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Christian right to hold May 8 prayer event at U.S. Capitol to 'rededicate America' to God

Christian right to hold May 8 prayer event at U.S. Capitol to 'rededicate America' to God

On the heels of the National Day of Prayer is another event to "save America" — the "Come Pray With Me" gathering of religious right activists at Washington DC.

The event, to be held in Statuary Hall at the U.S. Capitol on May 8, is being led by evangelicals who advocate Christian nationalism, seven mountains Christian dominionism, banning of abortion and banning of same sex marriage. The Come Pray with Me Website (note – this website will launch a sermon and you'll need to scroll about half way down the page to turn it off — it's a video that automatically plays) states that there will be a "Prayer for Rededication of America" in honor of George Washington, adding:

As a man of faith, Washington's first act as President was to offer a prayer of dedication to God on behalf of the new Republic.

We are asking Christians all across America to join their elected Senators and Representatives during this time (5;00 – 6:30 p.m. EST) as we pray for America.  From The People's House to Your House all across the nation Americans will be asking God for His Spirit to bring a much needed awakening to our nation.  […] We need a revival in America.  It is our only hope.

Pray With Me leaders

The event is promoted by Texas preacher Dan Cummins.  Other prayer leaders include

Writing for Americans United for Separation of Church and State's blog, Wall of Separation, Bob Boston shared his research on Cummins' version of right wing Christianity, noting among other things, that Cummins believes:

  • The Americans with Disabilities Act is an example of government overregulation because it mandates where people can park their cars.
  • Satan will appear as a politician; he will establish a one-world government. Satan also endorses separation of church and state.

Read more at the Wall of Separation blog.

The Come Pray With Me website states that the event commemorates the 223rd anniversary of George Washington's inauguration.  It's questionable whether Washington was the kind of Christian nationalist the prayer organizers seem to indicate.

Quoting the book Washington and Religion by Paul F. Boller, Jr., Bob Johnson at Deism.com writes,

[A] Presbyterian minister, Arthur B. Bradford, who was an associate of Ashbel Green another Presbyterian minister who had known George Washington personally […] wrote that Green, "often said in my hearing, though very sorrowfully, of course, that while Washington was very deferential to religion and its ceremonies, like nearly all the founders of the Republic, he was not a Christian, but a Deist."

Scholar and author D.M. Murdock revealed that Washington entertained the idea of mythicism, refering to the study of various biblical characters, such as Jesus Christ, as mythical and not historical figures, and invited controversial figures to America to discuss the subject.

About D.

  • Groan.  Sounds like the people I work with and three on that panel have not figured out it's another form of slavery, in this case, mind slavery.

  • Tria MacLeod

    Being a trouble maker I have the yearning to send a few Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and other various religious leaders in right after them to 'dedicate' America to their particular brands of religion, just to watch the outrage from the Right.   Then, when it's all done, send in NASA, the CDC and the ghost of Sagan to remind people why America is, and should always be a Secular Country.

    • Deborah_B

      Now that would be a 'Save America' prayer event worth going to!  I think the Scientologists and Raelians should be a part of it, too.

  • How_to_make_visual_resume12

    Nice post,,,,,shown various events or activities going to held for religious rights,,,,,
    the rights are sufficient enough for getting the america near to god rituals…..as far as for different brands of religion.

  • aphrala

    when was America ever dedicated to God in the first place?

    and as someone else said elsewhere – This is an unconstitutional appropriation of a federal building.

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