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Christians must dominate the 'media mountain' because it is controlled by people possessed by demonic giants called Nephilim who want to deceive people into worshiping the anti-Christ

Christians must dominate the 'media mountain' because it is controlled by people possessed by demonic giants called Nephilim who want to deceive people into worshiping the anti-Christ

David and GoliathThe 7 Mountains Christian Dominionists of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) movement believe that they must dominate seven “mountains” of culture – government/military, education/science, religion, family, arts and entertainment, business/finance and the media in order to establish a Christlike kingdom on earth.

Patricia King, a NAR “apostle” and “prophet” associated with XPmedia, focuses heavily on the arts and entertainment and media “mountains" and will be one of the leaders of "The Cry Hollywood" this month, where thousands of young Christians will cry out to the Lord to help them overtake the movie industry.

It turns out that control over the media isn't just to broadcast purely Christian entertainment and news.  In August 2010, King sat down with apostolic preacher Randy Demain who explained that demonic giants from Noah’s day have taken over the media mountain, which is why Christians need to “retake” the mountain.

Serpent Seed Giant Demons Roaming the Earth and Possessing People.

The giants – called Nephilim – are walking the earth, Demain claims.

Referring to the biblical book of Genesis, Demain said (see the video embedded below) that the giants were divine beings who were the offspring of angels and human women.  The angels brought knowledge to mankind, he says, but chose to be earthbound and have human wives, corrupting the creative knowledge of God.

King asked how these Nephilim can still exist since the flood wiped out all living flesh on the earth.  Demain answered that before the flood, there was DNA manipulation of crops, animals and humans and that there was no redemption for beings that were half-men and half-angel.  Their flesh was destroyed but their spirits continued to wander the earth as disembodied spirits, he explained.

These “unclean spirits” live eternally, looking for fleshly hosts to occupy.  He claims that when Jesus cast out demons from humans, that then jumped into pigs that plunged off of a cliff into the sea, the demons were actually Nephilim.  According to Demain, these spirits are “serpent seed” and incarnate into generation after generation of human hosts.

Goliath was a Nephilim, Demain says, and was human looking but was actually a hybrid.   He said that giant skeletons are evidence that these Nephilim existed.  Over time, they have taken on another appearance because when they were giants, they were easily identified and killed – or, as King described it for Goliath, their heads were chopped off.

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Suits and Ties are the Nephalim’s Holy Garb, and Their Mission is to Prepare the Way for the Anti-Christ via UFO Encounters, Super Soldiers and Politicians.

suit and tieDemain argues that Nephilim have taken on a “holy garb” of suits and ties and are very wealthy and powerful.  Similar to David Icke's claims that politicians and others are actually "reptilians", Demain said that the Nephilim possess people in government, the medical profession and media today.

He says that prior to the flood, there was only one land mass so it was easy for the Nephilim to interact with the human population and physically reproduce, but after continents were created by the biblical flood that killed all living things except those on Noah's ark, they turned into spirits that could only be physical by possessing the surviving humans.  Noah’s son Ham opened the door for them to come back, he speculates.

Demain says that the primary agenda of the Nephilim is deception and that they are preparing the world to see the anti-Christ as the messiah.  They’re going to do that in a couple of ways, he surmises, returning in UFO types of encounters, working as super soldiers, and by possessing people in high places of finance and government.  He said in Jesus’ day, they were the Pharisees who deceived the people to not believe that Jesus Christ was the messiah.

King worried that these beings have become giants in the media world, the political world and religion to take world domination and control, and Demain agreed.

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According to King, another prophet said that the Nephilim agenda is also "the world control of wickedness" (see video embedded below this section).  Pride, lust and perversion opens the door for them to manifest, Demain claimed.  He and King warned that Christians must remain “pure” so that they are not under the influence of Nephilim.

King assured her audience that there is an army of angels that have been assigned to help Christians overcome Nephilim.

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Non-Believers Will Be Asking Christians to Remove Nephilim Spirits, Kind of Like Removal of Jezebel Spirits.

giant footprints

Finding giant footprints has become an avocation for many who search for evidence of pre-historic giants. --http://unexplainedmysteriesoftheworld.com/archives/giant-footprints

Jesus said that the coming of the Son of Man would be as of the days of Noah, with corruption in the land and great wickedness, King remarked (see video embedded below in this section).  She speculated that this means there would be Nephilim walking the earth, just like in Noah’s  day.

Demain declared that in the end of days, there would be DNA manipulation, corrupt knowledge of medicine and wars, witchcraft and Satanism.  Because of this, the earth will be destroyed again.

The Nephalim will be going all out with their assault, he said, because they are running out of time.

The two agreed that Christians don’t need to be afraid because God will help them and that they have special godly powers to overcome the Nephilim.

“I have to be really honest,” Demain remarked, “there’s going to be people coming to Christians because their children or their spouses are going to be inhabited or some way oppressed by these Nephilim, and they’re going to have no means of recourse to get them free. […] We have authority and power; we’re the second under God.”

According to King, this is very much like the “Jezebel spirit,” a bossy, manipulative supernatural spirit associated with witchcraft and Baal worship, generally possessing women and controlling the Democratic party

I remember years ago, when God was unveiling kind of discernment concerning the Jezebel spirit, and there was like a ten-year period where almost every book you read, every CD you listened to, it was on Jezebel, Jezebel, and every church, all of the sudden, the Jezebel spirit started manifesting.  But God was teaching us how to overcome those spirits.  Nowadays, the Jezebel spirit is pretty much under the feet of the Church.  We’ve got our weaponry that we use, we make sure our life isn’t subject to the things that invite that spirit in, we have a sharpened discernment.  […] It’s going to be the same with the Nephilim spirit, I believe.

King predicted that there would be more “Light of God” on the subject of Nephilims so that Christians can know how to be "over-comers."

Demain said that born again believers are automatically targets of Nephilim, but the back door is through iniquities and generational sin.  A person’s grandfather might have opened the door for the spirits to come in, he said.

{video link}

The Nephilim and the Media Mountain.

The other way that Nephilim come in is through pornography, sickness and disease, all of which are demonic, according to Demain.  King added that perversion of sexuality is a serious sin that allows Nephilim possession, and so does power.

King also warned that Nephilim have taken over the media mountain (see video embedded below in this section) –

Recently, I had a man of God, a prophet, a well-known prophet, very seasoned and accurate, known for his accuracy, and he spoke to me and he said the Nephilim – and he didn’t know that we had been talking about it and that you had been writing your book and another couple of ministers that we had  had in to speak at different conferences had independently with each other had encounters with this type of revelation – but he said the Nephilim control the media mountain.  And he said God is calling you to serve in the taking of the media mountain because, of course, the heavens belong to the Lord but the earth belongs to the sons of man so we’re in charge down here for God in His name and with His power, to make sure His Kingdom gets established in the earth.  So he says, the Nephilim are right now controlling the media mountain but it belongs to the church, and he said the church has to learn to live above the snake line, out of the third heaven perspective, which means that we have a pure heart, we have clean hands, we don’t lift up our soul to deception as you’ve said either in this program or the one previously that we did, that these Nephilim are based in deception.

theTower of BabelDemain believes that Nimrod was the first example of the media mountain because he built the Tower of Babel in order to control the languages and all the races.  “Satan is the prince of the power of the air, or communications,” he observed.  He said that there is a propaganda that is operating through the media that is commanded and filtered by the Evil One, adding –

 The good news is that it says in the book of Isaiah that there’s going to be a mountain that comes forth in the last days, a fourth mountain, and it’s going to be the Mountain of the Lord’s House.  And it’s going to rise up.  And this mountain shall overcome all the other mountains and all the nations shall flow to it.

So God has a plan.  So our job is to lift up that mountain and to be that mountain.  So we as living stones are built together as that mountain as the New Testament Church, so that we will eventually be that mountain and we will be in control of the seven mountains, of all the language, all the media, all the communications, that’s God’s ultimate desire.

King characterized the taking of the mountains as being similar to the ancient Israelites going in and taking lands, but having to deal with giants in order to do so.  “The territory of the giants was Israel’s to possess, but they had to go in and conquer.  So in the New Testament now, we have to discern what God’s giving us as inheritance and go in and possess and occupy.”

{video link}

An Army of Angels with Wings of Super-Sharp Razors Instead of Feathers Will Help Christians Overcome the Demonic Giants.

King added, “In Christ, we’re promised absolute victory,” noting that Jesus Christ is “the giant of giants” and therefore, Christians who have a relationship with Jesus will overcome.

The two “prophets” agreed that there is a company of angels that is assigned to help deal with the Nephilim problem.  “They are large, large angels,” King described, “They have razors under their wings […] and they come down and envelop Christians so that we are not touched by anything around us so that we can move forward in complete victory.”

Concluding the last video in King’s series on the Nephilim was Bobby Conner, who described an experience he had when he was “caught up in the host of heaven” and given a vision.  He described the angels –

I saw God’s army of angels prepared to engage these beings.  Now, you just have to believe me when I tell you what they look like.  These angels were the most gorgeous, powerful beings you could imagine to see, and their wings, instead of feathers – like a feather would have veins and pinions in it – well, these wings that the angels had were like razor sharp razors like you might see the old men shave their face with, and they all pointed out like this, and the angels, when the Lord called them to attention, they shook their wings out like this and a sound rumbled through heaven like you can’t imagine, like SH-O-O-O-M-F!  And then they – Here’s what’s going to happen.  These angelic beings that God has prepared, this host of heaven, they’re going to find over-comers in the earth.  They’ve been scouring the earth, up and down the earth, for the past two decades, the Lord said, looking for people whose hearts are upright who have no agendas but building the Kingdom of God.


These angels are going to come in front of us and like a person would take a machete and hack through vines in a dark, thick jungle, and these angels will get in front of the people of God and they’re going to go H-A-A-R-U-M-F with their wings like this and it’s going to cut a pathway through the darkness.

{video link}

Demain's book, The Nephilim Agenda, is available on Amazon.

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  • sheldon

    It's as if the door to the land of the tiny-brained folk was unlocked and then left unguarded for a time.

    • I choked on my coffee, laughing, over that one Sheldon. 🙂


      • sheldon

        Happy to hear it…err, the laughing I mean 🙂 Sometimes, it's all you can do really.

  • zzzzz


    • I've always found evidence of giants to be interesting, but their spirits possessing people is a bit much for me.

      Also, I am opposed to dominionism. Many of the justifications given by Christian dominionists are bizarre, at best.


  • shlomoh

    Jews do not believe the NEFILIM were angels. They were powerful men of their day. To say that they were actually angels is not religion. It's mythology. It's one reason why jews can never agree with Christians theologically. But then. That's ok/ It's America where anyone can hold whatever beleif he wants

  • CosmicBob

    Wow… this is almost as creative as the Lord of the Rings. Only, LOTR had more awesomeness. Or Battlestar Galactica…

    Hollywood should definitely capitalise on this crap.

  • Crabfeet

    This has to be Poe. No one is this stupid. 

    • KaeylynHunt

      No crab,it ISN'T Poe..I was raised in this crap&ran away as fast as I could.This is what the Megachurches are teaching now&it is the Religion of The GOP.Yes they REALLY DO believe this stuff&yes they REALLY DO need to be away from ANY position of Power EVER.If the GOP wins,THIS is who will have The Nuclear Football in their Possesion..for ANYONE who says the Parties are the same?OHHH NO,THIS is the BIG difference&it's exactly what they've been Legislating into Laws&forcing kids to learn in Public Schools via The "Creation"Theory.Theocratic Fascist Nightmare WILL ensue if these Looney toons get back in Power ANYWHERE!DON'T LET THEM!!

    • No matter how stupid you think the religious reich is, they will always show you that, "We can be a LOT more stupid than you thought!" Even worse, there are people so will fully ignorant that they will believe all the BS.

      There is no power in the universe greater than that of human self-deception.

      Most of the problems of the world have been caused by religion. Think of the crusades, the inquisition, the dark ages, the witch burnings, the restrictions on learning, free speech, instilling guilt and shame into children, and the wars fought in the name of religion.

      More recently, think of family planning clinic bombings, oppression of gays and non-believers, murders of doctors and homosexuals, imposition of religious beliefs by force of law, and illegal use of public funds to promote particular religions.

      Mankind will never truly be free until the black yoke of religion is lifted by the clear light of truth and rational thinking.

    • http://talkingpointsmemo.com/news/church-stabber-thought-choir-members-were-masons.php?ref=fpb

      I found this article very troubling in light of some personal research I have been involved in the last 6 or so months. In my endeavor to understand what I call Nephilim Eschatology and it's relationship to the ancient alien hypothesis, I have come across many references to Masonry, the Illuminati and secret societies in general. Many proponents of the Nephilim/AAH have done some amazing mental gymnastics in attempting to trace the roots of said organizations back to the reign of biblical Nimrod (some even claiming he was a giant) then associating Nimrod to Moloch on up through the ages tying into the idea of the New World Order which includes the RCC and Vatican. (A very simplified line of thought as some proponents take their listeners/readers on a wild ride.)

      What is troubling to me, the references to the "secret societies" are not positive, they are united with Luciferian doctrine (Alistair Crowley and Albert Pike being 2 prominent names the above proponents associate with this doctrine). I am wondering how much of this man's thinking may have been influenced by the ideas of the Nephilim/AAH crowd. As I have said in private to some, I believe we are watching the emergence of a new religion/cult,,,

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  • kmuzu

    Didn't Noah have sexual healing with his son Ham?

  • Welcome to the weird corner of the internet

  • CH

    I have a question and will try to post this as delicately as possible. The foot print in the picture above with the guy in the yellow shirt. That is one heck of a big foot print. Now, whoever left that foot print – how could he _____ be with a human woman? Not meaning again to be crude but whoever left that foot print was a big man and could not possibly how do I say this politely (embarrassed look) be with a woman?????

    That would be like a bull trying to mate with a hen – not possible?

    Please explain your theory on how this interaction would be possible.

  • There is no "The Antichrist." This is a lie and a deception spun by the religious system called by men, Christianity.

    Antichrist is a "spirit"of opposition to Christs teachings possessed by the masses. Thus, Antichrist is many persons.

    We are told this at 1 John 2:18.

    The largest repository of this spirit of Antichrist is Christianity.

    The man of European descent has taken the lead in misleading and misrepresenting God, Christ and his teachings.

    This "man" is more hard-hearted than Pharaoh and cannot be reasoned with. He thinks he knows everything.

    This "man" has turned the entire world against the true God and His Son with false teachings and false images and false portrayals of God.

    He thinks he knows God and Christ, yet Christ will not recognize them as his followers. (Matthew 7:21-23)

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