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Jacobs discuss health care bill and state it requires a RFID chip put in your finger

Jacobs discuss health care bill and state it requires a RFID chip put in your finger

Cindy and Mike Jacobs discuss new health care bill on their show and not only do they state that the bill expands abortion, but it also requires that one have an RFID chip placed in their finger to receive health care.

Cindy Jacobs believes that getting a chip place in your finger is serious business and does not think she would have on placed in her finger.

They also stated the bill is the greatest expansion of abortion in history.

Earlier, according to Right Wing Watch, they encouraged people to join their prayer network for $15 a year.  Included in membership is news concerning health care reform.

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  • http://twitter.com/ginawilliamssz ginawilliamss

    I just heard it on the radio that "Penny Health" can offer health insurance for just $1 a day any one aware of this ? have anyone purchased insurance through them. I did search for them and found them online.

  • joe paterno

    This has already been quite well debunked over on Snopes:

    • http://www.houseofbetazed.com Mriana

      I know.  I find it laughable that the Jacobs believe this crap.

      • joe paterno

        I think that people can become quite insular in both a physical sense as well as by rigidly adhering to a specific mindset.  (By the way, I really have NO idea who the Jacobs are and have never seen their program.) They sound like they may gather their info from a very narrow spectrum.

        • http://www.houseofbetazed.com Mriana

          I think Deborah has reported on them several times.  I probably should have hunted down a link on God Discussion for Cindy Jacobs for more info on her.  I didn't think of that.

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