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Hang on to your socks for a memorable Memorial Day Weekend — Jesus is scheduled to return May 27 and the Worldwide Church of God will reunite

Hang on to your socks for a memorable Memorial Day Weekend — Jesus is scheduled to return May 27 and the Worldwide Church of God will reunite

Jesus is still scheduled to return on May 27, 2012, according to the latest message from end times prophet and head of the Church of God – PKG, Ron Weinland.

But perhaps it has become symbolic now because Jesus is returning to "the atmosphere of earth" and there's "been" a nuclear war, apparently symbolic of all the discord and different spinoffs created in the aftermath of the fall of the Worldwide Church of God. The Worldwide Church of God was formed by the late Herbert W. Armstrong and considered by many to have been a cult.  The church changed its doctrines a few years after Armstrong's death.

On April 28, Weinland's warning seemed a bit more tangible:

May 27, 2012, is the time that I have stated as being the date Jesus Christ will return as King of kings over all government on this earth. For such an event to come to pass, the Trumpets of Revelation must all sound, the United States and dollar collapse, the ten nations of Europe arise to fulfill the final revival of the Holy Roman Empire, and Russia with China must unite against Europe in WWIII.

As an aside, readers of this site should also grasp that as far as prophecy is concerned, ten nations in Europe have already combined in association with one another to the degree that the mixture of clay and iron is fulfilled. All that remains is their entrance into a final war, a prophecy that can be fulfilled quickly, as this posting will cover.

Like Harold Camping's May 21, 2011, end times date which turned into a "spiritual rapture" event when it failed to happen, Weinland's prophecy has become more esoteric, morphing into a prediction that "God is going to reunite His Church into a single organized body once again." "His Church" refers to about 600 offshoots of the Worldwide Church of God and around 63,000 people who had been baptized into it.

Weinland and his wife, who are apparently God's "witnesses," will become immortal and 7,000 people are going to die as Jesus' kingdom is ushered in:

“After three and one-half days [prophetic 3 ½ years] the Spirit of life from God entered into them [not physical life, but spirit life as the two witnesses are changed from mortal to immortal at Christ’s return], and they stood upon their feet [were made to “stand” in God—in His truth—in the sight of others once God shows all the scattered body irrefutable proof of their “standing” with Him through this resurrection] and great fear fell upon them who saw them” (Rev. 11:11). This is not talking about the world, but it is talking about the scattered Jerusalem who is struck with fear when they are brought face to face with this reality and truth of the resurrection of God’s two witnesses to immortal life as part of the 144,000.

“And they [God’s two witnesses] heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them, ‘Come up here.’ And they ascended up to heaven in a cloud, and their enemies beheld them” (Rev. 11:12). These two witnesses are not received by the scattered body as being brothers spiritually, nor as sent from God, but spiritually they are received as enemies to their belief and understanding of God’s will.

“And the same hour [when they are resurrected to spiritual life] there was a great earthquake [Gk – “shaking.” Used prophetically of a shaking of God’s people], and the tenth part of the city [Jerusalem—the scattered Church, not physical Jerusalem] fell, and in the earthquake [shaking] there were 7,000 ‘individually named’ [Gk. word omitted from KJV] people who were slain, and the remainder [Gk. – ‘the others’, ‘the rest’] were made afraid [brought to fear], and gave glory to the God of heaven” (Rev. 11:13-14).

This describes a scattered Church that God awakens through the reality of what they must now face. A nuclear war has erupted and Jesus Christ is returning in the atmosphere of this earth. God’s two witnesses are changed from mortal to immortal. Then 7,000 “named” (literally named by God and not random) individuals die, which includes first and foremost the ministry and other leading and well known people in the scattered groups. It also includes those who push themselves forward as “teachers” or individuals who are in the “know” about matters in God’s Church, especially in their attacks against God’s witnesses.

The 7,000 who die are the ten percent of the city that fell. There remains 63,000 who can now come to an awakening where they can now truly “give glory to the God of heaven,” after accepting His truth given through His two witnesses.

At this point, our job is done. Our work has come to an end as God’s witnesses. This is the final posting for this site and it is the final admonition to God’s scattered people. The Church is about to be reunited—just not in a manner that anyone scattered can conceive. The end-time is nearly over and the long awaited millennial reign of Jesus Christ is now nearly here.

Weinland says he'll be posting a final sermon for people to listen to Friday night and Saturday. Will it contain a warning to those who mock, like one of his previous ones (embedded below)? We only have to wait a day or so to find out.

{video link}

Herbert W. Armstrong was also one of God's witnesses, according to Armstrong, who described himself as "a voice crying out in the wilderness:"

{video link}

The Painful Truth website is a collection of horror stories, history, and other topics of interest published by survivors of the Armstrong religion. The stories there paint a different picture from the one created by Armstrong in his speeches.

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  • Mercy!  All this fuss over someone who happens to be named Jesus bringing fish, bread, and wine to my birthday party.  All they need to do is say what dish they are bringing to the party.  It's really no big deal.  Why you'd think this Jesus was a celebrity.

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  • How stupid can you be. Its like saying harry Potter will appear soon and if you do not believe in him you will perish. 

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  • Oh silly religious people. How many dates will need to be made? There is a large list on wiki already.

  • Vivisectus

    That is the great thing about Christianity. No matter how many things are proven to be complete nonsense, there is always a way to ignore it. Same with Ron: now the new message is that Jesus may return next pentecost.

    One of Ron's followers explained it this way: the apostles thought Jesus was coming back in their lifetime. Are you going to call them false? Well then Ron is not truly false either.

    I love religious logic 😛

    • Why don't they just call it a story and go on with life, instead of considering it historical reality?  Then they wouldn't have to twist their brains to make it work.  Of course if they enjoy doing that the Lorax would be easier to fit with reality and then there is the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland, all three I highly recommend.

  • Paul

    I just wrote the following email to Ronald Weinland. I don't expect to get a reply.

    It's not good enough to just dismiss your own prophecy as a continuous revelation of truth. You were wrong…AGAIN. It is not the world who needs to repent. They are in ignorance and can't help it, but you placed yourself as a prophet of God and that what you said was absolutely true. But yet again, as many others predicted, not only were you spectacularly wrong, but you gave false hope to thousands, many of whom may leave their faith and become disillusioned because of it. Either you are a prophet of God or you are not. There is no backing away, no readjustment of understanding. You declared quite firmly over the last few years the "certainty" of your prophecies and now when they do not come to pass you back away from them and basically blame God for not more fully revealing his truth. I told you I would hold you to account and that is precisely what I intend to do. It's not about judging or attacking you. It's about making it right. You owe your flock an apology. Your own words have found you out and you have been proven not to be a prophet of God. The Bible itself declares that the best way to test a prophet is of God is that if he prophesy and the thing does not come to pass he is no prophet. Simple. My advice? Apologise to the world and repent before man and God.


    • Chrisbrown0384

      god is here, u see how crazy this worlds acting.. i am christ.. but buddy, i dont even believe in religion, its just division, all this nonsense was written to enslave people.. there are no rules but good and evil.. and everyone has common sense of whats right and whats wrong..so everyone believe whatever they want, just be freaking happy and good people..

    • I don't know if that will help, given how arrogant he is.

  • May 28th. Clearly a false prophet. Mr Weinland should find a place to sit in the pews, not stand before them.

  • Ikinmoore

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ……………judging by his southern American accent, I guess this nutter is just another attention seeker making money out of a myth.

  •  Pathetic. Pathetic that people actually believe this nonsense. Talk about a slow learning curve….

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