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Pastor says that God wants Christians to vote for Ron Paul

Pastor says that God wants Christians to vote for Ron Paul

bible godBack in March, when Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum was still in the race, Pastor Steve Andrew, president of USA Christian Ministries and author of "Making A Strong Christian Nation," claimed that God wanted Christians to vote for Rick Santorum.  He had claimed that God will be angry if Mitt Romney is elected because he is a Mormon and that Jesus says to turn away from President Obama.

Now that Santorum is out of the race and that Newt Gingrich has dropped out, too, Andrew says that God-fearing Christians need to vote for Ron Paul, "the only true Christian candidate."

"Ron Paul is the only person a Christian can vote for," he explained in a press release, adding:

Ron Paul is the most God-fearing Presidential candidate that pastors and the Republican party should support. Paul is able, honest and opposes the sins of breaking Constitutional laws, removing freedom, abortion and covetousness that Obama has weakened Americans with (Exodus 18:21). If Republicans don't give a Christian candidate, Christians should look elsewhere – even to a third party. Ron Paul can beat Obama. Paul does well with Independents and Democrats.

God warns that Obama and Romney serve another Jesus. Romney and Obama aren't Christians. Don't vote against God or waste your vote with Romney who shares in many of Obama's sins.

Romney thinks Jesus is a created being, the spirit brother of Lucifer. Christians believe that Jesus is the Second Person of the Godhead, God eternal. Mormons also think men become a God. This is considered evil by Christians. Romney brought homosexual sin to schools in Massachusetts.

Obama covered the name and cross of Jesus at Georgetown. Obama believes in leaving living babies to die who survive botched abortions. Obama opposes God and religious liberty. God says turn away from Obama and Romney.

Scripture teaches that voting for non-Christians causes economic decline and removes freedom (Psalm 1, Deuteronomy 28, Nehemiah 9:32-38, Leviticus 26).

The First Commandment says to love God and the first of the Ten Commandments says to have no other God before the LORD. If a Christian says to support Romney or Obama, don't listen to them. They are betraying Christ.

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  • Spencer Macdonald

    In other words, Obama is preferable to Romney.  'Cuz a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama.

    • OkiePC

      A vote for Romney is a wasted vote. He has no chance against Obama.  Ron Paul consistently tells it like it is, and is by far the only logic choice.  He has polled even with Obama head to head, and fared better than Mittens in most of those head to head polls.

      But following the school of fishes should not be a factor.  Which candidate has the best economic plan?  Which candidate has the best foreign policy?  Which candidate can you trust?

      • Ron Paul has never competed in a head-to-head race with a serious challenger in a general election. He also has never been subjected to millions of dollars of attack ads run against him in any election, nor has he ever been thoroughly vetted by a team of highly-skilled, well-funded opposition researchers.

        However, we do know that Paul's approval numbers — particularly with independent voters — are subject to wild fluctuation. In mid-December of last year, when several news stories about Ron Paul's racist, antisemitic, and crackpot newsletters were published, Ron Paul's approval numbers plunged and his fundraising slowed considerably soon after, even among his supporters. And that's just from the newsletter controversy. If Ron Paul became the nominee or seriously challenged Mitt Romney in the nomination battle, you can bet he will come under more scrutiny, and considering his many controversial past statements and associations with seedy people, Ron Paul's baggage is going to be a major liability he won't be able to overcome.

        • OkiePC

          Baggage?  As opposed to the other two empty suit banker backed grins?  I think Obama has far more baggage, and so does Mitt.

        • manfaded

          So ron Paul never had any challengers in over 30 years of public service? PLEASE!

    • manfaded

      Are you kidding me? If Ron Paul doesn't face off with Obama then I will vote for Obama along with every other Paul supporter who is politically knowledgeable enough to know that America under Romney will be absolutely no better or different. That said, my vote will have to go with experience. Obama wins!

      • MrNirom

        Obama being elected to the highest office of our land with out being vetted in the first place we now have witnessed all the failed promises he made 3 years ago just to get elected.. what makes you think he isn't doing the same thing again? I would vote for just about anyone over Obama. But even the rest of the country can see Ron Paul as president is not even a real consideration.

        I just can't see how anyone can't see a difference between Romney and Obama. And if experience is the key to election, then Hilary Clinton should have won hands down.

        • manfaded

          Like I said already. Romney vs Obama and my vote goes to Obama. Paul vs Obama then it's Paul for me. To me MrNirom your statement is patently false. Ron Paul is the ONLY consideration.
          Jas 1:25  But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed. Jas 1:26  If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man's religion is vain. 

  • According to most of his supporters, Ron Paul IS God.

    Claiming Ron Paul is pro-life is absolutely laughable. In the 1960s, after he became a 'libertarian' who believes in civil disobedience and the 'non-aggression' principle, 'Dr.' Paul worked in a hospital where he claims to have witnessed an incident in which an infant was discarded in a bucket and left to die. Yet, on that day he did nothing to save the baby, who he says cried for over an hour as it slowly died. You can read about it here:

    Remember Terri Schiavo? Ron Paul claims she was on 'life-support' and should be allowed to die. Seriously. You can read about it here:

    • OkiePC

      Ron Paul knows that the only possible way to begin to overturn Roe. V. Wade is at the state level.  It would begin to happen quickly.  So, if you are pro-life, which candidate has a better method to overturn Roe V. Wade?  Me, I love kids, I wish we had 5 million more toddlers running around…might help with obesity and apathy…Paul has a plan…a lot of specific plans.

      Have a real look:
      🙂 Choose with your conscience, not the latest web poll.http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=a62dNGqQfNM#!piEacE!

      • Ron Paul is wrong. Access to abortion cannot be criminalized by state govts, or even by the Congress.

        According to the Supreme Court of the United States (and an overwhelming and growing body of statutory and case law), a woman's right to choice in reproduction is protected under the Bill of Rights. It's fundamentally a matter of privacy, in which the govt cannot interfere. A woman doesn't need to 'prove' she was raped, or that the pregnancy is the result of incest, or that carrying a child to term could put her at mortal risk, or any other reason she may make for choosing to terminate a pregnancy, just a man doesn't have to prove to the govt that he needs a vasectomy, or a prescription for Viagra.

        Btw: if you want 5 million more toddlers running around, what's stopping you? You have every right to crank out as many as you'd like. That's what CHOICE is all about!

  • God told me Steve Andrews needs to get his hearing checked.

  • "Fast-tracking, Express-lane to the Presidency contenders such as Romney, scares me. Ron Paul has been around for longer and has fought for our freedoms.

    • Grinunbarrett

      You have just revealed why one should not vote for Ron Paul. He has been a Washington Insider for 16 to 18 years and if he had been serious about the agenda he champions he would have had some success in those years in bringing into effect some of those marvelous principles he talks about in this primary and has talked about in every primary election he has participated in. Why has he been such a failure as a congressman? 

      The last 4 candidates running in the GOP Primary have all been Washington Insiders except only one of them and that is Mitt Romney. You have been taken in by the propagandists who have been spreading all the out of context statements which makes those statements only partial true in other words misleading lies. 

      • Ladyballer88

        are u kidding lol???? Mitt's an insider for sure lol. 

  • steadyhand

    Anyone here think Pastor Andrew speaks for God?  Ambition and priestcraft have made him drunk with his own power.  His edict that "God says turn away from Obama and Romney" is evidence of his inflated sense of self-importance.  Who put him in charge of what God says? I think he has strayed a bit too far from his flock .

    • Adam_Rodriguez

      I don't think he speaks for God. I do think sometimes someone gets it right in his gutt though. Dr. Paul has the best moral character of ALL the candidates the US has had in decades.

  •  Both legal issues, of course. If something went wrong, you wouldn't want either issues hanging over your head.

  • inez tyler

    Romney will NEVER be the President of the United States of America.

  • yoursister

    Okay After reading these comments I want to put my two cents in while I have some change. We as Christians are to seek truth in all and rebuke all lies. We have been terrible deceived by the loves of this world. Yes that is TV , We watch TV , eat the fast food , listen to the music,watch the movies,  they spoon feed us while we live in a little box of distraction because they make everything so difficult for us from school, work,taxes, distraction after distraction We don't think once who is in control of these corporations or who is the puppet masters of the media or the government or even the united nations. We get divided left and right by football , religion,race,sex,gossip,school,clubs,personal choices ect and mostly pride. God is a loving god he truly wants the best for us if you have a personal relationship with the lord then he will guide you but you may not understand it then but if you pay attention you will see it afterwards, We live our lives trying to do the right thing but are we really loving one another? Do we love ourselves or the loves of this world more? If you spend some alone time with seeking god he will guide you . Everything is for a reason you can feel it you know something is up you can see the people around you drinking the fluoride in the water eating the processed fast food poison addicted to the TV or what ever the addiction is and our children are suffering with Autism, ADHD,ADD Cancer is an epidemic you go to the doctor but they never help you they just want to medicate you with more bad things. If we had more faith and go back to god and live here as god intended to be free and eat god created food not chemically created food our disease would cease to exist but you can't do it alone you need god to help you to give you the courage the strength the ability to fight of the temptation and mostly to deal with this world under open eyes , its really hard to do but god helps . When you have ears to hear and eyes to see the world is a very dark place but we are all god's children we should help one another understand and communicate with a kind heart and mind . I am a Ron Paul supporter and I am happy to say he is a christian ,I learned about him about 15 years ago and liked him every since . Honesty and Integrity goes along way in a dark world plus you can see videos of him speaking back in 1988 so he truly has been working for the American people he won't even take the 40.000 dollar a day secret service protection like the other candidates do and he won't even take the 400k presidential salary he says he will take the avg American salary like 43k , Wow and I mean wow anyone ever say that before? Ron Paul says what he means , and he doesn't need teleprompters,he has won 12 terms to congress and you can see all of his speeches he is not your typical candidate this isn't American idol or is it ? We have to vote for the right person for the job to save our country we got duped by a constitutional lawyer professor who is shredding the Constitution left and right . Ron Paul is a strict constitutionalists and I think we should really think about who we elect on the local level as well we can't afford to vote for someone who can be bought and paid for by Goldman Sachs or corporations this is not what we where intended for as far as that comment below about Ron Paul supporters think he is god, This  kind of reminds me of Moses where he delivered his people out of Egypt. We are in Egypt people this is Rome they are them and we are who we are , praise the lord 🙂 delivering us out of Egypt but hey, you already know god keeps his promises but its the spirit of the man someone who is willing to tell you the truth   he is humble he does not boost he is intelligent and he speaks the truth regardless if we want to hear it  . I have never seen this before in politics I have seen my country lose its liberties and I have reason to believe they use mind control on people but the real question is who wants to destroy god's creations? Who wants to destroy humanity ? You know this answer but here is the big question. Who is the greatest deciever that will deceive the whole world and look at the world have you ever seen so many people trying to fight this world government? God is with us because you can't deny the truth . As far as attack ads go the media is owned by foreigners we have been had people but they can't find anything on paul it just makes them look bad so they just ignore him altogether , Hitler gave his people fluoride also this is all by design but god is in control. I wish you all great love and I pray that you have time to fast trust me it doesn't take long for god to answer just seek truth in all and rebuke all lies , forgive like you never forgave before and love like you never loved before. We are like children now because we have to learn all over again.I had to learn what food to eat and I went organic and vegan lost 60lbs lost high blood pressure, eczema you get the just of it . We been living in boxes our whole lives and been told what is real and what to believe instead of seeking god's words and having that personal relationship. God bless you all brothers and sisters I hope this can help but its time to move to god its in your mind and heart what does your conscious tell you to do ? Ron Paul 2012 yes the Thomas Jefferson of our time, even the local news is feed from the associated press research who owns it . And the rockerfellers created the cancer society so yes by design its all by design

    • "even the local news is feed from the associated press research who owns
      it . And the rockerfellers created the cancer society so yes by design
      its all by design"

      Why don't you just come out and say what you really mean. You're talking about 'the Joooooos' right? Don't you realize that when you guys do that it only reinforces what most people already believe about Ron Paul and his merry klan of Paullowers? I swear, if Ron Paul ever had a chance of winning the nomination, you guys would ruin it when you start 'Zeig Heil'-ing and waving your Nazi flags at the convention, LOL!

      Btw: I realized you were a full-blown Paulunteer when I got to the part of your screed that talked about "fluoride in the water". Dead giveaway, every time. I bet you believe in 'chemtrails' too, and that the govt uses HAARP to cause earthquakes and hurricanes.

      Anyway, keep up the good work. Ron Paul can't not win without you, LOL!

      • shatup

        buddy tell you what.  it's ignorant fools like you that are responsible for this country's laxity in allowing dumb stuff to happen like putting a poisonous chemical in our water supply: sodium fluoride.  But since you're such a tough-talking kid, I want you to go and eat one roll of your toothpaste ok?  Go do it and come back to me and respond with a post.  Thanks man.  Sodium fluoride is fine in our water that's a good idea.  Tell me how it tastes brah

      • Ladyballer88

        i can't believe people still think like this….

    • manfaded

      Amen Sister

    • godlessveteran

      Paragraphs much?

  • Tria MacLeod

    Screw the political election.  I want the IRS in this man's church and I want to see a receipt for the taxes due.   Separation of church and state, if you want to keep a tax exempt status people had better stop politicizing from the pulpit. 

    • Brandon

       Separation between church and state?!  Please tell us all where this information is about the "separation between church and state.  You must be one of the spoon fed sheeple who can't do your own research.  Show me where it states this in the constitution.  It is NOT there.  It is a government lie to split up the people of the country.  Vote Ron Paul 2012!

  • Adam_Rodriguez

    Whatever the reasons the Pastor thinks or gives is semantics, but I actually do agree that if there was ANYONE God would support, its Dr. Ron Paul. If math is God's language, then one need only to look at our national debt clock and see God is telling us "Either Ron Paul, or your screwed".

    +2 Trillion in annual Revenue
    -3.5 Trillion in annual Spending (1.5 Deficit)
    -15 Trillion in Debt
    -57 Trillion in TOTAL Debt.
    = God: "I'd vote for Ron Paul if I was you."

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  • Since the presumption of separation of church and state were brought up. Has anyone here looked into this web address backwards. illuminati.com – itanimulli.com Please check out the data on OneEvil.org  @yoursister thank you, our Holy God be with you, Always~

  • phillipcsmith

    A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Barack Obama.

    P. Smith

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