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"Monster" sunspots may give way to massive solar flares

"Monster" sunspots may give way to massive solar flares

An enormous sunspot group known as AR-1476 has become visible on the sun, and may give rise to powerful solar storms.  Spaceweather.com adds:

One of the largest sunspot groups in years rotated over the sun's northeastern limb on May 6th. With a least four dark cores larger than Earth, AR1476 sprawls more than 100,000 km from end to end, and makes an easy target for backyard solar telescopes. Amateur astronomer Alan Friedman sends this picture of the behemoth from his backyard in Buffalo, NY:









The website says that the sun is crackling with impulsive M class solar flares. NOAA forecasters are estimating a 75% chance of more flares in the next 24 hours, and a ten percent chance of X class flares which are bigger than M class flares.


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