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This week on the God Discussion Show — Abuse & Salvation

This week on the God Discussion Show — Abuse & Salvation

Abuse and salvation?  That’s our tagline for our GodDiscussion show on Thursday, May 24, 2012.

We’re covering a variety of topics … but what our guests have in common is that they’ve all been trained to minister the Christian faith.

Paul Begley

Pastor Paul Begley – YouTube’s Favorite End Times Prophet.

In a small town in Indiana, Pastor Paul Begley quietly tended his flock at the Community Gospel Baptist Church in Knox and preached on YouTube as part of his outreach.  But things exploded as 2011 rolled around, when thousands of birds and fish mysteriously died in Beebe, Arkansas, prompting Begley to preach about what is known as "the Hosea prophecy."  Time's online magazine and CNN both referred to Begley’s warnings and he received hundreds of thousands of views of his YouTube messages as a result.  Today, almost 10,000 subscribers tune in to his daily messages about what he sees to be the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

With his patent “Are you serious!” and “Jesus Saves!” introductions, Begley enjoys coffee from his signature cup bearing the same message as he tells his YouTube audience about earthquakes, wars and rumors of wars, blood red waters, weird atmospheric noises and a host of other ominous global events – all pointing to the end times.  But it’s not all doom and gloom – he’ll lead believers to salvation.  We’re not sure how many people he’s saved to date, but we’ll find out in the interview.  We’ll also discover what Pastor Begley thinks about pastors who give specific dates for Jesus’ return, what the top eschatological signs of the day are, and more.

Visit Paul online at http://www.paulbegleyprophecy.com.

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Hank Estrada – Author and Activist.

Hank EstradaHank Estrada’s book, UnHoly Communion – Lessons Learned from Life among Pedophiles, Predators, and Priests, might be one of the most shocking, candid and disturbing books you’ve ever read.

Turning to the Catholic Church as a means of healing from childhood abuse, Hank looked for consolation and comfort but instead found cruel deception and religious betrayal at the hands of a powerful religious machine and in particular, one manipulative, deviant priest.  In an open, truthful manner, Estrada reveals his personal battle with the darker side of the Catholic Church, from childhood and into adulthood when he attended seminary – and emerges victorious.  He shares his wisdom for other survivors of abuse and those who are in relationships with survivors.

Hank is a nationally-recognized spokesman, author, activist and pioneer advocate for non-offending adult male survivors of child sexual abuse.  A graduate of Loyola Marymount University, he is the author of Recovery for Male Victims of Child Sexual Abuse and is the founder of P.L.E.A. (Prevention, Leadership, Education and Assistance), the first national non-profit organization to assist non-offending adult male survivors and those who care about them.

Visit Hank online at http://www.hankestrada.com or check out his support site for victims of sexual abuse by priests at http://www.hopehealhelp.net.

Dr. Barbara M. Orlowski – Spiritual Abuse Recovery.

Barb OrlowskiBarb is a Canadian who lives in Langley, B. C. Her doctoral research launched her interest in spiritual abuse within the Church, and her work was published in a book called: Spiritual Abuse Recovery: Dynamic Research on Finding a Place of Wholeness. As a researcher on the topic, Barb spends her time networking and ministering on the topics of spiritual abuse and recovery and biblical gender equality. Dr. Orlowski’s book gives voice to those who have experienced spiritual abuse in their home church and how they recovered from this devastating experience. This research gives insights into this complex and sensitive church ministry issue. Her book is a resource for caring church leaders and for those wounded in the church.

Barb has experience as a speaker, teacher, researcher, and author.  She lived overseas with her husband and two children as expatriates and had the privilege of traveling in various countries. After returning to Canada, Barb was involved in church ministry while being enrolled as a student at A.C.T.S. Seminaries in Langley, B.C.

Barb earned two Masters degrees and a Doctor of Ministry degree and has the distinction of being the first female to complete the doctoral program at A.C.T.S.

In our pre-recorded interview with Dr. Orlowski, you’ll learn how to recognize an abusive church, hear an amazing story connected with the Oregon woman who was sued for half a million dollars by her former pastor, and much more for those who wish to continue the Christian faith after a devastating abusive experience.

Barb offers a number of online resources where people can get help, including:




If you miss the show, archives are available about 5-10 minutes after the show and are hosted on BlogTalkRadio and iTunes.  There's a BlogTalk Radio widget on the bottom of this and every other page on GodDiscussion.com for quick access.

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  • Shelia Rossell

    Will you be tested as a minister or in ministry in your anointed word given as revelation in wisdom for others the answer seems to be yes.  When your test comes will you stand in faith through the trail to come out on the other side in trbruth with God in your faith in Jesus along with your salvation.  Today pastors, and professional who minister to people are being tested in everyway at some point does the same word they speak from Gods word the Bible work for them if it works for us the answer is yes if the walk in the word of God, and pray even others who concel to them in time of trouble what do they say nothing is to hard for the lord Amen.  What happens is the little things happen that catch you off guard when around the cornor you start a normal day then everything breacks loose in an attack was Jesus with you at that moment yes were you prepared for such attack in your ministry, marriage, children, people, bussiness, school, and did Jesus warn you be watchful.  We walk in peace, and joy every day.  When these negative things happen we are prepared to responed with the words Jesus gives us or direction of holy sprit.  Getting to tired, no rest, and not eating is low on the anointing you must have all this witht time with the lord quite time.  If not you go over in the flesh to react.  We can always walk away or let someone ealse address this issue till we are lead to deal with this problem with wisdom, knowledge, understanding, guidance, and direction.  Truth is power it will help the humble to do right when things are out of line in life.  We are not to judge others or the same judgement will come on us, and a pastor is accountiable to God if he cant handle it then we all are in trouble we know he will he mercy is great yet no sin goes un notice my God he will displine us.  How can you correct an issue if you broke the trust in something only by rebuilding what you should have done in the frist place in your ministry, family, job, and same in all areas.  One sin is just as bad as all sin to God.  Yet when we repent ask for forgiveness the past is gone we are bad of bringing it up over, and over again why it doesnt make sence to do what God said is gone.  We become our own God if we disobey the Lord.  If you disobey the lord enough you are in the world of that law.  In an issue with a pastor he needs help you can look at a person eyes see if they are burnt out or sick this pastor need ture men of God to hold him accountable, and help him.  If Gods word works in ministry which it does, then his principles work as that pastor has taught now he should walk in his teaching while satan has come to test him see if he can stand in what he taught he not only one tested I think all ministery is tested from what I see in time we live.  Could it be in all a pastor or ministry teaches satan comes at some point to test your family to see if you can stand in your own teaching or attack you in some way see if your real with the lord can stand in your faith come out after your test with Jesus hold going to another level with the Lord.  Well for a long time ministery had been in the news this is what Iam seeing even in a normal christian we are tested the same ways will you still be standing with the lord after the test.  Family is fisrt not ministry.  Your ministry is second.  If your family was sick or hurt would you  go to ministry.  I dont think so or if they were in the hospital dieing or needing an operation go preach at church no you step aside me at som e point come mature christians about to help others its time to pass the test act right be mature, and slow down put things in right order of the lord.  How will your family stand when the test comes no matter what happens stand or go over  in the flesh to react out of all the years of teaching of the wisdom God gave you if so then you become your own God.  Heaven is not poor, and our sources come from heaven through life hear.  Lord you see what happening in ministery now I pray for your will in these lives in Jesus name Amen.  Both parents have to be on the same page yes is yes and no is no or take time out for your family tirp.  There are plenty of things to do not step out in flesh in any area of life its called walking with Jesus.  The blance with material wealth has to have a blance as a christian what is the lord showing you to do today where to go ect its a walk with him.  I remmenber a pastor who love crispy donuts he could eat so many he, and he did started getting fat so he said I need to have a how many I eat and that like in life we need a balance with the lord if your life is out side of the lord you forgot how to walk in his ways turn back to him walk in the ways he showed you for life this is how you are blessed they are just extras the greatest gift is to know Jesus, and walk in fellowship with him each day with more or less in all the testing cause one day soon we are all going to be standing befor Jesus.  Do you know him as your personel savior if not ask him into your heart ask him to forgive you of your sins come into your life to receive hims as your personel savior no one can be Jesus in your life except Jesus not pastor, family, and anything.  Its a wonderful life to walk with Jesus in all areas of your life each day knowing even in all the good, test, and trails he will bring you through.   In christ Shelia

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