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Military Soldier Killed By Texas Man For Not Believing In God

Military Soldier Killed By Texas Man For Not Believing In God

Texas authorities said they found the remains of they believe is Spc. Jose Ramirez of El Centro, California in a shallow grave just south of the Texas-Oklahoma border in Clay County.   A military spokesperson said Ramirez was reported missing from Fort Sill, Oklahoma in December of 2005.

According to the sheriff’s office, authorities found bullet holes in the bedroom and blood stains in the hallway.  A day later, they found a body, face down, in a shallow grave, with two bullet holes in the skull and rest of the remains wore a pair of shorts with the words “Army” on them.

Authorities charged Justin Wayne Green, 30, with first-degree murder.  Supposedly, he once lived in the home where they believe Ramirez was murdered.  Justin Green remains in jail with a million dollar bond.

Supposedly, Green, who was discharged in July 2007, and Ramirez served together.  Authorities believed that Ramirez was visiting Green inTexas, when the incident occurred.  They also believe Ramirez died in 2007.

Authorities also arrested three other people and charged them with tampering of evidence.

According to the criminal complaint, authorities arrested Green's mother, Terri Green; his sister, Brittany Jan Green; and his sister's friend, Stephanie Heaston-Corral. All three are charged with tampering with evidence.

According to a report, Green’s sister, Brittany Jan Green, stated that her brother shot Ramirez twice because he did not believe in God.  Afterwards, Green’s mother, Terri Green, assisted him in removing Ramirez’s body from their home.

Brittany Green allegedly told authorities that her brother said he had shot Ramirez twice because he "did not believe in God and alleged that Ramirez reached for a gun," the complaint said. Terri Green helped her son move Ramirez's body from the home's garage to the shallow grave, the complaint said.

According to Raw Story, the AP supposedly overlooked one factor in their report, which they say was in the discovery.

But one shocking detail in that story seemed to be overlooked in the AP’s lead: A criminal complaint against the group, obtained by Raw Story on Thursday, shows that Green’s sister believes he killed Ramirez “because Ramirez did not believe in God.”

Page two, paragraph two of the supposed discovery, shown on Raw Story, stated that Source #2 stated, “Justin Green had mentioned that the victim was a hateful man and did not believe in the Lord.”

Page three, paragraph four again stated that Green shot Ramirez twice in the head because he did not believe in God.

Brittany Green, Terri Green, and Stephanie Heaston-Corral all sit in jail with bonds.  Terri Green is in Phoenix, Arizona, awaiting extradition and all three charged with two counts each of evidence tampering.  According to Clay County Sheriff Kenny Lemons, Green, his mother, and sister were all three arrested in Arizona.

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