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Jesus Christ stars in his own video game

Jesus Christ stars in his own video game

For those of you who can't get enough of the Son of God, now you can be completely immersed in his life via the video game The Journey of Jesus: The Calling.  Looking vaguely like a Bobblehead in the graphics, you can follow Him as he battles various obstacles including the politics of his day while experiencing the religious landscape He lived in.  While playing, you will be immersed in "Ave Maria" type music that will make you feel as at home as if you are sitting in your local church pew.

Touting itself as the "first ever video game about Jesus," the game promises fun, adventure and quests, and the beauty of it all is that you don't have to buy it.  You can simply play the game on Facebook.

About Dakota O'Leary

Dakota O'Leary is a freethinker, and often sassy, scholar of theology and literature. She got her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Theology from the State University of New York College at Buffalo, and her Master of Arts degree in Theology and Literature from Antioch University-Midwest. She is a contributing writer focusing on eschatology, biblical prophecy, and general religious news. Dakota is a co-host of the God Discussion radio show, offering insight to the news stories of the week. We like to call her "our in-house Biblical prophecy expert" as her articles on eschatology have received over 200,000 views on God Discussion.
  • Hi,
    games on god theme is not right, especially for children, i think it's much better to get knowledge about god from books like we and our parents did.

  • I don't know if such games are right or not, but when I was little, my grandmother had a Bible board game.  We only played it once, because I didn't like it and was bored with it, so I thought as a child, but now I think my grandmother wasn't too enthused by it for some reason either, either wise she would have pushed the game on me.  We went back to playing Sorry, Uno, Go Fish, Dominoes, pick up sticks, jacks, and other like games.  The thing is, my grandmother was considered a devout Xian since she was 4 years, when she gave her life to Jesus at her mother's knee- so the story goes.  Whatever the case and whatever the reason, that was one torture she did not put me through after that one time.  The game just sat on the shelf after that.  To this day, I don't get why anyone would buy such games for children, because there's no challenge or anything else in them.

  • Hi Dakota,

    This game looks harmless enough but I don't think an important historical figure like Jesus who had to endure some very tough times should be cartoonafied into a computer game.

  • Kiran Luthra

    Journey of Jesus The Calling is my favourite game and I play a lot. Help of gameskip is marvelous to level up fast.

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