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This week's poll:  What do you think about the Torah Code, aka the Bible Code?

This week's poll: What do you think about the Torah Code, aka the Bible Code?

the TorahThe Torah Code, also known as the Bible Code, is purportedly a set of secret messages encoded within the text of the Hebrew Bible where patterns of letters from the text, based on specific numbering sequences, are said to reveal an otherwise obscured message.

Proponents say that they have discovered statistically significant codes embedded within the text and that this is evidence that God's hand was at work in authoring the Torah (or Bible); skeptics say that it is nothing more than an elaborate version of "word find."

The latest from the Bible Code implies that the messiah will return in April 2012.  Promoters of the Torah Code claim that this is not a prophecy.

Another prediction based on the Bible Code is that Mitt Romney will win the GOP presidential primary and the general presidential elections because God favors him.  Ron Paul, after he quits the race, will  be blessed according to coded messages.  Back in 2007, people using popular Bible Code software were claiming that the Code revealed that President Obama would be assassinated in 2009 and that Hillary Clinton would become president.

What do you think about the Bible Code?

Our poll will remain open until 7 AM Pacific time on Sunday, March 11.  Your vote is anonymous.  Although our software tracks IPs to void double voting, no one will know your personal identity.

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Our poll is obviously not scientific — but we appreciate your votes anyway!

What do you think about the Bible Code (or the Torah Code)?

  • It's nothing but a game -- Similar 'codes' can probably be found in virtually any written document. (75%, 44 Votes)
  • I'm on the fence -- Some of it seems very real and worth consideration,. (14%, 8 Votes)
  • I never heard of it before this poll. (8%, 5 Votes)
  • It is accurate and reveals the divine nature of God's word. (3%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 59

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  • The Jewish people do not claim Jesus as their messiah therefore, the following quote from the article regarding the actual Torah Code; "the messiah will return in April 2012." Would be extremely inaccurate.
    … just sayin.

    • That's what they said in the linked news article and yes, I completely agree, that negates the entire 'prophecy.'


      • zzzzz

        I think it depends on one's interpretation of who or what the messiah is.

  • The Cosmic Code, the Torah Code and the Bible Code – http://www.drturi.com/newsletters/ look for Jun 10th 2010 4:58pm

    • zzzzz

      Turi, I went to your website but was unable to access that link.

  • Elizabeth

    Jewish scholars have studied the Torah for centuries. In the Middle Ages, there was a lot of numerology and such study. They dedicated their entire life to this study, took careful notes and passed their work down. They don't report any of this nonsense. I'll go with them.

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