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Due to new Regulations, Wisconsin Planned Parenthood will stop offering Medical Abortions Immediately

Due to new Regulations, Wisconsin Planned Parenthood will stop offering Medical Abortions Immediately

Due to new regulations on medical and webcam abortions, Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin will stop offering medical abortions.  According to Planned Parenthood, the new legal regulations make administrating RU-486 so troublesome that they no longer feel comfortable providing the service.

The Coercive and Webcam Abortion Prevention Act (Act 217) is said to address the concerns of women by providing a doctor’s presence during the procedure and making frequent checks on her during the process to insure no one coerced her into the abortion.

The new regulation also bans telemed abortions.  With a telemed abortion, the woman sees a doctor via webcam, instead of in person.  Telemed services are generally provided for women who visit clinics in rural areas, but no clinic in the state uses the service.

The bill also requires the doctor to see the patient within 12 to 18 days after the abortion.  The woman can chose not to accept the after care visit, but if the doctor does not see her, s/he could face a Class 1 felony charge, with a fine of $10,000 and/or 3 ½ years in prison.  The patient, who refuses, faces no penalty.

Huyck called the law "vague" and "problematic." She said the agency will be suspending medication abortions "until we can get more clarity."

"It's very difficult for a physician to know when he or she is compliance with the law," Huyck said.

Medical Society President Dr. Tosha Wetterneck said the law is an "unprecedented intrusion into the patient-doctor relationship" and requires doctors to follow procedures that are not considered to be the best medical practices.

The new law also requires that no one, but the doctor, patient, and staff, be in the room while discussing whether or not someone is coercing her into the abortion, despite some women needing someone with them to understand the procedure.

"We are asking doctors to reduce their quality of care to avoid felony charges," [Wetterneck] said.

The Republican sponsored bill passed with a 60-33 vote, with mostly Republicans voting in favour of it and 17-15 voting in favour of it in the Senate.

It is among a series of measures passed in the last legislative session targeting abortion, sexual education and Planned Parenthood.

The state has eliminated all state funding to Planned Parenthood to provide breast and cervical cancer screenings, contraception and testing and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

Wisconsin also has banned privately paid insurance plans offered under government-arranged health insurance exchanges from covering the cost of abortion except in cases of rape, incest or if a mother's life is at stake. Currently no state or federal funding can be used for abortions.

Governor Scott Walker signed the bill into law about two weeks ago, but Planned Parenthood’s lawyers need more time to analyze the bill to insure they can comply with the new law without endangering their careers.

"We have our lawyers looking at ambiguity," explained Safar. "We have not even had two weeks to look at this.  The legislature is actually dictating patient care, and we are working with our lawyers to see how this effects medical best practices and procedures. With the law going in effect today, it is too risky to have our doctors do this."

Doctors can administrate RU-486 safely through the first nine weeks of pregnancy.  The drug blocks progesterone, which is needed to sustain the pregnancy.  The clinic provides the medication, but the woman can take it at home and terminate the pregnancy safely.  Many women prefer to take at home, rather than at the clinic.

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  •  I don't understand what this has to do with God. I'm a Pro-Life atheist, and I think this news is great.

    • Not everyone thinks it's great news, esp since it will cost the lives of women, which is not pro-life at all.  This is also part of the Right Wing agenda- to get rid of abortions, which again is not at all pro-life, because it will cause the deaths of more women.  You don't have to take my word for it.  Just watch and see for yourself.

      • Bring it. If abortion is illegal, the act itself will decrease dramatically, as is evidenced by any other activity which has been made illegal. And THAT IS Pro-Life, since at least one life is lost in every abortion.

        • Bring what? Illegalizing abortion is not what I would call "pro-life", but rather anti-life and that is what I was saying to begin with. I do not view Pro-life as being pro-life at all, but I do see Pro-choice as being pro-life. The fact is, to force a woman to carry a child can and sometimes does, cause two people to die. IMHO, sometimes it is pro-life to allow one to die, so that the other can continue living and in this case, it is best to allow the mother to choose, not some Religious Reich group. The woman should have all the right to live, even if it means sacrificing one who never lived (the unborn). I really do not understand how you can see allowing the a woman, who may have other children, to die for a fetus that has never lived to be a good thing.

          BTW, it's been done. When abortion was illegal, more women died due to back alley abortion and coat-hanger abortions. The act itself increased, as well as deaths because it was done under unsafe means. Check your women's history and you find that when abortion was illegal, the act itself never did decrease (dramatically or otherwise) and two "people" died. You are fooling yourself is you believe that illegalizing abortion will cause it to decrease dramatically and you're also fooling yourself is you think that blastocyst, zygote, embryo, and fetus is a person.

          Also, the truth is, abortion is not done as much as the Reich will have you believe. Again, Pro-life is actually Pro-death, because that is what you will get if you illegalize abortion: Death. If you want to support Pro-death, even as an atheist, be my guest. Personally, I prefer Pro-choice, which is actually pro-life.

        • queequeg

          Evidenced by what exactly? I think you are being intentionally obtuse. People still smoke weed all over the world. Crime of every imaginable kind (and some that defy imagination) is still done every second of every day, everywhere … everywhere.

          Making abortion illegal won't stop it; won't even slow it down. It will make it a crime. The only thing that will happen then, is that abortion clinics will move underground; those who can afford to will simply go out of country for the procedure (people do that all the time for medical reasons). I suppose some folks might call that a win.

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    • joe paterno

      Gina, thanks so much for alerting me to penny health.  This is why I come to Goddiscussion.com

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