimed that the Baptist hospital treated them better. They also did the rape exam, but no mention of receiving emergency contraception.

However, Integris Canadian Valley Hospital told News 9 that they did exam and treat the patient, as well as referred them to the Baptist Hospital where SANE was on call for that day.

The mother and daughter were told to file a complaint against the doctor who refused to treat the young woman for rape.

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  • tnlib

    Edit much?

  • If your religious superstition prevents you from giving legally prescribed care then you should be fired. Your medical lisenced revoked. You can't deny care. sue the hospital, the care giver, the church. Maje such bullshit unaffordable to assert.

  • Deborah_B

    With all their "religious conscience objections," why should religious people work at secular or public medical facilities?  These "objections" take away from any uniform standard of care that patients expect when they seek emergency care.

  • RoB

    When your professional responsibility is in direct conflict with your religious beliefs, you need to find a new job. There's no reason that anyone else should be subjected to YOUR standards regardless of how strongly you believe in them. Call the poor girl a sinner behind her back if it makes you feel better, but DO YOUR JOB.

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