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A North Carolina pastor wants concentration camps for gays and lesbians, while Rev. Welton Gaddy says, "That's not Christian"

A North Carolina pastor wants concentration camps for gays and lesbians, while Rev. Welton Gaddy says, "That's not Christian"

Pastor Charles Worley, of Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, North Carolina, says he knows how to get rid of LGBTs.  He wants to place them in a type of concentration camp, with an electrified fence so that they cannot get out of confinement.  He would place the gays in one and the lesbians in the other, then fly over and drop food into the interment camp.

Concerning homosexuality, he stated, "The Bible's agin it.  God's agin it.  I'm agin it and if you have a lick of sense you're agin it."

Worley continues with his rant by saying, "I figured a way out, a way to get rid of all the lesbians and queers, but I couldn't get it past the Congress."  He then described his way to get rid of LGBTs by saying, "Build a great, big, large fence — 150 or 100 mile long — put all the lesbians in there" and then continued, "Fly over and drop some food.  Do the same thing with the queers and the homosexuals, and have that fence electrified so they can't get out.  Feed them.  And you know in a few years, they'll die out.  You know why?  They can't reproduce."

Afterwards, he stated he would not vote for a "baby killer" and a "homosexual lover", much less even imagine kissing another man, adding that it makes him "pukin' sick to think about it".

The church removed this sermon from their website after part of it went viral.

After the video went viral, CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 noticed the story and interviewed Rev Welton Gaddy of State of Belief radio show and president of The Interfaith Alliance.

Rev Gaddy told Cooper he sees nothing Christian about what Worley said in the pulpit, as well as nothing American about it.  Gaddy then stated that Worley's sermon is contradictory to a religion based on love and acceptance, adding that it also violated everything we know and understand about the Constitution.  Towards the end of the CNN video, Gaddy stated that in one full sweep, Worley manage to discredit, from his pulpit, both the Constitution of the United State and the compassion we find in the Bible.  Additionally, according to Gaddy, Worley then did a dangerous thing by planting seeds of hatred in sick minds that in the right circumstances can act on them and do the kind of violence that has no place in our world.

According to Newsy, this is not the first time Worley went on a gay bashing rant from his pulpit.

In 1978, as captured in the CNN video below, Worley said, "They would of hung 'em from a white oak tree."  Accordingly, it was pointed out to Worley he could loose his tax-exempt status for what he said concerning Obama and possibly be arrested.  Worley does not seem to care and even said, "Praise God" concerning the possibility.

Newsy also stated that Worley's congregation support him, but others in the town are outraged by what he said and want it known they do not support what he said and want people to know they do support the LGBT community.

The Catawba Valley Citizens Against Hate organization is organizing a peaceful protest against Worley's sermon, saying that "hate is not welcome in our community." Protest organizer Laura Tipton told MSNBC

"I think the message needs to get out… it's important that people know that not all of us feel this way, that there is support for the LGBT community in this state."

Newsy also reports that HLN stated that some of Worley comments could also get him into some serious legal trouble.

"He also said he would never vote for a president that supports abortion rights or same sex marriage…Some religious leaders may push to have the church's tax exemption revoked. They say that his comments about the president violate separation of church and state."

Since the video went viral and captured national attention, the website went down.

Update:  The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) alerted the IRS of Worley's statements from the pulpit concerning Obama.  They contested Worley's hate speech in his sermon, which Catawba Valley Citizens Against Hate pieced together in a video on YouTube.

In the FFRF letter sent on May 23 to the IRS Exempt Organizations Office in Dallas, Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel said that the pastor's "bigoted, genocidal scheme" is extremely disturbing, and other parts of the sermon appear to violate the IRS regulations that give the church its tax-exempt status.

Also in the letter, Seidel stated that Worley's bigoted genocidal scheme is disturbing to the extreme, as well as violates the church's tax-exempt status.  Accordingly, Worley also admitted he was using the pulpit to make partisan political statements, but was more concerned about asking people to imagine kissing another man from the pulpit.

Seidel added, "The conclusion is unavoidable: Pastor Worley knowing and intentionally spoke from his church's pulpit when he said that the Bible, God, he and anyone with sense is against gay marriage and should therefore refuse to vote for President Obama.

"FFRF respectfully requests that the IRS commence an immediate investigation to determine whether the Providence Road Baptist Church violated IRS regulations prohibiting them from endorsing or opposing political candidates. The IRS should take appropriate action to remedy any violations that occurred."

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  • hey guys, check out the current info on Paul Begley

    Paul Begley is a Catholic? Interview tonighthttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRjrymSU7wo

    • What does Charles Worley have to do with Paul Begley?

  • Vivisectus

    Well at least he is upfront about his bigotry. Good old honest ignorance seems better than the self-righteous "we hate the sin, not the sinner!" apologists.

    • Voice of Reason

       He is a product of his belief system, a true perversion of reality.  He will not change, he will continue to pollute common sense and breed hatred.  There is really no place in our amazing planet for this type of behavior.  Let them all go live in caves and they can be happy. 

      • Vivisectus

        Yes, but will they breed inside the caves, and will the fences be electrified? 😛

    • Why not be more like the Episcopalians and have neither?  Of course, churches like the Episcopal Church do have more educated people in them.

      • Vivisectus

        Because that would require them to abandon the guaranteed position of Righteous Few. The whole point of stupidity like this is that it divides the world up into easy categories: the Godly and the Satanic. If you make this system too complicated, and without an easily identified Other, the whole thing becomes too complicates and loses it's attraction.

        This is why you never see campaigns against divorce, or usury.

        • How do they know they are guaranteed or even "Righteous"?  Maybe they are the "Righteous Few".  Maybe they are the "Satanic ones" and don't know it.  lol

          • Vivisectus

            Not at all! Their interpretation of the Bible says they are not. And their interpretation must be right, because the have a personal relationship with Jesus, and if they were wrong, he would tell them so.

            All those other guys are being misled by Satan. Now to spot the difference, you just see if they use the right interpretation of the Bible. In english. Freely mixing bits of scriptures dating from a wide variety of times and cultural backgrounds without paying attention to the polemic aims of the writers of those passages.

            • Therein lies the problem and why I would far rather deal with Xians like the Episcopalians than crazy Xians like these guys.

  • Skater60_00

    Pastor Worley missed his cue – he'd of made a great 14th century pope.  He could have been known to us as St. Charles of Maiden, but NOooo he was late for the bus!

    When Pastor Worley gets to Heaven, Jesus (or a designee) will say to him "You were kidding right?  Tell us you were just kidding.  No?  You were serious?  Hmmm, okay, well now turn around and see what you'll be missing for a while until you clean up your act.  We'll be right here waiting for you.  Ring the bell when yer done."


  • Walklady

    This is why I have absolutely NO USE for religion! Unfortunately I live in the bible belt and this is also the mentality. So called Christians here in Arkansas are downright hateful, racist and prejudiced.

    • They are pretty bad in MO too and I was so thrilled when we started having Skepticon.

    • Walklady…Try using one of my favorite prayers…."Lord, save me from your followers!"

  • First, Churches should never be allowed to expound political stances.
    Second, if a citizen wants to expound a politcal stance based upon non-sensical religious dogma, then maybe they should be forcefully silenced.

    Of course, if the Churches wanted to start paying taxes…

  • Squeak

    I agree with everyone that this is just a pathetic, hateful, disgusting rant that could have serious repercussions in impressionable sick minds. But so far I haven't noticed anyone pointing out the hilarious part: This guy doesn't seem to realize where homosexuals come from. Unless all hetero couples are prevented from reproducing, new homosexuals will keep on joining the world regardless of how many he wants to hold in single sex pens. Does he really not get that?

  • " Rev Gaddy told Cooper he sees nothing Christian about what Worley said
    in the pulpit, as well as nothing American about it.  Gaddy then stated
    that Worley's sermon is contradictory to a religion based on love and

    Complete and utter bulltaco from another christinsane apologist.

    Worley is absolutely correct in everything he said about what is in the wholly babble and he is a perfect example of what a true babble believing christinsane idiot is.  The Dark Ages is where his ilk ruled Europe and folks like him, who actually know what the buybull says, would gladly return us to those gloriously christinsane days.

    Our country is the first in the history of the world to separate religion from government.  That is why we have a generally peaceful religious plurality in this country, and that is why christians like him hate the country, lie about it's secular founding, and claim it is a 'christian' country.

  • Y'know, free speech doesn't mean to abuse the priviledge. Calling for the murders of gays and lesbians disqualifies this hateful being from any form of religious leadership. One thing is clear…haters like Worley hate themselves. And so ironically, we can actually consider compassion for this misguided soul.

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