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Twice This Month, Flight Officials Freaked Out on a Plane, Irrationally Rambling About 911, Crashing, Bombs, Al Qaida, and Telling Passengers to Say Their Prayers, “We’re Going to Crash”

Twice This Month, Flight Officials Freaked Out on a Plane, Irrationally Rambling About 911, Crashing, Bombs, Al Qaida, and Telling Passengers to Say Their Prayers, “We’re Going to Crash”

Twice this month, both a pilot and a stewardess began behaving irrationally on two separate airlines, rambling on about 911, Al Qaida, and telling passengers to “Say their prayers”, as they stated the plane was going to crash.

Earlier this month, passengers on American Airlines Flight 2332 going from Dallas-Fort Worth to Chicago, witnessed a stewardess acting bizarrely.  The flight attendant started panicking, telling the passengers over the intercom, before take off, to get off the plane, because she believed it would crash.  She then took over the public-address system and again started saying in a voice passengers described as “demonic”, “Get off the plane”.

Passengers on American Airlines Flight 2332 were settling in for a trip to Chicago on Friday when they say a flight attendant took over the public-address system and launched into a rant that included references to 9-11 and the safety of their plane.

The passengers helped to restrain her and then said she sounded “demonic”, which someone caught on video, after they restrained her.

The plane had not taken off from Dallas-Fort Worth airport at the time she began her 15-minute rant about 911 and crashing, frightening passengers.

"She said, `I'm not responsible for this plane crashing,"' Christakos said.

Another passenger, Stephen Tremunde, said, "We were pretty frightened. She made two comments that if we didn't go back to the gate we would crash."

"The last thing I heard her say before someone pulled the mic out of her hand was, `Hey pilot, I'm not going to be responsible for your crash,"' said Greg Lozano of Elmhurst, Ill.

The airport police determined it was a medical issue and not a security threat, so officials took her to the hospital. Supposedly, the stewardess said she has bi-polar and had forgotten to take her medication.

A federal law enforcement official who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation was continuing said that airport police determined the incident was a medical issue and not a security threat.

Officials are not considering State criminal charges against her at this time.

The second incident, which happened around March 27, a JetBlue veteran pilot flipped out about Al-Quida when the plane reached 34,000 feet in the air.  The plane was going from JFK to Las Vegas, when Captain Clayton Osbon suffered some sort of a mental breakdown.

Supposedly, the co-pilot saw the captain acting erratic and tricked him into leaving the cockpit, locking the door and changing the security codes after he left the cockpit.  Passengers then saw his bizarre behaviour and restrained him with their leather belts, when he went for the exit.

The 49-year-old aviator later shouted incoherently about the Middle East.

“He started screaming about al Qaeda and . . . a bomb on the plane and Iraq and Iran and about how we were all going down,” Gabriel Schonzeit told the Amarillo Globe-News after the jet made an emergency landing in that Texas city.

Below is apparently cell phone footage of passengers restraining the pilot, before making an emergency landing in Amarillo, Texas:

Supposedly, he was telling people to pray to Jesus and that they needed to pray to God, irrationally rambling about Iraq, Iran, and bombs. The situation took a turn for the worst when the pilot attempted to open the exit door and that was when the passengers took him down and restrained him.

A veteran JetBlue pilot terrorized a flight from JFK to Las Vegas yesterday and had to be subdued by passengers who tied him up with their own belts as he ranted about al Qaeda and bombs.

“Say your prayers . . . We’re all going down!” wild-eyed Capt. Clayton Osbon screamed to frightened travelers, who couldn’t believe the man who had been flying their Airbus A320 had suddenly turned into a raving lunatic.

Meanwhile, the co-pilot radioed for help, stating that they had a medical emergency concerning the captain.  The co-pilot diverted to Amarillo, Texas for an emergency landing.  Supposedly, an off-duty pilot entered the cockpit to assist the co-pilot, before they landed at Amarillo after the passengers used belts to restrain the pilot.

"At roughly 10 a.m. CT/11 a.m. ET, the pilot in command elected to divert to Amarillo, Texas, for a medical situation involving the captain," JetBlue said in a statement.

"Another captain, traveling off duty, entered the flight deck prior to landing at Amarillo, and took over the duties of the ill crewmember once on the ground," the statement said. "The aircraft arrived Amarillo at 10:11 am CT, and the crewmember was removed from the aircraft and taken to a local medical facility."

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Officials took the pilot to a nearby hospital, but the pilot is the first pilot charged with interfering with his own flight and is in FBI custody.  According to officials, the pilot had a panic attack and his wife asked people have patience with him.

Supposedly, the co-pilot acted within regulations and his company is behind him concerning his actions in following aviation safety procedures in such an emergency.

Dave Gonzalez, a former corrections officer, was one of the men who took down the pilot and restrained him, because the flight attendant could not calm the pilot.  He stated that he had to put the captain in a choke hold in order for the other passengers to get him restrained.

According to the ABC interview, an aviation analyst and veteran pilot stated there is mental screening of pilots, among other screenings, but after a year, when pilots are off probation, they watch each other to make sure they are doing well.  Aviation analyst suggested that might need some “tightening up” in light of recent events.


According to the Huffington Post, Osbon was in the cockpit, before the co-pilot tricked him to leaving, saying, “it doesn’t matter”, “we aren’t going to make it”, “we aren’t going to Las Vegas”, and “sin in Los Vegas”.

Osbon started rambling about religion. He scolded air traffic controllers to quiet down, then turned off the radios altogether, and dimmed the monitors in the cockpit. He said aloud that "things just don't matter" and encouraged his co-pilot that they take a leap of faith.

"We're not going to Vegas," Osbon said.

"The (first officer) became really worried when Osbon said `we need to take a leap of faith,'" according to the sworn affidavit given by an FBI agent John Whitworth. "Osbon started trying to correlate completely unrelated numbers like different radio frequencies, and he talked about sins in Las Vegas."

After the co-pilot tricked him into leaving, the struggle in the cabin began, as Osbon shouted about Jesus, Al-Quida, and bombs.

Federal charges were filed against Osbon in Texas, as he is held in Northwest Texas Healthcare System in Amarillo and remains under a medical evaluation.  He is suspended pending investigation of the flight, as well as a review of his medical certificate.

Under federal law, a conviction for interference with a flight crew or attendants can bring up to 20 years in prison. The offense is defined as assaulting or intimidating the crew, interfering with its duties or diminishes its ability to do operate the plane.

Supposedly, there is nothing in Osbon’s record to indicate that he was a flight risk. He had no medical or mental problem according to records and while he was a Christian, according to his friend of 30 years, Bill Curley, he became increasing religious recently, but supposedly not fanatical.

Passengers did arrive at Las Vegas by way of a different flight.

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