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Human 'wall of love' blocks Westboro Baptist message of hate

Human 'wall of love' blocks Westboro Baptist message of hate

Lansing, MI, Wall of LoveWhen four members of the Westboro Baptist Church arrived in Lansing, Michigan this week to picket at Eastern High School and then at Michigan State University, they were met by a "wall of love" comprised of community members resisting the church's message of intolerance and hate.  The Westboro Baptist Church is known for its protests at military funerals and elsewhere, displaying brightly colored signs claiming that "God Hates America," "God Hates Sweden," "God Hates Fags," "Thank God for Dead Soldiers" and similar messages which they say protest the tolerance of homosexuals and sin.

According to the Westboro Baptist Church, Eastern High School represents "doomed America."  Shirley Phelps-Roper told WILX News Channel 10 that the church members' goal was to "put these words in the air and the words will land on the hearts and minds of the people and accomplish exactly what God sent them to accomplish."

Members of the community stood in a "wall of love" at both schools to create a barricade between students and the Westboro Baptist Church protesters. One of the participants said that although they did not like giving Westboro Baptist Church publicity,  it was better to create the wall rather than do nothing.

There were no arrests.  Teachers used the Westboro Baptist protest as an opportunity to teach students about freedom of speech and tolerance.

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About D.

  • It's funny how the insane do not see they are insane.  Maybe WBC will figure out they have a problem if people like the "Peace Team" continue to stand up to them and their insanity.

  • 8811081

    Westboro Baptist Church spreads its hate through picketing
    in our streets, provoking attacks, with abusive language and flag desecration,
    attempting to create a confrontation. This is not a church, this is a hate
    group. This is not about protesting, freedom, or God. They are in it for the
    money and the press; this is a family law firm. They are not a
    "church." It is a scam. They go after anything that can get them in
    the news. This is a family of lawyers using this “god hates you” thing to make
    money. It is time for this scam and the hate to end.

     The church has
    received money from lawsuits and legal fees. For example, they sued the city of
    Topeka several times in the 1990s(this show has been going on for years). WBC
    received $16,500, and is pursuing another $100,000, in legal fees for a case
    won in court. The WBC is considered a nonprofit organization by the federal
    government, and is therefore exempt from paying taxes!

    Phelps-Roper of the Westboro Baptist Church is shown
    admitting on camera that her oldest son was born out of wedlock. Hypocritical
    Phelps-Roper's vocal condemnation on strangers having sexual congress outside
    of marriage while she herself was guilty of the same. They are NOT what they
    say they are! THEY ARE NOT A CHURCH!

  • Mary Waterton

    "Wall of love"??? How perfectly Orwellian. These public schools are teaching children that it's okay to be a homosexual. That isn't love … that's hate. 

    • How is it hate to teach children that it is OK to be a homosexual?

      • charliedecker

        well apparently 'real love' involves teaching children to be EXTREMELY ASHAMED of pretty much everything they do- but most especially anything they do with their reproductive/fun organs.  seriously though- why bother?  these 'god hates america' people are really just too stupid to talk to.  i've tried the simple argument that an all powerful creator being would be incapable of hatred, bias and wrath seeing as everything you see is his creation and if he's perfect so must be his creations-  it got me nowhere i give up.

        • Personally, I don't see how hating oneself is love.  If you can't love yourself for who and what you are, who can you love?

          • charliedecker

            psychologically it's easy to get the two confused.

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