Highlights from the Reason Rally

Highlights from the Reason Rally

The video below shows the various highlights of the Reason Rally inWashingtonD.C. on March 24, 2012.

It shows American Atheists, American Humanist Association, Freedom From Religion Foundation, African-American Humanists, and Black Atheists of America.  It also shows Jessica Ahlquist receiving a scholarship check from the American Humanist Association and Hemant Mehta.

Much of the gathering was in the rain, but supposedly, “tens of thousands” turned out for the rally.

Various singers, including Dan Barker, appeared, as well as comedians, such as Tim Minchin, and speakers, such as Nate Phelps, Richard Dawkins, Elizabeth Cornwell, Jamila Bey, Adam Savage, Fred Edwords, and Michael Shermer.  ZOMGitsCris (Christina Rad), from Romania, also made an appearance.  There was also a memorial for Christopher Hitchens.  Ironically, there is video showing that Westboro Baptist Church made an appearance to protest the rally.

Dawkins stated that if anyone seriously says that water was turned to wine, “mock them, ridicule them”, and “if necessary, ridicule them with contempt.”

Not shown in the video below is PZ Myers, Greta Christina, Brother Sam, Tombstone (AKA Rational Warrior), Eddie Izzard, James Randi and others.

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