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Secret Service watching Ted Nugent for remarks he made at NRA meeting

Secret Service watching Ted Nugent for remarks he made at NRA meeting

Last weekend, Ted Nugent made remarks about Supreme Court judges and Obama at a National Rifle Association (NRA) meeting last weekend in St. Louis, Missouri.

He called Obama a criminal and his administration a vile evil American hating administration, who is “wiping its ass with the Constitution.”  He also included Hillary Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden in his list of criminals.  He tops it all off by saying, “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”

Nugent’s biggest complaint was that the Supreme Court, according to him, said the American people cannot bare arms and defend themselves.  He believes the Supreme Court does not believe in the Constitution.

“We’ve got four Supreme Court justices who don’t believe in the Constitution. Does everyone here know that four of the Supreme Court justices not only determined you don’t have the right to keep and bear arms, four Supreme Court justices signed their name to a declaration that Americans have no fundamental right to self-defense.”

He ends his rant by saying, “We need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in November,” Nugent, who officially endorsed Mitt Romney in March, added. “Any questions?”

The full statement about Obama’s administration can be heard in the full-length recording of Ted Nugent’s interview at the NRA meeting in St. Louis.

In the video he said, “God bless you for being here” at the NRA meeting, adding that he feels a positive energy from those attending the meeting. He then added, “If there is a coyote in your living room, it is not his fault for being there. It is your fault for not shooting him.”

"If the coyote's in your living room, pissing on your couch, it's not the coyote's fault. It's your fault for not shooting him," he said.

He accused Obama of smuggling guns to drug pushers across the boarder and again “God blessed” everyone.

He also accused the government and a judge, “without a soul”, of siding with Animal Rights People, making it illegal for him to put an animal out of his misery by shooting him. Then he goes on about Jews as he accuses the U. S. Government of being like Nazi Germany.

He encouraged everyone at the NRA meeting to buy lots of guns and ammo, calling what the government of dismantling our culture, saying it is a “Cultural War”.

Nugent said he loves the animals he can shoot with slingshots and called them the dumbest animals in the world.

In the audience were children as young as pre-school, as he encouraged people to raise hell, getting rid of soulless people who do not believe in owning weapons, and use their weapons, as well as getting “enemies out of our government”. He called Pelosi subhuman and asked why she was not in jail.

He encouraged NRA members to recruit non-hunters, making them hunters and recruit non-Christians, making them Christians. He also accused the U.S. of being a “blood sucker nation”.

A little girl asked Nugent who his favourite president was and Nugent said, “Charleston Heston.” He also stated he dedicated his life to fighting for hunting and gun rights.

The Secret Service heard Nugent’s remarks at the NRA meeting and are investigating the matter.

“We are aware of the comments and we are conducting an appropriate follow-up,” Secret Service spokesman George Ogilvie told POLITICO.

Reuters asked what Nugent meant by his statements and suspects the Secret Service will likely ask Nugent the same question and whether or not they rise to the level of threatening the president.

Federal law prohibits "any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon" the president and successors to the presidency. A conviction can result in fines and up to five years in prison.

As long as a reason person does not take Nugent’s freedom of speech seriously and takes them as a suggestion to harm our president, Secret Service does not necessarily consider such speech a threat to the president, according to Reuters.

As to the Secret Service investigation, Nugent said,  "They have a duty. I support them," Nugent said on a talk-radio show. "I've never threatened. I don't waste breath threatening."

"The bottom line is I've never threatened anybody's life in my life," Nugent said on Beck's radio show. "I don't threaten, I don't waste breath threatening. I just conduct myself as a dedicated 'We the people' activist because I've saluted too many flag draped coffins to not appreciate where the freedom comes from."

Nugent does not apologize for his words, but said, "I'm not trying to diminish the seriousness of this, because if the Secret Service are doing it they are serious."

According to Huffington Post, he compared himself to a Black Jew at a Nazi-Klan Rally, he said on The Dana Radio Show.  He also insisted that he speaks the truth and thinks those who disagree with him are idiots, comparing himself to Mother Teresa with a guitar.

"I'm a black Jew at a Nazi-Klan rally," the rock star complained to Loesch. "And there are some power-abusing, corrupt monsters in our federal government that despise me because I have the audacity to speak the truth."

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