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The Lions of Judah – a glance at a Christian dominionist conference

The Lions of Judah – a glance at a Christian dominionist conference

Sedona AZOver the past three years, I have been reporting a lot about the 7 Mountains dominionist movement and decided it was time to actually attend a conference instead of watching sermon after sermon on YouTube. So for the Passover weekend, a friend of mine and I spent three days at a Christian dominionist conference in Sedona, Arizona, a New Age "mecca," if you will.

By Christian dominionism, I am referring to the "Seven Mountains mandate" whereby a sect of evangelical Christians believe that they must "occupy" and "dominate" seven spheres of culture — education; religion; family; business; government; arts and entertainment; and media in order to create a Christian kingdom for Jesus Christ to rule.  One of the most popular seven mountains teachers is Lance Wallnau, and I heard him there. I have to admit, I was impressed with Wallnau's speaking talents and ability to enthuse a crowd.

Despite batteries wearing out, I have about 16 hours of audio and video to assemble, and will have a full blown report for all of you.  It was quite the experience.

I've decided to share a preview of what we experienced in Sedona in the following video where attendees roared like lions to whoop up the "fighting for territory" spirit that was discussed that day. The "Lion of Judah" has its roots in the twelve tribes of Israel described in the Old testament book of Genesis, and for many Christians, it is symbolic of Jesus Christ because biblical genealogists have traced Christ's roots to the tribe of Judah.  That's why you see a lion on many Christian symbols.  I've seen the lion in Christian literature all the time, but this was the first time I attended a church service where the congregants roared.

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    It's important to watch this group of religious zealots. Their potential for harm is limitless.

    This is funny: "biblical genealogists have traced Christ's roots to the tribe of Judah." As Thomas Paine points out in The Age of Reason, The Complete Edition, looking at the Bible itself, Matthew show 28 generations between Jesus and David while Luke shows 43 generations. Both of them can't be correct. I wonder which one the "biblical genealogists" used. Also, both start with Joseph who, according to Christian mythology, had nothing to do with creating Jesus.

    Progress! Bob Johnson

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    The idea of "theonomy," which simply means "God's law," is that the laws of the Bible  are given by God to His people for the purpose of sanctification and for their implementation to take dominion over the nations and institutions of the world.

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