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Anonymous hacks again: this time Vatican Radio and Vatican IP address

Anonymous hacks again: this time Vatican Radio and Vatican IP address

Anonymous has hacked the Vatican a second time–this time the Vatican Radio database, and the Vatican IP address.   The Vatican's main site was down awhile last week when it was hacked over the Catholic church's ongoing sex abuse scandals and its stance on abortion and birth control. Catholic Culture.org reports:

Anonymous, a collaborative effort by radical hackers, had brought down the Vatican’s main web site last week. In their new attack they leaked personal information about Vatican Radio employees.

Anonymous justified its attack by claiming that Vatican Radio is responsible for high cancer rates in a neighborhood near the broadcaster’s main transmission facility. Last year Italy’s top court ordered Vatican Radio to pay damages for exceeding the latest European standards for electronic emissions.

"There was a second attack we are aware of directed against the [Vatican IP] address," said the spokesman. "[Concerning] Vatican Radio, a database on an old server was accessed. Thirty percent of the information on the server was so outdated it was of no use."
#Anon#Newz on YouTube posted today gives details:  Anonymous says the Vatican systems are less secure than the church may think, and accused the church of harboring Nazi war criminals and child molesters while making it clear they were not attacking Christians–just the institution:

The video ends: Anonymous are Legion. We do not forgive, we do not forget. Expect us to expose you.

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  • Solidworks

    Today no one is safe, hackers are invading all the institutions. But there are specificreasons behind these protests.

  • justinfection

    lol i just did an ip location lookup for the vatican on http://www.unlocktheinbox.com its pretty funny cuz it uses google maps. imagine if you had someones ip address from an email or something you could find out where they effing live. scary would out there for real.

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